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Guardians 4: The Dark Harvest
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
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The harvest for organic life has begun. The Harvorgan terrorize Washington as they collect all forms of organic life then return to the ship to drop off their booty. The United States army attacks the invaders with their tanks and jets however they are no match alone. For our heroes are on the scene, Guardians, its time to fight! Fight for your families, fight for your friends, and fight for everything you hold dear!! Give these monsters nothing and take everything from them!!! With these words spoken by none other than the Vampire Hunter they charge into battle. Zoom dashes towards an army jeep under Harvorgan attack. Before the alien even knows what happened, Zoom carries the wounded soldiers to safety then runs a bazooka into the Harorgans tough body and before a second passes Zoom pulls the trigger and runs far from the bazookas blast. Phantasm fires from the skies with his plasma balls, creating big holes in each alien he hits. Cobra Sinbad leads a dysfunctional group of soldiers into battle. Cosmic and Omega fight back to back as they defend a group of civilians. Surrounded, VH fights his way through to them and helps to defend the civilians. Wolfblade slices and tears into flesh as he jumps from alien to alien. Savage grabs two aliens by their necks and snaps them like twigs then grabbing them by the tails whips them around to behead and smash other Harvorgans. The larger Harvorgan known as the Queens Mate looks on as the battle continues, receiving instruction from its queen it joins the battle. Soldiers begin dropping like flies as the Mate kills everything it sees. The first of our heroes it encounters is Cobra and the soldiers he was leading. Using its claws and tale it kills the soldiers leaving Cobra remaining. The Mate grabs Cobra by the leg. Cobra open fires with the assault rifle in his hands but no damage is inflicted upon the Mate. Face to face with the larger alien, Cobra watches as its head begins to split down the middle of the red strip and reveals a mouth. Thats just wrong. Cobra utters as he gets closer and closer to being consumed when two dead aliens slam against the Mates head, causing it to crash to the ground. Cobra now released is surprised to see his rescuer, it was Savage. This changes nothing tool. Savage said as he tosses Cobra a stronger rifle then rips the barrel off a broken tank. Together they watch as the furious Mate stands back up. Think you can break through that things skin? Cobra asked Savage. Just keep your eyes open when I do. Savage ran behind the Mate as Cobra distracted it. Savage then began beating the snot out of the large alien. Soon Zoom joined in by throwing sharp objects at super speeds. Wolfblade was also soon at the scene, he leaped in and began using his razor sharp claws and teeth to tear the alien into pieces. Once outer alien skin was being removed Cobra began firing at the Mate. This continued until the large alien fell to the ground dead. Not too long after the rest of the Harvorgans who had landed in the one space ship were all dead. The soldiers cheered in victory but our heroes the Guardians did not. They gathered together and knew this wasnt over for there was still a mother ship full of those monstrosities. Whats the plan? Do we wait for them to send another army? Zoom asked. Cosmic shook his head, I advise against waiting, for if we do the Queen will send five times what we fought. Cobra nodded, Then we need to board that mother ship of theirs and take out the queen. Phantasm looked at the Harvorgan space craft that brought the first army down and asked, Think you can fly this thing duck man? Cosmic smiled and once our heroes had boarded the ship they set a course straight for the Harvorgan Mother Ship.
Date: Fri May 18, 2012 Views: 1872 Filesize: 97.8kb, 327.1kb Dimensions: 2400 x 3600
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Registered: May 2006
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