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Deadlaw, the superhero who makes his own law!

The original Deadlaw comics are still available down below, but for the latest and greatest check out Deadlaw's new book at Amazon. It's classic horror meets superhero adventure!

More information on Deadlaw's new book. Deadlaw Characters



Amazing Tales #3

More is revealed about Deadlaw's origin, as the monsters he derives his powers from come to Shadow Town, Tn featuring Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein.

A new character is revealed with the debut of Time-Rider's great grand daughter, V. See Time-Rider as he is in the present day.

Cameos by other Superhero Universe heroes, and a surprise new villain!

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Deadlaw #6

Answers to the origins of Deadlaw's powers!

Read the First Startling Issue of Deadlaw!

Deadlaw Issue 3
with a surprise guest star and possibly the secret behind Deadlaw's existence.

Deadlaw Issue 4

More of Deadlaw's mysterious past is revealed.

Deadlaw Issue#2

Deadlaw vs Shadow Hawk
Story and art by trickstyx  Shadow Hawk created by Midnight Avenger 
Part 2 Deadlaw vs Shadow Hawk  Part 3

Deadlaw Issue 5 Dracula vs Hyde

The origin of Deadlaw told from the vantage point of the Time-Rider
Origin of Deadlaw Time-Rider Issues

Time-Rider #10 Part 1

Time-Rider #11 The Law of Death Part 2

Time-Rider #12 Deadlaw vs Time-Rider