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Wolfblade: Big Wolf On Campus
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
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Gala to Wolfblade, please report to Face in the Beam Center. Gala called over the intercom. Tommy walked to the Beam Center, Whats going on Face? Face motioned Tommy over. Werewolf problems in a small town called McClave. There are reports of a large wolf killing teenagers at the local high school. Tommy then asked, How can you be sure its a Werewolf? Face replied, I only have a hunch based on the facts that the wolf is suppose to be big as a tiger. Tommy agreed it was worth investigating and is soon beamed into McClave. Where to start first maybe the sheriffs office will provide some answers. He walked through the small town and found the sheriffs office. He entered the door and walked up to the secretary, Hi, I would like to speak to someone about the wolf sightings. The secretary looked up from her computer, And you are? Tommy smiled, Im Tommy Jones, and Im here to offer my assistance. See Im an expert on the Canis lupus, Wolves. She reaches for the intercom, Sheriff Brome, theres a Mr. Jones here for you, says hes a Wolf expert. The voice of a strong heavy set man came from the intercom, Send him in Anne. Tommy opened the door and entered the Sheriffs office. I dont remember asking for a wolf expert. the sheriff said, he then invited Tommy to sit down. No you didnt but in the next town over, I heard about the teenagers that were killed by a large wolf. I am to understand that wolves are uncommon around here in McClave. The sheriff nodded, They are but theres no mistake, its a wolf and its a big one. I want it dead and fast because some of the folks around here, especially that gypsy family, are superstitious. Theyre starting to claim that the wolf is really a werewolf. Tommy chuckled a little. A werewolf, Ill admit Ive seen some strange wolves in my travels but never a werewolf. You dont believe in such things do you? The sheriff shook his head and leaned back in his chair, No sir I dont, but when you live in a small town like this, people tend to lose touch with reality in these situations. I thank you for your concern but bringing outside help isnt wise right now. If your goanna stick around Id suggest staying away from the outskirts of town because the gypsy family I mentioned earlier might cause trouble, you being an outsider an all. Tommy thanked the sheriff and left the station. Alright, I guess the best thing to do, is wait until tonight. Seems like the only way to be sure of whats killing those kids until then Ill ask around. He talked many people that day, mainly the teenagers who knew the ones that were killed. Tommy soon came to learn that the teens had one thing in common; they were a part of a gang. They were known for bullying everyone at school and only three members remain of the ten. Soon it was night and the moon was full. He knew that if was a wolf-like werewolf it will kill tonight. So he kept a close watch over homes of the three teens that belonged to the town gang until he smelled something. He waited until he spotted something crawling in the bushes, something covered in fur with razor sharp teeth. He quickly changed and advanced. The wolf-like could smell Wolfblade and ran towards the outskirts. Wolfblade was close behind until they were about two miles away from town then the werewolf turned around and attacked. Wolfblade tackled to the ground by the werewolf but quickly threw it off him before it could go for his throat. The two growled and snarled at each other then attacked again. The fighting stopped when Wolfblade was shot in the arm. They both looked to see the gypsy family the sheriff told Tommy about. Get away from my boy freak! Wolfblade was surprised. He watched as the couple walked towards the werewolf. Stop where you are! Hell kill you! The husband pointed the barrel of his gun at Wolfblade, I dont know what you are but you will not harm my boy, those stupid teenagers got exactly what they deserved and I intend to let him finish off those other three. Always picking on him, beating him till he couldnt walk by himself! At first we did everything to keep the wolf hidden but enough was enough, it was time to let the blood flow. Wolfblade shook his head, You have no right to do this, and you cant control him not in this state. Unlike me he has no control of himself as a wolf. The father reached over to pet his son to prove Wolfblade wrong but was shocked when he attacked and killed by his own son. His wife was killed just as quickly. Wolfblade took quick action for he could see the police sirens. He took out a silver bullet and loaded it into the fathers gun but dropped it when again tackled by the werewolf. Wolfblade threw it off him and as he changed back he picked up the gun and shot the werewolf in heart. It slowly staggered towards him. It changed back into a teenager and fell in Tommys arms. The boy looked up at him and said, Thank you then he was dead. When the sheriff arrived he explained that he disobeyed the sheriff and came out to talk with the gypsy family. Told him that he learned how the teenagers parents abused him and that he had lycanthropy. This meant that the boy thought he was a wolf. He killed all those teenagers and finally he killed his own parents. I tried so hard to get him to stop but he was gone in self defense I was forced to The sheriff laid his hand on Tommys shoulder, I understand son. Go get yourself some rest, well take it from here. His work was finished and he slowly walked back into town. All he could think about was that poor kid. He never wanted to kill anyone but his parents drove him to it and now hes at peace.
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Registered: May 2006
Posts: 17,248
Tue February 21, 2012 1:50pm Rating: 10.00 


Registered: May 2006
Posts: 17,248
Wed February 29, 2012 4:49pm

Hey Tyler I'm working on organizing the SU Gallery page. I changed the Vampire Hunter category to being directly under the Mullet
Warrior Comics
category. If you want me to make any other categories under Mullet Warrior Comics just let me know.
Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
Wed February 29, 2012 8:04pm

Thats great thanks for doing that.

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