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Chris Yost Interview
More Hulk VS Coverage

I was fortunate enough to speak with Hulk Vs writer Chris Yost over the phone.

Chris Yost wrote both Hulk Vs stories with co-writer Craig Kyle. Yost told me he was writing for animation first before getting noticed by Marvel Comics thanks to his work on X-men Evolution. Yost and Kyle co-wrote the episodes that introduced mutant character X-23, the female clone of Wolverine. This got him a six-issue mini-series (titled X-23: Innocence Lost), and then he took over writing chores (as of issue #20) on the New X-Men.

Here are some questions I asked Chris.

Which do you enjoy writing for more, comics or television?
Comics, he said, beat animation thanks to the fact he is such a comics fan.

Are there any other projects you are working on?
He is currently working on an animated series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and an animated Avengers, which will coincide with live action movie release. He says Avengers the animated series should be out around 2011.

When I asked him how the Hulk would get along with the other Avengers, he would not comment on how they would get the Hulk to work within the group peacefully. He said we'd just have to wait and see, but did reveal that it was one of the things being discussed.

Was anybody nervous about the cartoon amputations?
The amputations in Hulk Vs were there because doing a project like this on DVD allowed them the chance to really show off the character of Wolverine and do things that regular TV animated programming would never allow.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers and future hopeful comic creators?
He said the internet can be used to promote one's work, and that eventually those with good original ideas can make it in the business. "The cream rises to the top.

Favorite Superhero? He's a big Thor fan.

How was writing for this project different from writing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Batman ?
He talked about how cartoons are different these days, and how they took out the cowabunga and all the pizza eating from the turtles.

When asked about the Batman the new series he said it wasn't his favorite style, but he appreciated the fun style, and remarked before the 80's, Batman did occasionally smile.


In your opinion just how strong is Thor as compared to the Hulk?
He thought that Thor could have won the battle in Hulk Vs Thor if Banner had been inside the Hulk. (Loki pulls Banner's subconscious out of the Hulk's body leaving nothing more than a very large crazed monster.) He said, the neat thing about these characters is one day Thor could win and the next day the Hulk etc.

I was shocked when Wolverine stabbed Bruce Banner to get him to change into the Hulk.  Chris said both he and Craig were shocked as well and they wrote it.

Hulk's blood not green? When I asked him this question, he said, after thinking about it for a bit, that he believed it was decided to have the Hulk's blood red to add more realism to the movie. Laughing he said that green blood might just appear on screen like green snot.

How did Deadpool's tranqs stick to the Hulk?  They were adamantium tipped, and that only worked because the Hulk had lost a lot of blood after fighting Wolverine.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Chris Yost. You can tell he's just as much a comics fan as the rest of us. He really knows his comics characters.