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Lucky Cat Book Series

The Lucky Cat series of books offers fun for everyone, especially those that love cartoon cats. The series offers an educational series for the youngest of readers that teaches the Allphabet.

But then there's also the Lucky Cat coloring books that all ages can enjoy. Coloring is huge right now as more adults than children are coloring to relax and unwind from today's busy hectic computerized work day.

Lucky Cat is sort of a throw back to a simpler time when cartoon animals ruled the world. His books are simple, but fun. There are no secret political agendas even if there is the occassional humorous reference to current events. Parents and grandparents can rest assured that if they buy their kids or grand kids a Lucky book that their children will not be subjected to questionable or objectionable material.

It's all about fun with Lucky and learning, of course, in the basic series.

The latest Lucky Cat coloring book mixes cartoon cat antics with monsters, ghosts, witches, zombies, and even movie parodies. It features light hearted humor to put a smile on your face while you color.

Lucky Cat
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The cover is parody cartoon cat version of the classic movie the Fly made in 1958.

Here are some page examples from Monster Halloween that feature Lucky, Mummies, Witches, Zombies, and even a Penguin attempting to be scary.



Another recent release from the Lucky Cat series celebrates Christmas. It's called Lucky Cat's Christmas Coloring Book

Enjoy coloring Christmas art any time of the year with this Lucky Cat cartoon style drawings and art coloring book. It features Santa Claus, snow men, the first Christmas, Christmas trees, bells, presents, ornaments, reindeer, stars, stockings hung on the chimney, snow flakes, and various Christmas designs and themes. 

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Lucky also has a coloring book to celebrate the 4th of July with.

Lucky Cat
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Have lots of fun while celebrating America with this coloring book that features 34 patriotic and funny images. It's filled with cartoon type laughs with Lucky the cat and his cartoon friends, whom are surrounded by wonderful patriotic symbols to color. Within you'll find the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, Uncle Sam, George Washington, the Liberty Bell, and more.

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