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The Incredible Hulk movie runs at a pretty good pace. To be honest I found myself preparing for more long moments between excitement as the first one did, but this one stays interesting and exciting even in between Hulk transformations. It's a lot of fun all the way through. There are quiet a few moments of humor the first one lacked.  It's not a laugh fest by any means, but it isn't overly serious likes it's trying to be some sort of work of art. It tries to be a good superhero flick and that's what it is. I found the Hulk more heroic in this version than the first film.  The action sequences were incredible to coin a phrase.

Warning if you want to be completely surprised throughout the film then forget the rest of this article. Just some basic stuff in the film, but I know some like to be in the dark till they see it on screen.

Hulk posters

************************************* Small Spoilers*************************************

As a comic book and TV Hulk fan this movie was a perfect amalgam of both without straying too far from it's comic book roots at any point. Loved all the TV show references.

TV References

1. Appearance by Bill Bixby on the television Bruce Banner is watching. This was a something Bixby appeared on before the Hulk TV show I believe.

2. One scene in the movie has the piano tune of the "lonely man walking" theme song we always heard at the end of the Incredible Hulk TV show.

3. Lou Ferrigno does a cameo which got the audience excited. Lou also does the voice of the Hulk as he did earlier in the 90's Hulk cartoon show. The first time you have to listen carefully as it sounds like he says, Leave me alone in a monstrous voice. Then without a doubt in the climatic scene toward the end, he screams, "Hulk Smash!" Loved that scene!

4. Jack McGee appears briefly as a student newspaperman. Not exactly the TV version but a nice add on.

5. Paul Soles appears as Stanley. Obviously a take on Stan Lee's name. Paul Soles did the voice of Bruce Banner in the 1966 cartoon series. He also did the voice of Peter Parker in the old 1967 Spider-Man cartoon series.

6. The beginning sequence featuring a quick glance at the Hulk's origin features a lot of scenes similar to those used in the Bill Bixby TV series such as the radiation chair.

Comic Book Favorites

For the Hulk comic book fan there was a lot as well to keep you happy.

1.The Hulk thunderclap was used to perfection in once scene. The Hulk claps his hands together with such force as to put out a fire instantly. 

2. The military uses some classic comic book sonic cannons against the Hulk.

3. Use of term, "Hulk Smash!"

4. Tony Stark meets with General Ross. This happens right before the credits. The audience went crazy with applause when he appears. Everybody stayed around till the end of the credits, but unfortunately there was nothing tagged on at the end. Tony makes a remark about forming a new team, the Avengers obviously.

5. Stan Lee makes his usual cameo. He drinks from a bottle tainted with Bruce Banner's blood and winds up sick from it.

6. Samuel Sterns appears aka the Leader.

7. Doc Samson putting the moves on Betty. He's not suped up yet with the long green hair.

8. Of course you all know the Abomination is the big villain of the film.

Bottom line this was a good movie for comic book and TV Hulk fans alike. It's a good summer movie that won't bore you. Lots of action, a few lighter moments here and there, and did I say it already? It's got lots of action! I can't wait to see Captain America and the Avengers now! Post your comments