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Below is a brief history of  DC Comics. 
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Its probably safe to say if there were no DC Comics company there would not be comics today. It was DC Comics that launched a brand new industry by publishing NEW FUN COMICS, the very first comic book that consisted entirely of previously unpublished material.

In 1938, DC made history with Action Comics # 1, featuring the debut of Superman. Thus marking the debut of super hero comics, and marking the beginning of a character that would be on his television, radio, cartoons, and the big screen for over 60 years with countless toys and collectables.

Shortly thereafter, another milestone character, Batman, was introduced in the pages of Detective Comics. Of course Batman hasn't been a slouch in the mass media either. He's appeared in television, cartoons, movies, and had probably more toys and collectables than almost any other character.

Many more super heroes followed both for DC Comics and other comic companies, including Timely Comics, which would one day be named Marvel Comics and DC's biggest competitor.

Through the fifties Superman dominated with the tv show starring George Reeves. During the sixties the Batman camp craze was the rage for a while with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, but Superman would again rule when the Superman Movie starring Christopher Reeve debuted in the late seventies. Beginning in 1989 it was Batman's turn again when Michael Keaton starred as Batman and Jack Nicholson starred as the Joker in the darker Tim Burton version of Batman. Not to be completely left out Superman again appeared on television on Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman. Soon after this series was canceled the WB brought us their most popular shows Smallville. Smallville shows us what life was like for Superman as a teen.

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Superman and Batman also had their own cartoon shows in the 1990's and both currently star on Cartoon Network's Justice League.

Of course DC Comics has many more super heroes besides the Dark Knight and Superman. Green Lantern, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Aquaman to name a few.



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