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VampireHunter Return of the Impaler #3
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

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Bulldozer was in the Infermery recieving medical attention from both Gala and Joan. VH was informing Face everything that had happened. "So Vlad Dracula has been brought back. I feared this would happen. I should have sent Brenda with you." Face said and VH told him, "Its not your fault, you had no way of knowing for sertain. Bulldozer shouldn't of blindly jumped into the fight like he did. He could have been a better match for Vlad if he hadn't been so overly confident." Brenda then said, "I have always feared the dear would get himself killed." Face then said, "Yes but that can wait, we have another matter to worry about, Vlad. He is alive and going to be busy rebuilding his strength. After that I don't know what he'll do." VH then said, "He'll show his face soon. He has buisnes with me and when he is ready he'll show his face again. Back in Transylvania, Vlad had finished feasting and creating slaves for himself. Elsa cautiously approched Vlad, "My lord, I ask to be given the gift, make me your slave... your bride." Vlad had just finished grooming himself then looked her over. "You are not worthy to be a bride. Though you may have brought me to life... well lets just say, your not my type." Elsa was furious and yelled at Vlad, "I brought you to life! I did everything for you! You ungreatful..." Vlad's hand wrapped around her smooth neck. "I am Lord Vlad Dracula and what I say goes!" And with the flick of his wrist he snaped her neck. After his ghouls took her body away another ghoul kneeled before him, "I have returned with the information you required my Lord." Vlad sat on his newly built thrown and told him to relay the information. "The hunter that attacked you is known as Vampire Hunter. He resides in New York city accross the sea. He well known, both respected and feared by all supernatural beings. Killing him would be an excellent way of anouncing your return." Vlad smiled and said, "My name is more then enough for that but get a message out to him. I want him to meet me at my old Castle. There I will kill him keep his helmet as a trophy." The Ghoul did as he was told and sent out a message to all who could send the message to VH. Back at HQ, Face recieves the message in his office and calls in VH. "Seems you were right about Vlad, he wants you to meet him at his castle. I want you to take Woldblade, Brenda and Joan..." VH interupted Face, "With all do respect, I need to go solo on this one." Face didn't like it but agreed to let him go alone. In no time, VH is back in Transylvania and standing before Castle Dracula. He knew Vlad was in there, probibly watching him right now. He knew his enemy was strong, stronger then most vampires because of the origins of his curse and this ment that VH couldn't just go into battle with out thinking things through. "Vlad is a vampire like any other vampire. One of my wooden stakes to his heart will do the trick. To be safe I'd better load the overkill stakes. Both the aspin wood and silver will harm him and hopefully kill him." VH finds window and sneeks inside. He remains quiet wanting to have the element of surprise on his side. He find the dinning hall where Vlad is waiting for him. "Vampire Hunter? Ah, good. I reconize the beat of your heart. Yours is calm, steady and strong. There is fear in it but the fear quickly disapears. In my day, that was the kind of heart I looked for in a warrior. I'm glad to know that hearts like yours still exsist... You might as well come out, I know where you are." Fear struck VH hard but quickly pushed it aside. He jumped down from the banister he was standing on and landed on the table. "I have never known vampires being able to hear heart beats. Then again I've never taken time to ask." Vampire Hunter said to Vlad. "Nor will you, for that is one of my little gifts. Vampires like me are different in many ways compared to the ones your use to. Me for example, I can create ghouls and comand them to do my will. The ones that decend from Judas cannot." (Reffering to Judas Iscariot the first Vampire.) Vlad's words worried VH but stayed focused. "I see, so why am I here? Did you call me here to have a plesent chat about what kind of Vampire you are? Or finish what we started.?" Vlad smiled, "Both." In a second Vlad was standing face to face with Vampire Hunter. VH was surprised but acted quickly by punching Vlad in the face. Vlad returned the punch with a back hand slap, sending VH to the ground. VH began shooting at Vlad but bearly missing him. "Your quick Hunter, quicker then I anticipated." Vlad called out. VH replied, "Thanks, this armor I wear helps alot with that." Vlad grabs a loose brick and hurrels it at VH. VH rolls out of the way and takes aim but Vlad is gone. VH looks around and turns the radar in his helmet to find Vlad. He is disterbed to learn that Vlad is behind him. VH spins around and starts shooting Vlad in the gutt. Vlad falls to the ground, "Excellent work Hunter." VH replies, "Surrender or be destroyed." Vlad laughs and reaches for VH but before his hand could touch him, VH rapidly shoots Vlad's heart. Vlad lies lifeless. Our hero sighs a relief for he has defeated Vlad Dracula. He calls Gala and beams him back to HQ. VH is soon being debriefed by Face and Gala, telling them how he killed Dracula but they are interupted when Brenda rushes through the door, "I'm sorry for the intrusion love but Vlad's body is gone and I found a letter addressed to you sugar." She handed the letter to Vampire Hunter. He opened the letter and read it. After reading it the chrubles it up and says, "Dracula Lives."
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