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Behind the scenes of the time travel book, The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap  Discuss

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First, for those who haven't heard of the Time Cruisers, you might be asking what the book is  about. Just to make it simple, here's the official book description.

A search for a missing scientist, responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, takes his son, Ronald Montgomery, and his friends on an exciting, epic-sized time travel adventure through biblical history and beyond.

While on his journey, he must confront incredible odds, facing the likes of Pharaoh's army, and Adolf Hitlerís Nazi soldiers and villainous right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Joining him on this adventure are his prospective love interest, Mary, his rival for her affections, Mack, Professor Jack Warren, and a mysterious government agent named John Martin.

Along the way, this group of time traveling adventurers will also encounter Noah, Moses, and even the Biblical strong man, Samson. Relive the Bibleís greatest adventures through the eyes of our heroes, and learn the secrets of Americaís underground time travel organization, known as ATTA, sworn to defend America from all enemies, past, present, and future.

I'm not sure how far behind the scenes you can go with a book, but what I will attempt to do is show you just what all went on behind the thought processes of my writing this book, plus give you some insights in the history of the characters and situations presented in the book.

The Philadelphia Experiment

First off, the book's basic foundation starts with the legendary Philadelphia Experiment. Many books have been written about the subject, and there have even a couple of movies. The first one being one of my favorite time travel movies of all time, the second was a straight to video movie that isn't really worth bothering with. If you haven't heard of the Philadelphia Experiment before, wiki has a page on it you can check out. It's basically a  World War II era legend that involved Albert Einstein and an experiment that was done in an attempt to make a US Navy ship invisible to radar. That ship, the USS Eldridge, was said to have teleported to Norfolk, Virginia, over 200 miles away, and, onboard, as a result, some of the men had actually become mysteriously welded to the hull of the ship.

The speculation, of course, was that the experiment actually had bent time and space, basically creating a ship that had managed to sail through time. This tale always had a great fascination for me, especially the idea that our government may have gone to great lengths to cover it up, and the supposed eye witness testimonies of sailors appearing and disappearing in various places. Sure it probably didn't happen, but it sure makes for a great story, and who knows, maybe it did happen.

That's where the Time Cruisers' story begins during that fateful experiment on October 28, 1943. It's this experiment that leads to one of the main characters, a 1950's teenager named Ronald Montgomery, on a search for his father, who was responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment along with Albert Einstein, through the corridors of time.

Time-Rider Becomes Agent John Martin

Agent John Martin is the book's hero. He's a secret agent who works for a government agency that is sworn to protect America from time manipulation and the Nazi threat. Originally, John Martin was, and still is, known at as the Time-Rider superhero in a series of online comics and short stories.

Officially, in the SU world, Agent Martin is a part of what is known as the T-Zero timeline, a timeline that existed before the current SU timeline where John Martin is a time traveling superhero. If all this sounds a bit complicated, don't worry, the book is pretty much self-contained. You don't need to know Time-Rider's history to enjoy the book, which was the point of creating a new timeline for the book series. I wanted to make the book's world as simple as possible so anyone could jump on board and enjoy it. As it is, time travel can be rather complicated at times, anyway.

In the book, Agent Martin is sort of James Bond meets Indiana Jones. He's originally a country boy from the backwoods of Tennessee, so he doesn't offer a outer appearance of sophistication necessarily, but when it comes to saving the day, you can count on Martin to do amazing things.

I wanted a story that hearkened back to the kind of action and mystery that was found in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie. I've always felt they never made enough of those movies. There are so many things that Indiana Jones could have explored. As far as mysteries from the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant was just the tip of the iceberg. Why didn't Jones ever go any further? Instead, he went to the Temple of Doom before going back to basics on the Last Crusade. The fourth movie, of course, had nothing to do with anything relating to biblical history.

Another good set of movies with a similar type of fasten your seat belt kind of action were the Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser. All of these movies hearkened back to the classic Saturday matinee movie serials where the hero would always wind up hanging from a cliff for dear life before the words "to be continued" lit up the screen.

But what if another action adventurer from back in the '40's was able to actually travel back in time to the origination of his quests, and, in this case, back to the biblical events themselves?

Those are some of the ideas that went into my thought processes. I wanted a story about a hero who had those same kind of epic adventures, but maybe even larger. What better way to do that than time travel? I wanted an old fashioned hero who wasn't afraid to fight, or shoot at a bad guy. He doesn't necessarily want to kill anybody of course, but he will, in a heart beat, defend himself and others when need be. John Martin is that kind of guy. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. While he may not have all the answers, he recognizes the difference between good and evil easily. Just like it was for the military heroes of World War II in general, there wasn't time for him to have grand debates about the most miniscule politically correct course of action. It's act fast or die, and think about what happened, and how it could have been done differently later, when the lives of your friends, family, or the entire nation are not hanging in the balance.

The Bible Scenes

One of the reasons, I wanted the Time Cruisers' first adventure to involve going back in time to see great biblical events, is that, for the most part, I couldn't think of anything I've seen or read that incorporated time travel and the Bible other than an episode of the 60's show, The Time Tunnel featuring Joshua, and one brief scene on the 80's time travel show the Voyagers where the travelers place baby Moses back into the Nile. There could be other instances, but those are the only ones that come to my mind.

I thought to myself, why aren't there more stories of such nature, considering how many movies have been done about Bible characters and stories over the years? No one seems to want to ask the question, what would it be like if a person could travel back in time and see those miracles as they happened.

The characters from the book all came from a small town in Tennessee during the 1950's, within an area that, even today, is known as the Bible Belt. So, for these characters, these scenes have a great sense of wonderment. They get to basically live out stories they have heard all their lives.

I tried to write the story, knowing who the characters were in my mind, and then, as if I were watching them act it out, as they went through their various adventures. I also, of course, tried to imagine how I would feel if I were seeing the Red Sea part, or watched the animals going inside Noah's ark. Talk about a faith builder, seeing the Bible come to life would be an amazing experience.

The Bad Guys

Every action adventure story has to have a bad guy, or bad guys, and this story has an entire army of them, an army of Nazis led by Adolf Hitler and his evil right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Wolfe is Agent Martin's Lex Luthor. He's the flip side of the same coin, only the evil side, of course. When you read about Wolfe's beginnings in the Time Cruisers, you'll see how easily life can send someone in the wrong direction, by a simple twist of fate, or an expected trip through time.

Bastian is an living contradiction. He doesn't hesitate to murder or steal. He holds little value to life, yet, for reasons found in our story, he will not lie. In fact, he looks down upon those that do as having a failed character. To him, keeping one's word is a thing of honor. All those things are true, but how ironic in a man who holds contempt for all human life.

The only person who seems to stand in his way of restoring the Third Reich to its former glory, is the freedom loving Agent Martin. Thus, the two must forever be entangled in a war that spans the centuries through time!

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