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VampireHunter Return of the Impaler #2
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

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VH and Bulldozer watch as Elsa carries the monsterous corpse towards the pool. "That must be Dracula, and they plan to resurrect him." VH wispers. Bulldozer replies, "A shame I'm gonna have to stop them." He gets up and begins attacking. VH tries to call him back but Bulldozer is already bashing the heads of Elsa's men.. Elsa ignores them and continues to carry Dracula's body to the pool. VH jumps down and attacks Elsa. Elsa's men grab VH giving Elsa enough time to reach the pool and places the corpse inside. Then the clock strikes Midnight, 2012, the blood boils and Elsa laughs sinisterly. As the clock stops ringing a figure emerges from the blood and yells, "I live!!!" Elsa's eyes widen and wispers, "Prince Vlad Dracula..." Vlad wips his head around and says, "Do not call me prince! I don't know what year it is but all the same I am no longer a prince. I will be addressed as Lord Dracula!" She bows before him and says, "Of course Lord Dracula. I am Elsa, your humble servant. I brought you back to life by placing your corpse in a pool of fresh blood and by the power of the year 2012, you have been resurrected." She bends over and pickup clothing. "I have even brought clothing for you my Lord." Dracula takes them and inspects them. "Clothing has changed much and yet simular." In almost a flash he was dressed in his new atire. He then saw VH and Bulldozer, "Who are they that are held captive?" Elsa replies, "I have never met them before but their reputations tell me who they are. The Ogre is called Bulldozer and the other is The Vampire Hunter. They are well known for hunting the Super natural." Vlad inspects them both, starting with Bulldozer. Bulldozer tries to sucker punch Vlad but grabs his arm and breaks it. "That will also cost you a couple of ribs." Bulldozer grunts in pain as Vlad has fun breaking his ribs. Finally VH calls out, "Enough Vlad!" He stops then turns to VH. "Such courage for a human, enough to call me by name." VH then asks, "How did you wind up here after your demise?" Vlad smiled and said, "I shall start from the begining if you don't mind?" VH shook his head and Vlad continued, "I am unlike other Vampires you have ever encountered. I was not bitten by another to gain my immortality, it was given to me by the devil himself. When I was murdered I made a deal with the devil. He gave me the curse of the Vampyre. I was reborn and I used my power to avenge my death then began building a new kingdom for myself. For I was no longer Prince Vlad Tempes Dracula, I had a new title, one that would strike fear into all who heard it... I was now LORD VLAD DRACULA!... However my reign ended because I had become over confident, a mistake I will not make again. I asume that after I was defeated my body was placed here, in hopes that I would never rise again but I'm back, I'm rested and I am ready to kill again" Bulldozer's pride was hurt and without thinking he said, "Big deal your highness, let me up and I'll show you your no different from any other vampire I've broken." Vlad's eyes looked him over then smiled. "Very well, let the Ogre up." VH advised Bulldozer to stand down but as soon as he was free he rushed at Vlad but Vlad caught him by the neck then threw him through a couple stone walls. Bulldozer got up and said, "Is that all you got? I've been thrown like that hundreds of times." Vlad stood his ground and Bulldozer attacked again. This time he struck Vlad in the jaw that sent him flying. Vlad was not amused, "You have great strength Ogre but I am Vlad Dracula. And I will break your overly confident hide." Before Bulldozer could blink Vlad was in his face and began punching and throwing Bulldozer around. VH knew Bulldozer was in trouble and broke free of his captures. He emidiatly attacked Vlad from a distance by using the cannon gauntlets. He fired two inch wooden stakes made from an Aspin tree. Several struck Vlad in the back. He retreated said, "You had a lucky shot hunter but when we meet again, you will parish!" With that he was gone and so was his followers. VH rushed over to Bulldozer who was badly hurt. "Hang in there Bulldozer, I'll get Gala to beam us back to HQ." Bulldozer replied, "I had him right where I wanted him." Within seconds they were back at HQ.

Be sure to look for part 3 that is coming tomorrow! Undead Another Day!
Date: Wed December 28, 2011 Views: 2236 Filesize: 61.2kb, 2767.3kb Dimensions: 2400 x 3600
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The Midnight Avenger

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Rick Jones

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