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Jennifer Garner & Daredevil 2
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Posted:  04 Aug 2005 15:34
Jennifer Garner says that Ben Affleck is wanting to do Daredevil 2. Personally, I liked the first movie, and I like Jennifer Garner so sounds good to me.
Posted:  04 Aug 2005 21:04
A 2nd Daredevil? Since the 1st one was not really a success, this doesn't sound like Hollywood.
Posted:  05 Aug 2005 17:37
Well actually, if the movie budget is kept under control it can look very good to Hollywood. There were three Blade movies and not one of them made over a hundred million domestically. Daredevil made a little over 102 million which is pretty good for a character's first time on screen. The only other time he was even on television was the Hulk tv movie and few guest appearances on Spiderman and the Fantastic Four cartoons.
Posted:  09 Aug 2005 13:51
I would see a second attempt at the movie only if Afleck stayed away from it!
Posted:  09 Aug 2005 15:18
Posted:  09 Aug 2005 16:47
Why Big dog? Affleck wasn't that bad. I mean I don't like his politics, but he's not a bad actor really.
Posted:  10 Aug 2005 22:23
i agree with trfrady hes a liberal which is his choice although i do not much like it he still is a good actor
Posted:  24 Aug 2005 22:50
same cast or it's flawed
i highly anticipate a 2nd one though, the first one was good.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  15 Sep 2005 23:33
I dont care what they do as long as they dont think on making ELEKTRA2!!    The first one stunk!     PU.
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 16:44
i liked it OK
"You...complete me."
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 23:32
You ever dance with the Daredevil in the pale moonlight?
Posted:  05 Jul 2006 22:49
Daredevil 2 & Electra 2 why not????
Posted:  06 Jul 2006 03:44   Last Edited By: Fantastic Floyd
You ever dance with the Daredevil in the pale moonlight?
hahahahahahahahahaha(batman movie joke ,right?)
Posted:  23 Jul 2008 18:09
I liked the DD movie but a second one will never happen If they were to do anything they would remake it but no sequel will ever happen.
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