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In this corner the ever Incredible Hulk weighing in at a measly 1040 lbs at 7' tall, and in the other corner the Batman with the height of 6' 2" and weight of only 210 lbs.

Hulk vs Batman Wallpaper

The Hulk usually turns out to be Superman's sparring partner in these DC vs Marvel showdowns, but this time way back in the early 80's, in one of the giant sized Marvel and DC collaborations, Batman did the unthinkable. He took on the Incredible Hulk. It wasn't Batman's idea of course. It was all due to that maniac the Joker. He just had to steal a gamma gizmo Bruce Banner was counting on to help him rid himself of the curse of the Hulk, and then convince the Hulk that Batman was the bad guy. The pointy ears just didn't sell the Batman's good guy status to the Jade Giant.

But how does a superb athlete and and all around brilliant detective defeat someone that can knock down a mountain? Very carefully.

In round one the Hulk grabs Batman and almost crushes Batman's back years before Bane gets his chance. Thinking quickly Batman boxes the Hulk's ears which as Batman explains only startles the monster long enough for him to get free.  Batman goes for the old gas trick, but the Hulk pulls a fast one and refuses to breathe in the bat gas.

In a move that would only work for the Batman, Bats kicks the Hulk right in the solar plexus causing the Hulk to breath the gas in and pass out.

Even then as a child reading this story for the first time I felt that the Hulk's powers were toned down a bit to fit into a Batman storyline. The Hulk seemed a little more like the TV Hulk than his usual awesomely powered comic self, but nonetheless I really enjoyed this story and read it over and over again. It's still a lot of fun even as an adult to see this unlikely team up of these two heroes battle it out.

My favorite action scene occurs in the second round between Batman and the Hulk when the Hulk throws an entire car at Batman.

Batman vs Hulk
- Hulk almost crushes Batman's back before Bane got his chance.

click for larger image

Batman being the expert escape artist and survivor that he is manages to jump through one side of the car's window out the other without getting squashed like a bug. Love that scene!

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