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Death Mask; Modern

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Death Mask; WW2 Era

The man known as Death Mask started as low-level muscle for Adolf Hitler starting in about 1936. His ferocity and efficiency caught the attention of the Furher and he was selected for additional special training. By mid-1938 he was the Reichs chief covert option for assassination and terror-killings. To maximize his influence, Death Mask took to wearing a partial Skull mask and theatrical robe. This visual fit well in propaganda posters put out by the Reich. In short time his image of terror crossed all Europe and North America. His kill rate was 100% until the costumed American hero Captain Freedom crossed his path in early 1942. The initial skirmish was a draw at best and both individuals felt lucky to survive. Death Mask was infuriated by his first failure and pleaded with Hitler for help with the growing problem of costumes adventures whom were appearing more frequently on the battlefield. A scientific task force was initiated to develop kill weapons for other than human opponents. Despite being classified as a ruthless killer, Death Mask also had a high intellect. Soon he was in charge of the task force and took the lead in many weapons options. By late 1943 Death Mask, aside from normal kills, had eliminated several low-level costume adventurers from Australia, England, Ireland, and the United States. The first meta-human kill came in 1944 with the death of the Russian hero Red Tempest. The superhero world as a whole was put on notice as to Death Masks advanced scientific means. Death Mask skirmished with Captain Freedom this whole time, never getting the upper hand. The two became worst of enemies. Captain Freedom abruptly disappeared in February of 1945. Though offering no proof, Death Mask claimed responsibility for his apparent death. Emboldened by this victory, Hitler felt it could be a rallying point for the German population, which by this time was in dire straits. With the deaths of Red Tempest and Captain Freedom as a base, Death Mask made bold predictions of super V-2 rockets, codenamed Death Rain reaching American cities. Panic was immediate but short lived as the chaos in Germany became more apparent. Death Masks authenticated last WW2 appearance came mid-April, 1945 in Berlin. After the fall of Berlin on May 2nd, Russian forces claimed to have killed Death Mask whom was defending Hitlers Bunker. As with Hitler himself, no body was ever produced which lead to speculation that perhaps one, or both actually escaped. Either way, nothing was heard from Death Mask for decades.

Death Mask; Modern

As if in a Hollywood script, Death Mask re-appeared in the United States approximately 6 months after Captain Freedom was unearthed and released from his cryo-chamber in Berlin. Immediate differences were apparent. The dark body-suit remained but gone was the robe and skull. In its place was the death masque of Abraham Lincoln. This new look was both bizarre and frightening to the general public leading many to have even greater concern of his mental state and possible actions. Speculation is that Death Mask blames Americas involvement in WW2 for the eventually demise of the Reich. He then chose the iconic image of an American hero, whom almost lost his own country, to be the face of his crusade to punish the United States. While no firm explanation was given for the many changes, situation-specific comments indicated that this was indeed the same WW2 ear villain. Death Mask also now wields powers of his won. Upper-level human strength and agility are present along with moderate invulnerability. The Lincoln masque itself is of unknown origin and is high resistance to and provides protection from harm. Mr. Victory has punched the head-gear full force with no noticeable damage to it. Most sinister of his new powers is apparent wraith-like death touch. Humans can succumb to death in under 30 seconds of constant contact. It is conceivable that meta-persons or all origins are susceptible to this death-grip if contact is long enough. To date, no superheroes of modern times have been killed by Death Mask, but a long line of regulars have fallen.
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Very awesome villain!

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