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Steve Reeves the Classic Legendary Movie Hercules

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Born in Glasgow, Montana, Steve Reeves moved to California at age 10 with his mother Goldie Reeves, after his father Lester Dell Reeves died in a farming accident. Reeves developed an interest in bodybuilding in high school and trained at Ed Yarick's gym in Oakland. By the time he was 17, he had developed a Herculean physique, long before the general interest in bodybuilding. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Army during World War II, and served in the Pacific.

From 1959 through 1964, Reeves went on to appear in a string of sword and sandal movies shot on relatively small budgets, and although he is best known for his portrayal of the Greek hero Hercules, he played the character only twice: in the 1957 film and its 1959 sequel Hercules Unchained (released in the US in 1960).  His first Hercules film was an 1958 Italian epic fantasy feature based upon the Hercules myths and the Quest for the Golden Fleece.  Hercules was directed by Pietro Francisci and produced by Federico Teti. The film spawned a sequel, Hercules Unchained (Italian: Ercole e la Regina di Lidia), that also starred Reeves and Koscina.

In America, the Reeve's Hercules movie generated a Dell comic book adaptation with illustrations by John Buscema and a 33 RPM long-playing RCA Victor recording of the film's soundtrack.

Hercules Comic

The first Hercules film was the first film shot in Italy to use the French widescreen Dyaliscope process.
American producer Joseph E. Levine acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the film, and, due in part to his "saturation" promotional campaign (the film opened in 175 theaters alone in the New York City area), Hercules became a major box-office hit.

Reeves was an accomplished horseman, and did all his own horse stunts. His voice was not used however, and his lines were dubbed into whatever language was required for local distribution. According to Reeves, the chains attached to his wrist bands for the climax were made of wood and painted to look like metal, but he held back with his movements during the climax when he was swinging them at the actors playing his enemies, which annoyed the director, who instructed Reeves to actually hit the actors and hit them as hard as he could. When Reeves replied that he didn't want to hurt them, the director said in broken English "They don't get hurt, they don't get paid!"


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