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Registered: December 1901
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Posts: 6,540
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Time-Reaver is a rouge former A.T.T.A. agent. Though he never met John Martin while an active agent, he heard of his many heroic adventures in the Time Stream. Eventually he volunteered to be a Time Soldier like Time-Rider. After months of training he was deemed qualified for Soldier status. After a successful generic trip to 1994, he became an active Time Soldier. Unknown o the A.T.T.A., he had discovered a flaw in the Time-Tracking mechanism and took several extended and unauthorized trips to the past. Longer trips into the Time Stream can cause psychosis in some, and that's eventually what happened. One official mission took him to a time mere days before an Uncle's murder. He pretended to lose contact with the A.T.T.A. towards the end of the mission and instead stayed in the past and saved his Uncle. Upon his return a slight change in the Time Stream was detected. While his Uncle's continued life had no major consequences, it was proposed that the past needed to be repaired. He was outraged by the news and deemed their "fix" as murder. After much debate, it was was finalized that the past indeed need to be reset. Time-Rider reluctantly took the assignment with a heavy-heart. Though he would not directly be killing him, plus the fact the Uncle's extended life was false, he appreciated the magnitude of his action/inn-actions. The mission was a "success" and a Time Lock was placed around the event. That same evening, the man soon known as Time-Reaver, breached security and successfully entered the past. He headed straight back to his Uncle's time. The Time-Lock repelled his admittance and bounced him into an apparent limbo. There Time-Reaver sat undetected for several months, all the while his mind seething with thoughts of revenge. Eventually he gained control of his situation and materialized at a previously established secret safe-house located in 1957. In time he was able to modify a 1958 Plymouth Fury for his Time Sled. From here he began his mission of revenge against the A.T.T.A. in general and Time-Rider specifically. The A.T.T.A. are still not aware of the Time-Tracking flaw, so Time-Reaver travels the Time Stream with nearly complete anonymity.
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Registered: May 2006
Posts: 17,249
Wed February 16, 2011 2:01pm Rating: 10.00 

We haven't really had a chance to get into his origins yet have we? How about Time-Reaver was a soldier at ATTA who went bad after failing to save a loved one via an attempt at changing history. Something like that maybe. I was also thinking that his various trips through time could be effecting his mind. Could be the pressure of time travel can warp a man's mind if he doesn't take enough of a break in between adventures in time. Maybe Time-Rider is immune to this for some reason making him the only perfect candidate for continuous time travel.

Registered: November 2007
Location: central florida
Posts: 590
Wed February 16, 2011 8:33pm Rating: 10.00 

i thought he was time rider himself but twisted somehow


Registered: December 1901
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Posts: 6,540
Thu February 17, 2011 1:11am

Tim- Good point! I've posted origins for all my other characters, but not Time-Reaver. I like your ideas. Since he's based off Time-Rider, I'll work in your thougts. Give me a bit and I'll send you something to review and tweak....

Registered: December 1901
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Posts: 6,540
Thu February 17, 2011 11:19pm

Posted an origin for Time-Reaver

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