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VH: Chronicles of Xanatos
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

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We find Gala in the Beam Center as she teleports The Vampire Hunter from New York to GPD headquarters. Welcome back agent Vampire Hunter, was your mission a success? He holds a book in the air, It was in the pyramid where Face said it would be. Gala looked at the book then said, I dont think it was wise to disobey Face. He was very clear about going to the pyramid. VH then replied, I have to know Gala. Besides, have you stopped to ask yourself how he even knew about this book? He was in his private quarters with the door locked and began to read The Chronicles of Xanatos. It has been two years since the death of Christ. In a land far away is an uprising Warlord. Lord Xanatos has begun his campaign in taking over the world. Already he has nearly taken over half a continent. His cruelties seem to know no bounds. He uses the worst of torture devices for his enemies never killing them quickly. However, former rulers, princes and princesses are conspiring against him. Many attempts have been made but they have all failed. Their luck changed when in battle a young prince stood against Lord Xanatos in combat. The prince seemed to be not match and when Xanatos was about to make the killing blow, the prince took a dagger from Xanatos and thrust it into his chest. However he did not die immediately. However his army surrendered to the prince. The prince ordered his men to stab Xanatos to death but he survived, he was then hanged and poisoned. He finally died when the prince takes Xanatos dagger and thrusts it into his heart. His body was left to rot. In the deeps of hell is Xanatos suffering soul. He is then approached by the Prince of Darkness, Xanatos, I have a proposition for you. How would you like to have immortality? Xanatos then asked, Why me? The master of all evil smiled, Because you are evil, the immortality I will grant you requires such evil. I gave it to another but refused to spread it so I had to find another and you are perfect. Do this and I will not only make you immortal, I will make you the master of a new race and you will feed on the blood of the living to survive. Xanatos accepts, Good, when you return you will become Xanatos the Master Vampire!!! And so Xanatos became the second Vampire and the Master Vampire. The first thing he did was go in search of his first victim, the prince who killed him. He found the prince and drove him to insanity then drained him dry. Soon he slowly built an army of Vampires to serve him. However he soon learned the ways in which Vampires could be vanquished. He called upon his dark master on the matter. I have learned that we, Nosferatu, can be slain! What of my immortality? The Prince of Darkness replied, You cannot be killed as other vampires can. They take on the weakness of the first Vampire because he was the first. He hung himself from an Aspen Tree He was interrupted by Xanatos, So I cannot die! I am immune to everything!!! His master grabbed him by the throat, Not so! I gave you this and I can take it! He threw Xanatos to the ground and pulled out a dagger. There is only one earthly way for you to die. This dagger, it once belonged to you and was used to kill you. Should your enemies get their hands on this they could kill you. He gave it to Xanatos and warned him to keep it safe and hidden, also that the dagger could never be destroyed. Jack skipped over many pages , trying to find where the dagger was hidden when he heard a voice. I knew you would not be able to resist. Jack turned around, it was Face. He walked over to the book and flipped through the pages until he found what he was looking for. You seek the dagger but wont find it in there. However, there is something more important you must read here. Face opened the door and before he left he said, You are much like the bloodthirsty sea captain who searched for his great white whale. If you continue this vendetta against him you will die just like the captain did. Xanatos cannot be destroyed. He took two steps when Jack asked, How do you know so much? How did you know about this book? Face turned his head, I wrote it. He closed the door and left. Jack began to read the pages Face showed him. As years passed, more and more Vampire hunters arose and Xanatos grew afraid that one could become powerful enough to kill him and so he sought out ways to make himself invincible. Finally he found a mystic who is said to have created a new spell, one that can give immortality. Xanatos finds the mystic and forces him to cast it on him. The spell will cause your soul to enter the body of your killer. Once you have taken over, the body will go through a metamorphous and the body will change to how you originally looked. Can you live with that? The mystic says. I have no feeling and you will die if you do not conjure the spell. Without delay, he casts the spell on Xanatos. It is a long and painful then it is done. Is it over? Is it a success? The mystic nods and is killed by Xanatos. He then sets the mystics home on fin and burns it to the ground then sets the ashes on fire until nothing can burn. Jack slammed the book shut and threw it across the room. I will find a way! he fell to his knees, I will find a way
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