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A New Novel "The Exile Hero (Zandrexyn)" Discuss

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The Exile Hero is the first book in the Zandrexyn series. I have also written a series of Superhero Universe short stories called Lost in Time found under Rick Jones Stories on the boards. The cover for my book was done by Jerod Blayney.

The book is based in a fantasy world and follows the life of Jensin, a young man whose village is slaughtered by a band of monstrous creatures that live beneath the Earth's surface. Their reasons are kept secret. Jensin's mysterious father sends him on a quest to kill their leader, Ishtar. Jensin takes with him a small group of survivors, who all have their own backstories.

Along the way he will encounter more dangers that have been unleashed by Ishtar. In order to reach his goal he will have to make a terrible sacrifice, one he knows will haunt him forever.

The events featured in Lost in Time are deeply connected to The Exile Hero. While not a major character, Brennon does appear in the story, and will return in the sequel, which has yet to be given a title.

The Exile Hero can be purchased in the Kindle Store on The book is available worldwide.

Charles N Raymond (Author)

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