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Black Skull: 4-Black Blood Virus
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
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Shin Fang chuckled at Black Skull’s remark. “You’re really going to shove an explosive down my throat, for calling you a hero? Such a bad temper you have. I may have to teach you a few things about patients.” Shin Fang then takes a martial arts fighting stance. The room was quite and still as the two foes stared eye to eye then the two foes ran towards each other to meet in combat. For solid three minutes each punches and kick that was blocked until the first hit was dealt to Black Skull. He returned the favor with a kick to the solar plexus. “I have come to understand that you are an expert in many forms of Martial arts.” Shin Fang said. “No, I’m a master.” Black Skull said before sending Shin Fang across the room. Shin Fang picked himself up and pulled out what looked like a marble. “You are truly as impressive as I thought. However this is not the where the final showdown will take place.” He threw down the marble and from it came a cloud of smoke then two more after that. As soon as the smoke cleared, Shin Fang was gone. “I’ll find you soon enough.” A storm was coming fast. Shin Fang watched as storm clouds drew closer to the city. “The bomb is nearly complete Shin Fang.” Black Blood said. He had tubs attached to his left breast. “Good, once the machine is done pumping blood out of you and into the bomb… the final phase will begin.” Black Skull was back in the Skull Cave looking for the blue prints stolen by Shin Fang. Finally he discovered what he was looking for. “It’s a bomb, looks like some environmentalist created the thing to explode inside storm clouds then rain purified water with special minerals… That’s what Shin Fang is up to.” In the middle of Black Skull’s city is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is on top of this building we find Shin Fang. The storm completely covered the city, clouds hung just above Shin Fangs bomb. It began to rain, lightning danced a crossed the sky. “The bomb is filled Shin Fang.” Black blood said. “Good, then let’s begin without delay.” Shin Fang replied. Shin Fang looked down at the city as the rain ran down his face. Suddenly he watched as two thugs went flying over the edge to the asphalt below. “You didn’t honestly believe it was going to be easy when you came into my city did you?” Black Skull said as he broke another thug’s neck. “By the way what’s your real name?” Shin Fang was confused. “I did some background checks just before I came here and you would never believe who I was talking to… the real Shin Fang. Turns out he has a twin brother that he banished a year ago. What was his name again? Oh that’s right, Marilyn Fang. According to your brother you’re the runt of the two. I knew something was wrong when we first fought. Shin Fang uses a martial arts technique he created himself you were using pathetic form of Jujitsu but that’s not what’s important right now but what is important that I stop you from using the bomb. I knew you were going to infect the entire city with the Black Blood Virus but I didn’t know how… until I found the blueprints you stool. Once this bomb explodes in the clouds, the storm will spread the virus for you. I will admit that was very clever but why my city?” Black Skull asked the very angry Marilyn Fang. “Why ask me, you seem to have everything figured out.” Black Skull smiled, “I do, you wanted revenge on your brother but you could never take him on yourself. You needed someone to do it for you, you needed the best. Which is me but of course I’m not for hire so you decided to make it personal. You infect the city with a deadly virus killing everyone. In retaliation I would travel to Hong Kong and kill Shin Fang. With Shin Fang dead you could come back and take his place. Sound about right?” Marilyn Fang was silent, trying to keep his anger under control. He readied a small pistol behind his back. “You’re too smart for your own good Black Skull.” He pulled out the pistol and shot at Black Skull’s chest. Marilyn was shocked when Black Skull didn’t drop dead. “Did you seriously think that pea shooter would pierce my bulletproof armor? You really are the runt of the litter.” Before Marilyn could think, Black Skull was in his face. He broke both of Marilyn’s legs then took out an explosive the shape of an AA Battery then shoved it down Marilyn’s throat. “Remember what I told you? I’m going shove an explosive down your throat and watch you explode.” Marilyn’s eyes widened then he was blown to pieces. His thugs were gone so was Black Blood. He found the bomb and deactivated it. “Make no mistake, I’m no hero.”
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Very cool!
Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 3,539
Mon July 2, 2012 5:48pm


"Greate stories & Ideas keep the world entertained." Tyler Bingham
Conner Kent aka Superboy

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