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Deadlaw the Undead Detective Characters
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Matt Corrie aka Deadlaw

Detective Matt Corrie

Young police detective in 1938 that while murdered manages to not stay dead. His childhood was a rough one. His biological father was a gangster, while his step-dad was murdered just after he joined the police force.

Joe Kelly aka Razorfang

Joe Kelly is the bad guy who controls most of the crime in the city, if not the whole city itself. He's a powerful man in more ways than one. Don't make him angry, if he doesn't have his gang take you out, he might just break your arms and legs himself to save time.

Sarah Worthington

Sarah is Matt's girlfriend. Her past is questionable and while she seems to desire to be on the right path, she's had to be under the employment of the gangster Joe Kelly in order to make ends meet in the depression era of the 1930's.

and then there's Doctor Frankenstein.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, yes, the doctor responsible for Frankenstein's monster that terrorized the world. He's become repentant of his past experiments and wants to rid the world of his evil monster and possibly help fight against evil in general. This is why he decides to lend a helping hand to a very dead Matt Corrie. Surprisingly, the doctor doesn't appear all that old. Could he have experimented on himself as well? Only time will tell. Buy the comic book at Amazon Now Kindle Version

Deadlaw Superhero
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Paperback Description

In 1938, a young detective escapes death only to discover that his life had been changed forever. Given supernatural powers of that of vampires and werewolves by a semi-mad scientist, Matt Corrie continues his pursuit of justice in the guise of Deadlaw the Undead Detective in this graphic novel that takes its inspiration from classic superhero comic books and monster movies of yesterday, mixed with gritty black and white art that perfectly captures the mood of this classic horror take on superheroes. Can Corrie clean up his town, get the girl, and live to tell, or is he already dead?

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