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In 1938, a young detective escapes death only to discover that his life had been changed forever. It's the new graphic novel on sale now at Amazon featuring a character very familiar to visitors to

It's a mix of monster movies, gangster flicks, and good old fashioned superhero comics.

More on Deadlaw.

Plus Deadlaw Characters.

Sci-Fi with a Twist
Short science fiction and fantasy stories that, more often than not, end with a surprise or twist you couldn’t see coming. Transport yourself to other lives and other worlds where travel through time and space is a reality and where second chances and the end of the world sometimes cross paths. It’s a detour into the unknown filled with wonder and excitement beyond reality, and yet close enough, to make you second guess yourself.
The sequel to the Time Cruisers is here!

The Man from Nowhere

A man appeared from nowhere near the small out west town of South Fork in the 1800’s, and quickly became the town’s trusted sheriff. His speed with a gun was greater than what any of the locals had ever seen before. If only he could remember who he was and where he came from,he might have a chance against the man every bit as fast with a gun as he is that wants him dead and doesn’t care who he has to kill to do it.

The Incredible Hulk vs Rom the Spaceknight

The Incredible Hulk issue 296 is one of my favorite comic books from back in the day. This is one of those classic issues that you can read over and over again.

Not only does the Hulk take on Rom Spaceknight, but he also battles another Hulk that I believe was most likely inspired by the old Hulk incarnation from the TV show.

Read more.

Sci-Fi Books at has a great list of super science fiction books with lots of great action and adventure.

The History of the Red Skull Captain America's Biggest Enemy

In the back of Captain America #12 1998 the Red Skull's history up to that point is laid out. These are words from that issue for the most part.

Describing the Skull the article says, "He has been called the most evil man who ever lived. The symbol of hate. The incarnation of torture. A bane to all those who would live free from tyranny. And therefore, it should come as no surprise that he is the sworn enemy of the land of the free's protector of liberty, Captain America." More

Lucky Cat Lucky Cat is sort of a throw back to a simpler time when cartoon animals ruled the world. His books are simple, but fun. There are no secret political agendas even if there is the occassional humorous reference to current events. Parents and grandparents can rest assured that if they buy their kids or grand kids a Lucky book that their children will not be subjected to questionable or objectionable material.

Find out more about the Lucky Cat book series.
Uncle Sam Color the original superhero, Uncle Sam!  Now for those that love history and patriotism there's a coloring book that celebrates Uncle Sam's poster history as well as patriotic scenery and imagery to have fun coloring. Follow the link for more info and some comic book history of Uncle Sam.
Uncle Sam's Coloring Book
The 1982 JSA/JLA/All-Star Sqadron Team-up!

In 1982 one of my favorite time story epics of all time made it's way to the local newstand. DC Comics took the annual JSA/JLA team-up and expanded it into the JSA's book the All-Star Squadron. The fate of Earth-1, Earth-2, and Earth-Prime was held in the balance as well as the past and future.

Superman’s Health and Fitness Mission for President Kennedy

Back in 1963 very shortly before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy administration asked DC Comics to involve Superman into their health and fitness program. The project was cancelled after the death of JFK, but brought back after Johnson asked DC to publish the special story, which they did. For more on this piece of history!

Spider-Man Marvel Team-Up Time Travel Adventure!

Relive the awesome 1975 story arc that sent Spider-Man from Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 to the far off post apocalyptic future world of 1990???? and beyond to team up with Deathlok, Killraven, Doctor Doom, the Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Moondragon.
Space Stars goes to DVD
Space Stars is a 1981 NBC Saturday morning cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera which ran from 1981-1982 on NBC. I remember because those were the good old days when I personally watched Saturday mornings that were filled with cool cartoons. The Space Stars featured the return of 60's superhero space stars like Space Ghost, the Herculoids, and even brought back Astro from the Jetsons to team up with some other heroic dogs, the Space Mutts.

Now the series is on DVD.

Order the DVD set from Amazon now!

The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, taken from the Holy Bible’s historical flow.

Check out our new feature on The Action Bible for more details and video from the artist, Sergio Cariello who has worked for all the major comic book companies.

Brazilian artist Sergio Cariello has created attention-holding illustrations marked by rich coloring, dramatic shading and lighting, bold and energetic designs, and emotionally charged figures.

Why the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Part 3

A look at the history and the roles that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch have played in the Avengers. Both heroes are the children of the notorious Magneto, but desire to prove themselves as heroes.

Learn of their trials and tragedies in part 3 of Why the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Why the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Part 2

Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, is the perfect example of an Avenger who's had his share of exciting adventures both on his own and with the team. The Avengers changed his life, and he has gone through considerable character developement since his creation. When Hawkeye joined "Cap's Kooky Quartet" he would constantly pick fights with his teammates Cap and Quicksilver, and possessed an attitude that made him frustrating to be around. More

Why the Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Part 1
Hank Pym is one character who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. It shouldn’t be forgotten that he helped found the team. He was an Avenger even before Captain America showed up. He’s gone through several superhero personas over the years such as “Ant-Man”, “Giant-Man”, “Goliath” and “Yellowjacket” and even though he hasn’t always been around writers love to use him.  more
Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Books List

You've probably heard of Chronicles of Narnia, but did you know CS Lewis had a space trilogy?

Also have you ever heard of the awesome King Aurthur books by Stephen R. Lawhead?

Of course everyone knows about the Lord of the Rings. Check out the link above for a list of cool Christian Oriented Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

A Top Ten List of Time Travel Books

A list of new and classic books on the best science fiction topic of all time, time travel. Check out the list to see if you've missed reading a classic.

Did you know that Mark Twain wrote one of the early books on time travel?

Behind the Scenes of The Time Cruisers Book

I discuss the ideas that went behind the book's story, and the movie inspirations that influenced the type of action in the story.

Also presented are thoughts on the switch for John Martin from a masked superhero to more of a traditional action hero, the Philadelphia Experiment, time traveling back to Bible times, and some thoughts on Agent Martin's number one nemesis, Bastian Wolfe.

Where are the good guys?

Is there such a thing as actual good guys anymore in comics, television, and movies?

Depending on your age, you may or may not remember a time when superheroes and heroes in general aimed at kids actually took moral stances on things like stealing, lying, cheating, and so forth. These days heroes barely seem to hold even life itself in very high regard.

What is a hero really? Is it just someone that can beat the living crap out of the bad guys? These days the line between bad guy and good guy is so faint about the only thing separating them is plain old murder. More on Where are the good guys article

TV Batman's Moral Inspiring Quotes

Remember when Batman wasn't all dark and gritty? It was back when Adam West played the Caped Crusader in the 1960's. Back then Batman didn't just punch the bad guys, he was a great moral example to America's youth. Here's some quotes to bring back memories of the good old days when Batman and Robin were as worried about being good moral heroic examples as punching out the bad guys.


Ghostly Halloween Pics!
Halloween 2012 is here. Here are some samples of the great monster related stuff in our fan art gallery.
Bionic Man Takes on Bionic Woman!

The fight we always wanted to see on TV!
Coming from Dynamite in January 2013, in association with NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products, two classic icons will clash in The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman #1! Written by Keith Champagne and featuring covers by Ardian Syaf, Sean Chen, Jonathan Lau, Jack Herbert, and drawn by Jose Luis, this series is not to be missed!

History of Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane and Secret Identity

Find out when Wonder Woman first got her famous plane and when did she become Diana Prince.

How Edgar Rice Burroughs began writing in his own words

I found an article first published in the Washington Post 1939, and then reprinted in DC Comics Tarzan #230 in 1975,  which was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan and John Carter,  describing what got him into writing.

A salute to real American heroes!

The History of Earth-Two and the Introduction to the New Earth 2
Most older comic fans are well aware of Earth-Two which was created to explain how the original Golden Age versions of characters such as The Flash could appear in stories with their Silver Age counterparts, but now there is coming a new Earth 2 that makes some major changes to the heroes we grew up with.
Steve Reeves the Legendary Hercules

From 1959 through 1964, Famous body builder Reeves went on to appear in a string of sword and sandal movies shot on relatively small budgets, and although he is best known for his portrayal of the Greek hero Hercules, he played the character only twice: in the 1957 film and its 1959 sequel Hercules Unchained (released in the US in 1960). His first Hercules film was an 1958 Italian epic fantasy feature based upon the Hercules myths and the Quest for the Golden Fleece. Hercules was directed by Pietro Francisci and produced by Federico Teti. The film spawned a sequel, Hercules Unchained, that also starred Reeves and Koscina. more
We are so excite to announce that one of our members known as Rick Jones on our boards and gallery, author Charles N Raymond (Author)  has now released "Exile Hero" which is available at Amazon as a Kindle release.

The book is based in a fantasy world and follows the life of Jensin, a young man whose village is slaughtered by a band of monstrous creatures that live beneath the Earth's surface. Their reasons are kept secret. Jensin's mysterious father sends him on a quest to kill their leader, Ishtar. Jensin takes with him a small group of survivors, who all have their own backstories. more about "Exile Hero"

Batman Arkham City
The highly popular video game Batman Arkham City is selling like hot cakes. We've got a video walkthrough, free wallpaper, trailers, and books from Batman's biggest game yet plus a link to buy from Amazon and help support this site.

Here's the game description - Become the Dark Knight in a genuinely authentic Batman experience with advanced, compelling gameplay on every level, epic super-villain encounters and unexpected glimpses into Batman's tortured psychology.

One of my favorite comic book artists I grew up with was Superman artist Curt Swan. At the time I think I sort of took his work for granted always looking forward more to seeing someone's work like John Byrne for example, but now as an adult I really appreciate the clear crisp sort of classic look Swan brought to Superman comics. I really miss seeing his type of art, and the type of stories that accompanied those Silver Age stories.

The Life of Curt Swan in Comics at

American Comic Books: Clash of Race and Culture During World War II  by Jerod

Jerod shares what was a former college paper study on racism in comics and theaters during World War II. It's a very fascinating look at history especially for those that love history and comic book superheroes.

Jerod discusses Superman, Batman, Captain America, the Justice Society, the Green Hornet, and more.


Superman and the American Way
Explore why Superman and the American way are inseparable. What's the history behind Superman's never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way?

Super Hero Special Features, and Previews Page 1 2 3

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