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Vampire Hunter: Bond of Brothers No.1
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

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In an unknown location to man, lays the castle that belongs to The Master Vampire… Xanatos. He sits on a large throne with carvings and workmanship that would make the devil himself envious. Ghouls at his beckon call bring one of Xanatos’ assassins. The assassin kneels before his master and asks, “What is your will Lord Xanatos?” Xanatos stands up, looks down at his servant and says, “There are two humans who know who know my name. I will not tolerate two mere humans to know this; I would go myself but have business to attend to so I am sending you. Complete this first assignment and you will have proven yourself to me. You will find them in New York City. Seek out The Vampire Hunter first; the woman will most likely be with him.” He then motions the assassin to stand and he answers, “Your will be done Lord Xanatos.” Miles away in New York, our hero has been talking with Commissioner Thorn all night and into the afternoon about who he is and what he does. This was overwhelming for the beautiful commissioner at first but the more Jack told her the more she accepted. He told her about his past, then some of his adventures and even told her a little bit about the GPD. After everything he told her she was silent for a moment then asked, “So that man that attacked us, he was a vampire right?” Jack nodded, “You mentioned that he was a special vampire or something. What is he?” Jack sat back and looked out at the blue sky and said, “I have recently come to learn that his name is Xanatos the Master Vampire. Other then that I know nothing about him. In fact that’s all anyone seems to know about him.” Suddenly the commissioner’s phone started beeping. “I have to go now, I’ve been away from the office too long. “ They stand and walk to the door. “I would like to see you again Turner… to ask you more questions of course.” Jack smiled and said, “Anytime Commissioner, and call me Jack.” She smiled back, out stretched her hand and said, “Until next time Jack and its Jennifer to you.” They shook hands then she left. He walked over to his bed and slept. Mean while, Xanatos’ assassin was at work. Questioning all vampires, trying to learn about The Vampire Hunter’s where a bouts. Each one tells him a similar story, “No one knows where he is only that he can be found at night when the supernatural are out.” With this information in mind he waits for the night then devises a plan to lure our hero in. He finds a damsel and puts her into distress, enough for her to call for help. Jack hears the woman’s cries and suits up. Loads the cartages for his gauntlet cannons and moves out. He finds the woman on the ground and a masked man standing close by. “The woman isn’t hurt… He must want an audience with me.” He thought to himself. He climbs down and approaches. “Are you the hunter?” The assassin asks. VH looks down at the woman then back to his foe. “I am.” The assassin dismisses the woman and doesn’t speak until the woman has limped out of sight. “Xanatos has sent me.” The assassin bore out his vampire fangs and attacks. The two foes locked in combat, trying hard to over throw the other. Vampires are strong and fast, if not for his suit, the Vampire Hunter would easily be over thrown. However he is locked in battle until he lets loose to spin around and uses the assassins’ own force against him to throw him against the wall. VH loaded his cannons with Aspin wood bullets and open fired. The assassin jumped out of the way and ran along the wall as bullets followed. The assassin came so close that it became a fist fight for survival. The assassin jumped over VH’s head with such speed he removed our heroes helmet. The assassin held it in his hands and looked at our heroes face and immediately dropped it. “The face… I know that face…” The assassin paused as his mind was flooded with memories he had been forced to forget. Suddenly he whispered, “Jack?” Our hero was shocked, “How do you know me?” The assassin walked into the street light and dropped his mask to the ground. VH was surprised to see a familiar face… like looking into the mirror. “I’m your brother Zack.” His hair was ragged and his face a bit younger than his own but it was his long lost twin brother Zack. He could not only see it but feel it, twins have been known to have strong bonds like that and they had it. They then embraced each other for all the years they’d been apart.
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