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Comic Book Collector's Database Software

There's awesome software out there just for collectors. It's specially made for those of us with huge collections. I'll be covering the comic book collector's version, but they have software for music, books, movies, and games. They've even got a free trial. Check out the link below.

Automatic Collection Database Software. Free trial!

Since we are a comic book site let's focus on how this new collector's software can help you the comic collector. Think about how many times you've been out there looking for comics or unexpectedly stopped by a comic show or store and you wound up bringing home multiple copies of the same books you already own. This software can make collecting easier and save you money and time in the long run.

Here's some of the features -

Catalog your comics automatically. It allows for downloading issue data like creator, character lists, solicitations, and cover art.  They utilize a database that consists of over 270 thousand comics.

Browse and search your entire comic book collection.

You can upload your database for easy access or to share with friends.

They have a mobile app so you can always have your database with you.

They offer free cloud service to store your collection's database and to allow for syncing up your desktop computer and iOS device.

Here's what Collectorz says about themselves.

 They have 5 different programs for cataloging people's personal collection of CDs, DVDs, books, comics and video games. All five are available for Windows, the CD, DVD and book edition are also available for Mac OS X. For each program there is a $29.95 Standard edition and a $49.95 Pro edition
Next to the software, they sell 2 types of barcode scanners that can be used together with their software, to make cataloging even faster and easier. One for $19.95, the other for $139.95.

Prices are as of the time of this writing. They are subject to change.

 To go straight to the comic software - Automatic Comic Database Software. Free Trial. or for the main page for information on all their collection software - Automatic Collection Database Software. Free trial!

 Catalog Your Collection Today! Free Trial.

Here's a video from a couple of years ago  from a user that is really impressed. He runs through some of the features of the software and its benefits.