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See the Superhero Universe Time-line to get a feel for the history of all our original characters. The Superhero Universe consists of all characters made by members of our gallery and boards and have also been presented in our comics section.

Top Ten Most Popular Comic Book Superhero TV Shows of All Time!

A list of the most popular shows based on initial ratings, collectibles, cultural impact, and longevity and really good guess work. Which show made it to number one? Was it the Super Friends, Adventures of Superman, or Adam West's Batman?


Get ready for the Green Hornet movie with our Green Hornet features.

Green Hornet posters

Green Hornet & Adam West TV Images

Green Hornet Movie Collectibles

Green Hornet Store

Green Hornet Trailers

Green Hornet Hardees Commercial

Death of Bruce Lee According to Chuck Norris

Green Hornet Forum

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All-Star Superman on DVD
All-Star Superman the movie on DVD and Blu-ray on February 22.

Read our look at the new DVD with images, trailer, and lots and lots of info.

order All-Star Superman at amazon

Stan Lee Takes on Hockey Superheroes

Stan Lee is at it again this time he's introducing the world to 30 heroes based on the Hockey League coming January 2011.

Spawned from the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee, the Guardian Project tells the unique story of a boy who has the ability to transform his imaginary best friends into superheroes. Mike Mason is the leader of the 30 Guardians, the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled (represented by each NHL team).

Thor Movie posters - movie poster releases for Thor. Thor Trailer

Transformers Dark of the Moon Movie Trailer

Pirates of The Caribbean 4 Official Trailer

Green Hornet Posters  Green Hornet Hardees Commercial

Cowboys and Aliens Movie News -Teaser poster debut and trailer on the way.

How Ronald Reagan helped the Super Friends, G.I. Joe, and the Transformers Without the intervention of the President of the United States there might not have been Transformers.

Planet Hulk DVD Release

Based On The Popular Planet Hulk comic book epic storyline from 2006, Marvel Animated Features and Lionsgate Home Entertainment are bringing this gigantic story to life on a new animated DVD with a 2-Disc Special Edition, Regular DVD Edition, and Blu-Ray release on February 2nd.

Christmas Memories Christmas covers, stories, and ads from the ghost of comics past.

Why Superman's mild mannered reporter disguise fools everyone!

Batman vs the Hulk
Relive how Batman survived a battle with the Incredible Hulk.

Superman vs Thor who is the strongest and mightiest the Son of Odin or the Last Son of Krypton?
X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Wolverine's first solo movie, and it has proven successful with it's great entertainment value. Hugh Jackman does for Wolverine what Christopher Reeve did for Superman. He is Wolverine. Just the way he approaches the character is very reminiscent of the way Hollywood's classic actors of days gone by would have done the part.  Read the entire review
New Blu-ray Star Trek DVDs featuring the original series and the movie series collection. We've been lucky enough to get a clip from the movie DVD set featuring a summit meeting between the actors of the original and the Next Generation series. Star Trek Cast Interview and New DVD Sets

Go where no fan has gone before when Paramount Home Entertainment debuts the STAR TREK: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE COLLECTION on Blu-ray on April 27 2009 in the Uk, May 12, 2009 in the U.S.

The Secret to Self Publishing
Graphic novel writer David Doub was kind enough to share some of his secrets to self publishing with us in this very informative article.
He's managed to have his Vampire graphic novel, Dusk published at Amazon so you know he knows what he's talking about. Learn about his experience with self publishing and learn more about his Graphic Novel. 
Dr Pepper is running a contest in which users can upload their your own artwork (designs, paintings, illustrations) for a chance to win an all-expenses paid 3 day apprenticeship with Ronald Wimberly in NY.  Wimberly is the artists for the Eisner Award nominated Sentences: The Life Of MF GRIMM more info

Season 7 of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series DVD Set

COWABUNGA! It’s been 25 years since Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello, emerged from the sewers of Manhattan and were transformed into heroes-in-a-half-shell battling petty criminals, evil megalomaniacs, and alien invaders. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is presenting all 27 episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 7, available for the first-time ever on DVD. Fans can collect the commemorative set that will be sold as four separate DVDs, each featuring different episodes from Season 7 and a Mini-Classic Turtles Action Figure! All four DVDs feature a different turtle on the cover, and fit together to create one power-packed scene with all of the wise-cracking, pizza-obsessed superheroes aligned and ready for battling evil.  more info

What do the Hulk, Terminator, Outer Limits, and Harlan Ellison all have in common? It's a story that premiered in the 1960's, winds up in a comic book written by Bill Mantlo in the 80's before Terminator, and then somewhat to the major motion picture by James Cameron, Terminator.  It's the story of the Soldier from the future.

Hulk Smash Mash Get the Whole Story
Walk Down Comic Book Memory Lane with Marvel Two-In-One #46
Time travel back to 1978 when the Hulk was smashing things every week on television. The Thing had Saturday morning wrapped up, and they were both up for this issue's awesome slug fest that ripped up Hollywood right through the M.A.S.H. set. Also features the best comic ads from this issue and more.
Christ Yost Interview Chris Yost wrote both Hulk Vs stories with co-writer Craig Kyle. Yost told me he was writing for animation first before getting noticed by Marvel Comics thanks to his work on X-men Evolution. Yost and Kyle co-wrote the episodes that introduced mutant character X-23, the female clone of Wolverine. This got him a six-issue mini-series (titled X-23: Innocence Lost), and then he took over writing chores (as of issue #20) on the New X-Men. more


Following the events of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn has taken control of S.H.I.E.L.D., with the original disbanded and reformed into "H.A.M.M.E.R.", after the original became too corrupted and destroyed by the Skrulls. Iron Man has been removed as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and has become the world's most wanted villain due to his inability to stop the Skrulls, even StarkTech is taken over and becomes Oscorp.
Don't miss the action of one single issue. See the Dark Reign Checklist.


Hulk Vs will be available on Standard Edition DVD, 2-disc Special Edition DVD
and Blu-ray Disc on January 27, 2009. The Standard Edition DVD features
collectible 3D lenticular packaging.
More on Hulk Vs

War of the Worlds vs the Superheroes


The War of the Worlds is one of the earliest and best-known depictions of an alien invasion of Earth. It's impact is seen not only on television and the movies, but even comic books. Superman has fought the aliens once on television with the whole Justice League, and once in a graphic novel featuring a classic version of Superman in early 20th Century America.

The Incredible Hulk Movie Review and Preview
Justice League: The New Frontier Preview Page

Transformers Review - Get the straight up 100 percent no holds barred movie review. No political correctness allowed. Just the truth and nothing but the truth about this huge movie. The only thing I didn't mention was it's affects on my ear drums. Did I like or not? Click on the link above to find out.

In writing Time-Rider I've had a chance to recall all the many movies and TV shows I've watched over the years. Most of which have inspired in some way in the creation process. Here in this new section is a list of the most excellent time travel shows and movies most likely on DVD right now as we speak. Time Travel Movies & TV Shows

Super Hero Special Features, and Previews Page 1 2 3

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