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Guardians 3: The Dark Harvest
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
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With the team of heroes assembled they go to the Global Paranormal Defense HQ to plan. Face has met the heroes in the teleportation room, Welcome, I am Face. I am head of GPD here and as you know we are all in grave danger. We have had dozens of sightings of the Harvorgans, its obvious these are just scouts but the rest will come soon. Id rather they didnt make it to earth but there is a great likely hood itll happen. Gala has some Intel thatll help. Face signals to Gala, The Harvorgan is linked to each other. When one is hurt or killed the others know and it is this link that can insure victory. They are a colony much like the ants here on earth and like ants they have a queen. She gives birth to more; she gives the orders and keeps the colony in check. Without the queen the rest are helpless, they become in a since brain dead. At this point they are harmless and can be easily disposed of. The Mother ship is in the planets orbit, at any given moment the invasion will begin. Should the invasion begin she will send her mate to lead the army and begin harvesting all organic life. Our heroes are silent; somewhat overwhelmed with the information Gala had given them. Suddenly alarms are sounded. Face pull out a remote and activates a computer screen. The mother ship opens and releases a smaller but still very large ship and watch as it travels towards earth. Computer what is the ship expected to arrive and where? Face asks. Alien shuttle to arrive in Washington DC in ten minutes. The room grew tense as the computer spoke. VH walked towards the Telapads, Where you going? Phantasm asked, To Washington, theres no time to waste we must be there when it that ship arrives. VH replied. Savage then said with a harsh tone, Im going anywhere, I have no love for this President. Frankly I hope they get him, save me the trouble of killing him myself. Cobra Sinbad was immediately in Savages face, Watch what you say scum bucket. That is the President of the United States you just threatened. Savage shoved Cobra back the removed his helmet to show his face, Look upon the handy work of your precious President and you tell me if he deserves to live. Wolfblade moved in between them, Come on guys we have bigger issues at hand here. Phantasm then sarcastically remarked, Who died and made you referee Dog boy? I say we let two duke it out. Wolfblade growled at Phantasm, Do I hear a call for a one way trip back the Phantom Vortex? Phantasm began charging up an ectoplasm ball. Bring it on dog breath! Zoom ran around the HQ until he found rope and tied the four together. Cosmic padded Zoom on the back then said, Your planet is in grave danger and all you wanna do is fight each other? Open your eyes the bigger picture here. VH then asked Zoom to untie everyone. We need to put our differences aside and become a team like we were before. Only together can we stop the oncoming invasion. We have only five minutes until that ship arrives and begins its harvest. Confused Cobra spoke up, Thats the second time now, why do you talk like we knew each other before? Ive never met any of you before today. The others also showed interest on the subject except for Wolfblade who already knew the answer to the question. VH looked at Face who nodded in agreement. VH then told them of his encounter with Time Rider and the wisdom of the Oracle they had gone to see. It was then when I learned about The Guardians. We were a team of heroes who came together to protect the earth. We were friends once, all of us. However there was this one time when we failed and the only way to set things right was to start over. Short on time VH promised to tell them everything he knew but they had to go now and save earth from the Harvorgan. They agreed and were teleported to DC where they came face to face with the Harvorgan army. Leading the alien army was their queens mate. It stood five feet above the others and instead of the three red spots it had only one long red strip on its head.
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Registered: December 1901
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Posts: 6,540
Fri May 11, 2012 11:34am Rating: 10.00 

For me, Dark Harvest is your best story to date.

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 17,249
Fri May 11, 2012 12:27pm Rating: 10.00 

Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
Fri May 11, 2012 2:07pm

Thanks Jarod, its not over yet so I'll try to make sure it continues to be so.

"Greate stories & Ideas keep the world entertained." Tyler Bingham

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