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VH: Family-4
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Tyler Bingham

Mullet Warrior Comics

Registered: May 2006
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Xanatos looked all around him confused then slowly said, John, Jonathan Turner. VH removed his helmet. John still confused asked, Who are you? Tears ran down Jacks face, Its me father Jack. It has been years since you and Zack disappeared. Im an adult now. John could not believe what he had heard until he studied Jacks face. The nose, mouth and ears were his and the eyes belonged to his wife and all at once he recognized his son. My boy My Jack. Jack embraced his father. Joan Li freed him from the chains that bound him. Bulldozer was growing impatient. Ok this is really sweet n all but Face wants to have a word with you. Jack helped his father to his feet then turned to Bulldozer, Tell Face Ill be in to see him when I can. Jack and John turned to leave, Jack son, remember that the spell is only temporary. I do not know how long you have with him but watch for signs of change. The moment you spot change, get away from him because it wont take long. Jack nodded and left. While the others returned to GPD headquarters, Jack filled his father in on everything that has happened over the years. When Jack was done his father was silent, he then spoke as tears ran down his face, I remember that night your brother and I were on our way home. We stopped for ice cream and not too soon after we were approached by a man a man with white hair. I tried to get us away from him but he grabbed me and threw me aside. He turned his attention to Zack, he was so frightened. I wasnt going to let anything happen to him. I took a knife or dagger the man had on him and when he turned around I plunged it into his heart. He dropped dead at my feet, his body suddenly disappeared and a dark mist circled around me. Everything grew dark then there was nothing I can remember struggling and screaming but I couldnt do anything. He buried his face in his hands and wept. Jack stood beside him, Everyone Xanatos has harmed and killed was not your fault Pop. Xanatos had complete control over you. John looked at his son and said, but he used my hands to do it he must pay for what hes done. Jack smiled, He will and I will see to it that he does. His crimes will not go unpunished. John put his hand on Jacks shoulder. My boy I am very proud of you. I cannot even begin to imagine the great deeds youve done but from what youve told me I can leave this world knowing its in good hands. However, this being single thing has to end. They both laughed hard and spent the rest of the evening talking about the friends Jack has made and the adventures hes been on. The sun was beginning to rise now. Father and son were silent as they watched the sun rise and kiss the city with its warmth. Johns mind was troubled and Jack could see it. Is the spell beginning to dissipate? John shook his head, No, no son Im fine. Im just worried about you. Jack smiled, You dont have to worry about my job His father calmly interrupted him, Its not that Its your anger and hatred towards Xanatos that worries me. You have plenty of reasons to hate him but you cant let what hes done cloud your judgment. If he is anything like youve told me, you need to have to keep your head in the game and Im not even kidding you. Pretty soon its just going to be you against him. Even with all these gizmos you carry, hes still faster and stronger and if he really has been around for centuries then hes no fool. I need you to be careful Jack; I dont want these hands to take your life too. Jack laid his hand on his dads shoulder. Ill be careful dad, I promise I wont let you down.
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Registered: May 2006
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Tue July 3, 2012 6:26pm Rating: 10.00 

Conner Kent aka Superboy

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Wed July 4, 2012 7:30pm Rating: 10.00 


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