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Justice League DVDs

In an episode of the Justice League animated series, The A.M.A.Z.O. Project was an android created by Professor Ivo, one of Lex Luthor's employees. Luthor had escaped from prison and needed Ivo's help, but found Ivo had died in his sleep, with the naive android watching over its creator. Luthor persuaded the Android to help him defeat the Justice League. This version of Amazo (almost always called simply "the android" or "Ivo's android") possesses a nanotechnological construction, and could mimic the superpowers of any superhuman it could see, as well as evolve if left to its own devices. For example, it copied Superman's weakness to kryptonite, but repeated exposure caused it to develop an immunity to it.

It mimicked the abilities of Hawkgirl (including forming a replica of her Nth Metal mace), Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman; it saw nothing worth mimicking in Batman.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
After mimicking the Martian Manhunter's telepathy, it learned Luthor intended to destroy him after he killed the Justice League. Seeing itself above the petty squabbles of humanity, it left Earth and wandered the universe ("Tabula Rasa").

In a later episode ("The Return" in Justice League Unlimited), the android eventually returned to Earth - after becoming nearly omnipotent by possession of the abilities of an untold number of alien species - and sought out Luthor. En route to Earth, Amazo went literally through the planet Oa apparently destroyed it along with its entire population, despite the Green Lantern Corps to stop him. While numerous Justice League members made a futile attempt to stop the android, The Atom assisted Luthor in creating a weapon that would reprogram Amazo. The device failed because Amazo had, he said, "evolved beyond" his nanotechnological origins. However, instead of killing Luthor, Amazo demanded to know what his purpose was. Luthor told the android it had to forge its own destiny. Amazo accepted that advice and stood down. When John Stewart protested that he destroyed Oa, Amazo explained that he simply placed the planet in another dimension to remove it from his path and easily put it back in place when requested. Dr. Fate offered to help the android find its destiny, and Amazo moved into Dr. Fate's tower.

While attempting to help the Justice League defeat a resurrected Solomon Grundy, it discovered that Grundy, (being animated by "chaos magic") was drawing on Amazo's energy to make himself even more powerful (JLU "Wake the Dead"). To prevent himself from being a danger until he could devise a way to counter the drain, Amazo teleported away from Earth. He has not been seen since, and may have simply never rejoined the league.

"Wake the Dead" was also notable as a continuation of the 'Defenders' storyline from "The Terror Beyond", where Justice League characters became versions of the 1970's Marvel Comics series The Defenders. Amazo, a shining, space-faring being who wielded cosmic power, was a stand-in for The Silver Surfer. See also Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, Solomon Grundy, and Aquaman.

In "Panic in The Sky", Lex Luthor (secretly merged with a copy of Brainiac) was preparing to transfer his consciousness into a copy of Amazo (complete with Luthor's face) as the culmination of his scheme to destroy the Justice League. However, just before he began the transfer, Amanda Waller entered the room to arrest Luthor, and destroyed the android body as well. This triggered the big revelation that Brainiac had lain dormant within Luthor (influencing though not necessarily controlling his actions).

In the animated series, Amazo was voiced by Robert Picardo
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