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Superhero Fights Superman vs Thor Discuss Marvel vs DC Fights

In this corner Superman last son of Krypton weighing in at 225 lbs and a height of 6'3" and in  the other corner Thor son of Odin, weighing in at 640 lbs, and at a height of 6'6" .

Who wins a fight between Superman and Thor?

Thor whose strength is on the same playing field as the Incredible Hulk has actually taken on Superman in the JLA/Avengers 2003 mini series drawn by George Perez.

In the first round Superman gets hammered by Thor's hammer and knocked for a loop in book one. In book two we see Superman and the Martian Manhunter both punch Thor for a loop.

In the second round Thor knocks Superman flying. Superman uses old faithful his heat vision to light Thor up.

Not to be taken out by such a small power, Thor goes to wack Superman with his hammer again. Only this time Superman stops it to Thor's shock.

Even the Hulk has had trouble lifting the hammer of Thor.

Superman Hammered by Thor

With Thor defeated several Avengers double team Superman and even the mighty Superman falls at the combined might of Iron Man, Hercules, She-Hulk, and the Vision,  Marvel Comics mighty superhero team.


If you'd like to read the whole story yourself it was reprinted in 2008 and is available at Amazon.

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