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VampireHunter: His Name Is...? #1
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

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We find our favorite Vampire Hunter, Jack Turner, at GPD headquarters watching the news. Searching for supernatural activity in New York, the city he grew up in, the city where he began his campaign against the evils of the supernatural. The news rarely has anything of his interest but today was different. The report is about the death of a Police Commissioner, Today, Commissioner Kirk Thorn was killed in the line of duty. The name struck our hero hard. He stared at the picture displayed on the screen for a long time. There was silence until Brenda entered the room and noticed something was troubling Jack. Hey sugar, why the long face? Without removing his eyes from the television he answered, I knew him He was there when it happened. Puzzled she asks, What are you talking about love? Jack turns off the news and reaches back to his dark past. As you know my mother was murdered by a Vampire I can still see that monsters face. After he killed her, he spotted me and came to kill me too. He would have to if it wasnt for one man Commissioner Kirk Thorn. He was on his way home when he spotted my mother on the ground and the vampire standing over me. He stayed with me all night until Bobbie and his parents came for me and now he is dead. There was silence in the room again, and then it was ended. I have to go. Before long he was back in New York and in his civilian clothing he headed straight to the Police Station. The Station was in a commotion when he arrived then silenced by the Mayor. I know this a hard on everyone; Kirk was a good man and a friend to everyone here. The best cop there ever was but I am pleased to announce that I have chosen a new Commissioner that I believe everyone here will agree is most qualified for the job It is none other than his daughter Jennifer Thorn! Everyone in the room cheered as the new Commissioner stepped forward and accepted her fathers old badge. She then said, No one can replace my father but I shall do my best to be worthy of his badge. She then dismisses everyone back to work and enters her new office. Jack was stunned by her beauty but immediately came back to reality; he wanted to get to the bottom of her fathers murder fast. He walked up to the first officer available and asked, How was the Commissioner killed? The officer looked up at Jack and asked, Are you with the press? No, I knew him when I was a boy. I came immediately when I heard he was killed. The officer went straight back to his work, I cannot tell you anything at this time, youll have to wait until we release a statement to the press. This wasnt satisfying for Jack. Is there anyone here that can tell me what happened? The officer grew impatient with Jack. Look punk I dont know who you think you are but if I tell you to I cant tell you anything that means get lost! Jack rolled his eyes, and then asked another cop about the murder. The cop at his desk stood up and grabbed Jack by the collar, I wasnt clear before but Ill make it clear by throwing you out. Jack was ready to throw him a crossed the room when Commissioner Jennifer stepped in. Thatll be enough Jones! Ill take it from here. She turned to Jack, Now what is all this about? Jack then said, I want to know what happened to your father. I knew him when I was a boy, in fact I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him. She studied his face carefully and recognized him. Come into my office. He followed her inside. Sit down I recognize you When father didnt come home that night I came to the station. He was with you, in this office. You had the sadist face and your eyes they look just the same now as they did then. Jack looked around the room, taking in all the memories from when he was a child. How did it happen? She sat down and picked up a picture of her father. He was out driving when he spotted a woman being attacked. He saved the woman but her attacker stabbed him multiple times. I was with him at the hospital when he died however before he died he gave a detailed description. She then opened a file and handed Jack a drawing of the killer. Jack took the picture and was horrified at what he saw or rather who he saw. Its him He whispered. What? She asked. The man in the drawing flooded Jacks mind with memories of his mothers death. Its you, after all these years of searching Years of being tormented by your face in dreams its you. The beautiful commissioner listened carefully to his whispers and realized what he was saying. You know him! You know who he is, dont you? Jack said nothing, just stared at the picture. Talk to me! Who is he? Jack finally looked up at her and said, He killed my mother. The Commissioner was speechless. After a few moments she asked, Are you sure? You are absolutely positive that its him? Jack put the drawing down and said, Theres no question in my mind it's him. He looks down at the drawing, I would like a copy of this. She shook her head, Not possible. I cannot give a civilian this kind of evidence. Jack needed that drawing desperately. I might be able to help. There are people I can talk to who may be able to give me answers. I could give you the sources but they would never talk. She stared at him long and hard. She shook her head and made a copy of the drawing. This is the deal, I give you this and you tell me everything you know Everything! Got it? Jack took the drawing, Understood, Ill be back in two days. He stood up and headed for the door. She beat him to the door and held it closed, You didnt give me your name and Im going to need a number to contact you. Without hesitation he said, Jack Jack Turner. I dont have a number you can reach me at. She grabs a phone and gives it to him. I want updates and I expect an answer when I call. He nods then leaves.
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