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The History of Earth-Two and the Introduction to the New Earth 2 Discuss this feature.

Flashes of Two Worlds Most older comic fans are well aware of Earth-Two which was created to explain how the original Golden Age versions of characters such as The Flash could appear in stories with their Silver Age counterparts. Its continuity includes DC Golden Age heroes, including the Justice Society of America, whose careers began at the dawn of World War II.

The original Justice Society had lost it's popularity over time and by the 1950's was no more. By the 60's a newer revamped set of characters had taken charge as is evidenced by the cover to your left. In the story,  "Flash of Two Worlds"-The Flash #123 1961, the Silver Age and Gold Age Flashes meet for the first time establishing the existence of two parallel earths. In this story Earth-One Flash, Barry Allen, accidentally vibrates his body at the right speed to wind up on Earth-Two where the original Flash, Jay Garrick lives.

Superman, Kal-L is the first costumed superhero to surface on Earth-Two.

Most of his history is based on his initial appearance, ignoring later Golden Age and early Silver Age history. In order to distinguish him from the primary version of the character, this Superman is called "Kal-L", using the spelling of Superman's Kryptonian name in his early appearances. He was specifically introduced as an Earth-Two character in Justice League of America #73 (1969). Most superheroes from the Golden Age later followed this trend.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-1986) was an effort by DC Comics to clean up their continuity, resulting in the multiple universes combining into one. Since then, a handful of characters originating from Earth-Two have consistently remained part of the merged Earth, including Power Girl, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott. Superman and Lois Lane from Earth-Two, Superboy from Earth-Prime, and Alexander Luthor, Jr from Earth-Three were transported into a ghost-like "paradise dimension" tangential to the new universe. This wasn't revealed till years later,  as originally after the Crisis, Earth-Two and One was merged which meant that the Golden Age Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman just ceased to exist.

Following the end of the known Multiverse, more alternate realities were discovered. Even though Earth-Three was destroyed in the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter wave attacks, a new Crime Syndicate (called the Crime Syndicate of Amerika rather than the old America) developed in the antimatter universe of Qward which was far larger than the Earth-Three group. After the Kingdom event, Hypertime and divergent realities were revealed but never supposed to be accessed as stated in the Zero Hour event and later revealed when a directly parallel Flash (Walter West aka the "Dark Flash") entered the mainstream DC Universe and threatened to destroy it. These alternate realities are usually addressed as "Elsewhere" and "Elseworld" stories.

Infinite Crisis

Kal-L, Lois Lane, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor returned during Infinite Crisis. Unknown to Superman, Luthor's plan was to resurrect the Multiverse. He wanted to mix and match elements from each reality to create a "perfect world." The fallout of the conflict brought the short lived return of Earth-Two and the deaths of Superman, Lois Lane and Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three. It is unclear what happened to the Wonder Woman of Earth Two. Inexplicably, Earth-Two was the only returning world that was devoid of people, except the Justice Society, Superman, and Lois. The world appeared to be new and recently manufactured, instead of completely resurrected. Before their "deaths," each felt they were being pulled somewhere.

At the end of the comic book crossover series Infinite Crisis, the realigned world created is called "New Earth" (which is also known as "Earth-1") In the final issue of the later series 52, it is revealed that 52 duplicate worlds have been created and all but New Earth have been altered from the original incarnation.

Earth Two Superman vs Earth One

It made its first appearance in a single panel of 52 Week 52 where it resembled the pre-Crisis Earth-Two, where a newspaper article says that this world's Superman and Power Girl are missing. This reflects Earth-Two Superman's death in Infinite Crisis, and the revelation during Infinite Crisis that Power Girl came from Earth-Two.

In the Justice Society of America Annual #1 (July 2008), by Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway, Power Girl travels to Earth-2, which appears similar to the pre-crisis Earth-Two. However, in this world Batman only recently died, while in the original Earth-Two story line he died in 1979. This is, in fact, one of the multiple Earths created during the 52 story line in which Mr. Mind altered the multiple realities of the DC universe, but from the perspective of its inhabitants it was never destroyed in the original Crisis, and was the sole Earth in existence until the Infinite Crisis. Power Girl initially believes she is home at least (the history of the modern and classic Earth-2 being nearly the same), but Earth-2's native Power Girl arrives and declares her an impostor, making the Power Girl, who emigrated from New Earth, not a part of this Earth.

But now the entire DC Universe has been rebooted and it seems that Earth-Two's heroes will be revamped as well.

New Earth 2

Earth 2 Heroes
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New Earth 2 Jay Garrick

Facts outlined at from James Robinson who is launching Earth 2 along with artist Nicola Scott.

The characters that you're going to see in issue #1 will be Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Al Pratt.

- Jay Garrick is the "everyman" through which readers are introduced to the world of Earth 2. While the name Jay Garrick may be familiar to older DC readers as the elderly Golden Age Flash, in this comic, he's younger, as seen in the cover of Earth 2 #2.

Earth 2's Superman is in the midst of mourning the death of Lois Lane.

Wonder Woman is the last Amazon.

Batman has made a choice to kill to save his daughter Helena Wayne who is the Earth 2 Robin.

The first issue also includes Helena Wayne as Robin, and Karen Starr as Supergirl, before they somehow end up on the main DCU Earth as Huntress and Power Girl (as seen in the current Huntress mini-series and May's World's Finest).

Robinson: Well, this book is definitely a reboot in the vein of Grant Morrison's Action Comics or Geoff Johns with the new origin of the Justice League. It's one of those books. It isn't a soft reboot, like Green Lantern or Batman.

Robinson: In the first issue, Al Pratt is a solider who is also everything that you want Al Pratt, this tough little fighter, to be. And yet he is faced with an impossible task and rises to the occasion.

One thing that got my attention was this quote from Robinson: But the point of this book is that it isn't the Justice Society. It's Earth 2. So it's going to be a whole world of different characters with things going on in different parts of it, obviously all coming together as the plots coalesce and these plots arise.

Also there's some doubt as to the identity of the person under the Batman mask. It's been said he's a Wayne, but not Bruce Wayne specifically.

More Images - click for larger picture

Earth 2 Batman

Earth 2 Supergirl

Earth 2 Superman

Earth 2 Wonder Woman

What do you all think? Post your comments here. This may be a final farewell to those great heroes of yesteryear, at least as we knew them.

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