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Black Skull: Father of Metahumans
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
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Black Skull was on the rooftops plotting his next big theft when he spots a strange looking woman walking down the street. "Is she seriously dressed like a doll?" He said to himself. He then spotted two men coming up to mugg her. He smiled and said, "Maybe they'll knock some sence into that insane woman." However to his surprise she turns mean and uses her mind to lift the thugs in the air and smashes them together. "Ah, a metahuman." Says Black Skull. The metahuman suddenly looks straight up at Black Skull. She is too far for him to here her but knows how to read lips perfectly and she says, "Hello father." Black Skull is confused by the remark she made. "Crazy loone." Black Skull says as he turns around to leave but when he turns she is standing right in front of him. "Get out of my way freak." Black Skull says. The metahuman replies, "Is that any way to speak to your daughter, daddy." Black Skull then asks, "I have no offspring, my heart is far too black for that. So explain why you call me your father." The metahuman replies, "I am Sweety Doll." she says with a childish bow. "I was created by you with the help of the mutagne you created." Black Skull remembered the mutagne Sweety Doll was refering to, he had created the mutagne five years ago to create powerful metahumans to challenge him. He took his mutagne and spred it through different parts of the city. He was growing bored of killing every superhero that crossed his path so easily. So he created the mutagne. He figured it didn't work but five years later here she is. Black Skull then says to her, "So I created you, what do you want? A hug?" She gave him a big smile and said, "No silly, I want to kill you for ruining My LIFE!!!" With her psychic abilities she pushes him off the building. She laughs as he falls but Black Skull isn't dead yet. He shoots a grapple hook at a ledge and swings to safty. Sweety Doll is not too far behind him. "For that, she is going to die." Black Skull said to himself. He hides himself in the shadows and clears his mind. He isn't sure if she can read minds so he causes his mind to go blank. "Where did you go daddy? Are we playing hide and go seek? I like this game." She floats down to a ledge and slowly starts walking. Black Skull listens to sound of her footsteps. He made his way to the corner of the building so he can make a quick kill. As soon as she was close enough he grabs Sweety Doll's head and snaps her neck. She sat there lifeless in his hands and he says, "I wanna thank you for letting me know that my mutangne works." With that he tosses her body into the streets below. As he travels back to his secret HQ, he can't help but wonder, "When will my next child come calling and how long will they last aganst me?"
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Registered: May 2006
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Wed January 11, 2012 12:16pm Rating: 10.00 

The Midnight Avenger

Registered: October 2007
Location: San Antonio, TX
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Wed January 11, 2012 1:55pm Rating: 10.00 

when I saw the image I thought what is Raggedy Ann doing with Black Skull? I liked the story and the idea of random metas appearing to take him on.
Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
Wed January 11, 2012 6:11pm

Thanks, I looked at several dolls and I did base Sweety Doll a bit on Raggedy Ann's look. I've got more of these ready, I just need to write the stories out for them.

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