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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community StarDotJPG's Comic Book Review - Wednesday, October 3, 2007 (Warning - SPOILERS) 
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StarDotJPG's Comic Book Review - Wednesday, October 3, 2007 (Warning - SPOILERS)
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  04 Oct 2007 03:08
Hey, all. I just got back from the comic book store, and as I was reading, the desire to create a good in-depth reveiw came over me. So, everybody who's still reading, gather 'round, because here goes...

The All-New Atom #16
This is a series that, whenever I'm not reading it, I wonder why I keep picking it up, but then when I AM reading it, I realize why. It is so incredibly zany. It is the Silver Age, looked at through a funhouse mirror. The villains don't have to make much sense, because it's full of magical science (or is that scientific magic?)

This issue in paticular gave me a feeling of dread when I saw the cover. I couldn't imagine that some 60's psychadelic psychic story could capture my attention, but I gave it a chance, and boy was I surprised! This is one of the best issues yet! In any event, on to the review:

The villain of this issue, Xotar is a Silver Age villain that you probably don't remember...unless he was in your favorite issue of Justice League or something. (I've never heard of him either.) I love his character. He saves a hippie from a cop who is abusing his power back in 1967, and tells him that he sees a day without any hassles, while giving him the peace sign. Plus, since he's a Silver Age villain, he has undesirable features--a giant head on a tiny body, along with evil wrinkles, of course.

Head, the best character of this series, is up to his usual antics. When Dean Mayland is mentioned, Head freaks out and starts talking incoherently about the dean knocking out the driver. (Presumably the guy who has been dropping all the hints to Ryan Choi throughout the series. Also, the Dean is responsible for throwing Ryan off the trail while he was looking for Ray.

Hey, the hippie is back! And he's not older... And he's never seen an iPod... And Panda's turned into a hippie, along with the rest of Ivytown! Turns out, it's Xotar, out to transform everyone into hippies through a crazy machine that warps music into mindwaves. I love how Ryan fixed the problem by playing Head's music on his iPod through the machine. Head is amazing.

Seriously, if you love the Silver Age, this is as close as you're going to get in the modern day.

Cover: 9/10 Now that I've seen the context, I like it! It's different.
Art: 8/10 Good, solid art. Nothing too stylish, but nothing too bad caught my eye either.
Story: 9/10 Funny. Has parts that fit into the larger story as well as being an excellent standalone. What can I say? The Silver Age holds a special place in my heart.

Countdown #30
The cover displays Kyle, Donna and Jason fighting Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Batman. It also sports a Multiverse logo with the number 15 on it.

Karate Kid: ...Moving on. (No. Seriously. That's as much time as the comic spends on him.)

Piper and Trickster: Now I don't mind if Trickster wants to make light fun of Piper's homosexuality, espesially since he's not saying anything in extremely bad taste, but it seems a bit out-of-character since Trickster hasn't mentioned it ONCE so far in Countdown. Just an irk. Oh, and havok is being wreaked on the party.

Jimmy Olsen: Man, Jimmy is tearing that place up.

Donna Troy & Jason Todd: I love the Jokester. Maybe others find him annoying. Maybe others find him to be a cheap stunt. But I love alternate versions of characters. And the dynamic with Jason is great. Jason freaks out on him because the Joker had killed him on his own world, and the Jokester, as sincere as he is, still has to point out that he's the JokeSTER.

This is where Bats, WW and GL show up... along with a female Atom? Well, Batman is Earth-15-Jason, as WW and GL are Earth-15 versions of Donna and Kyle. The atom is Jessica Palmer, and there is a Superman, Zod, but not the General, implying that it's Chris Kent.

Wait, wait, wait... JASON is Batman? I mean, I can understand Donna taking Diana's place, as the first Wonder Girl. I can understand Kyle taking Hal's place, since he kinda already did at one point. I can see Jessica Palmer taking Ray's place, who I guess is his daughter or something? But JASON as Batman? He wasn't the first Robin. He isn't the current Robin. He was actually the worst Robin, seeing as readers voted for him to die. I'm just hopin it has something to do with Batman saving Jason and dying instead in this reality.

But that isn't my only problem! Earth-15 Superman is wearing the same costume, differing only in facial features and hairstyle. What's my problem with this? DC's website is my problem with this! http://dccomics.com/sites/arena/?action=superman_ballot
Earth-15 Superman has a totally different costume on the ballot, and he's bald! And he's making his first appearance in Countdown: Arena? DC... You dissapoint  me.

Holly Robinson: Cowabunga! Harley is crazy. Anything else need be said?

The Origin of General Zod: Glad we got this, especially with Chris Kent in the issue. I didn't like it as much as the origin of the Joker last week, but it was still good to get a fresh review of the character.

Cover: 7/10 I like the art and the concept. But they all seem to be surprised about engaging in combat. It seems they shouldn't be fighting at all if they're that shocked.
Art: 8/10 As usual, good stuff. Not too fancy. Not too flawed.
Story: 8/10 The good parts redeem the bad, in my book.

The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society
Earth 3 goodness! As previously stated, I love alternate earths, and Earth-3, home of the Crime Society, is possibly one of the most fun earths that could be visited. This issue really explored the Jokester's past, as well as answering one of the biggest questions of the Multiverse.

This is a great issue. Mr. J finally meets a woman he loves, Evelyn Dent, who calls him a joker. She wants him to be a comedian. But one day, she just vanishes. He has to witness a friend of his being torn apart by Owlman. He decides to get back at Owlman and Talon through his jokes. Owlman doesn't put up with this. He kills Harley and tries to do the same to Mr. J. But he survives, and when the bandages are unwrapped, he's been transformed into the Jokester--who is quite insane, but still a hero.

The Riddler family was paticularly interesting. I can't say I like how 'Three-Face' looks, or even the concept of more than two faces, but in any event, her daughter is not Riddler's. It's Jokester's. And it's Duela Dent. And she feels out of place.

Anyway, Riddler doesn't like Jokester. Duela's Boyfriend is... Talon? Naturally, Jokster doesn't like this, and so he tells her that she isn't his daughter anymore. Way to mess her up even more, Jokester! Duela runs away with Talon, and the Crime Society destroys Riddler's home. Jokester sees nothing else to live for, so he plans on going out with a bang... before Jason Todd and Donna Troy show up, that is!

Ah, what a great character.

Cover: 8/10 Major points for classic Batman/Joker cover, "HAHAHA!" included, but points taken away for being kinda bland.
Art: 9/10 Nothing too out of the ordinary, but major props to the artist for making Jokester really look like the Joker...but as heroic as he can possibly look.
Story: 10/10 (What can I say? It catered to my desires.)

Green Lantern Corps #16
This issue in a nutshell: "Lethal force has been enabled."

Wait... Didn't that happen in the last issue of Green Lantern? And why did they wait until the near end of this issue, if it already happened a while ago?

Mogo shuts himself down to conserve energy. Rings will not find new owners until Mogo is operational again.

Oh, and Ranx is desroyed. It seemed kind of anti-climatic. But at least we can focus on somthing other than Mogo now! What's the Sinestro Corps going to do next?

They're headed for Earth? Didn't we already read about that in Green Lantern, too? Ugh... What a ripoff! They didn't even mention how it's the center of the multiverse. At least give us some new info!

Cover: 5/10 Well-drawn, but not very interesting. It's just some of the key members of this issue on battle poses. Meh.
Art: 8/10 I liked it, but nothing fancy.
Story: 5/10 It would have been good... if we didn't already know 75% of the things this issue presented as though it were new information.

Infinity Inc. #2
I didn't enjoy the irst issue that much, but I figure that I should give it another chance. I mean, the premise of kids who lost their superpowers going through mental trauma, (and possibly new powers,) seems like it could be a pretty good idea. But so far, I'm just not feeling this series.

Gerome is arguing with his duplicate... Honestly, I can hardly even remember this guy from 52, or his original powers. But apparently, he's narcissistic. Or one of him is. Or something. It's confusing. Apparently, Natasha vanished last issue--something I don't really remember. Maybe my brain blocked it out due to traumatic boredom. So John Henry Irons is trying to find her. Superman tries looking through Metropolis, to no avail. John is trying to find Natasha by going to the other kids who were Everymen. Oh, and Kid Empty kills people by sucking out their life force. It makes him feel filled up. He kills some other girl who was an Everyman.

This comic's whole review was in one paragraph to make you feel the mind-numbing confusion/boredom of the book.

Oh, and even more disturbing, the first sentence of the teaser for next month's Infinity Inc.: "Steel dies." but then it later notes that it might be untrue. Ugh.

Cover: 7/10 Good art. Good concept, considering how it ended. But what's superman doing up in the corner? He was barely in the issue, and definately not in that scene!
Art: 7/10 Meh. Not too great. I enjoy stylized work, but this just looks kinda lazy.
Story: 3/10 I'm sorry. I could not stay awake.

I haven't read Metal Men or the Cyborg Superman special yet. Maybe I'll add those later.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  04 Oct 2007 14:49
Thanks for the rundown, I think I'm going to have to get the countdown issue. I really dig alternate universe tales. I missed the multiverse after the crisis on infinite earths. Always loved the Elseworlds tales, and Marvel's What If series.
Posted:  04 Oct 2007 20:10
Thanks for the comment, Tim! Glad to hear someone appreciated my ramblings. That said, here is my review of Metal Men and the Cyborg Superman Special.

Metal Men #3
This comic really fluxuates for me. Some pages are really interesting, and others bore me to death, and I can't tell what's going on.

I love the idea of the Death-Metal Men. It's not QUITE an alternate version of the characters, but it certainly IS expanding the possibilities of the Metal Men mythos.

But after their introduction, I get lost in the quickly-jumping panels with explosion backrounds. Where are we? What is going on? And, really, does Magnus' and Morrow's banter really need to be THAT dramatic. This is more of a scripting problem than anything, I think.

Following a rather confusing scene, Gold is made out of lead, and Lead is made out of gold. I'm not sure why, but it's pretty funny. I think it has something to do with the Death-Metal Men being the real Metal Men or something.

Back in the past, we continue seeing the charming origins of the pre-proto-stage Metal Men. Also, Magnus keeps messing up with his key love interest, Helen. A group of robots who seem to prefer sitting in dramatically-lit rooms also travel to the past to secretly help Will Magnus along...or something.

Apparently, he upgrades Gold, and he has an evil older brother.

Cover: I've got to respect cover art that stays consistant to a theme. Also, it looks nice, though it hardly has anything to do with the issue.
Story: 4/10 Entertaining, yes. But what the hell is going on?
Art: 10/10 Yes, yes, yes! I like this art. It is not only highly stylized, but the line quality is amazing. I love the closeups that show the colored dots, old-comic-book-style, not to mention the extremely loose, lively quality that the artist, Duncan Rouleau, gives not just to people, but to the men made of metal.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman
I had high hopes for this one. It disappointed me a little. Not a lot, but I thought somethign more would actually HAPPEN in this "Special."

I am glad for the backstory. I'm not big on my Superman mythos. The only reason I knew of the character Christ Kent, (mentioned in the above post) is because I was browsing Wikipedia one day, and was mistakenly horrified at the idea that Superman Returns might actually have been incorporated into the comic. That being said, I really never understood Cyborg Superman's origin until now. I also find it kind of funny how the story is similar to that of the Fantastic Four, and I wonder how much of that was really intended.

His twisted memories really give a nice insight on why he hates Superman so much. Or rather, why he DID hate Superman so much. Now he just wants out. It is written in such a way that you can actually understand his reasoning for wanting to destroy everything. He sees nothingness as perfection. This is exactly the reason he wants to die. (I just hope, for his sake, that he isn't subjected to any kind of afterlife. After all, many afterlifes exist in the DCU.)

Now, I've known this was coming for a while now, based on upcoming issue covers, but I HATE IT when they knock down landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. It's not that I'm nationalistic. I'm anything but. But it's a landmark, and it's supposed to be taking place in the modern day. Yes, it's on an alternate Earth, but things can't stay post-Apocalyptic forever. It's going to end up being set up again, to fit in with our modern world a few years from now (unless it gets knocked down in real life) so why even knock it down in the first place? Ignore its existance if you must. But really, knocking down the Statue of Liberty is really cheap symbolism.

Cover: 8/10 Nothing I haven't seen in ads in EVERY COMIC BOOK I've read in the past two months. But still, I like the concept. But why is Superman in a suit? He never fights crime looking like that. And Hal definately looks like he COULD be tazing him right now, bro.
Story: 8/10 Great backstory recap. Great insight into Cyborg Superman's thoughts. And they attack Earth. But nothing seems to get ACCOMPLISHED by this issue. That's my complaint.
Art: 8/10: Hrm... Nothing out of the ordinary. Just solid art. Except for that yellow lantern on top of the orb on page 19. The top of that thing looks awful. Minus three points. But HOT DAMN does Vixen look good in that panel on page 14. You get your three points back.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  04 Oct 2007 22:47

Since you are on the subject of Vixen.
Posted:  05 Oct 2007 08:32
Haha! Nice.

My review of the uploaded picture:

Art: 9/10. Can't go wrong with Bruce Timm style. Well... Except for some of the character designs for Superman: Doomsday, but whatev.
Story: ?/10 Do ya need one? It's VIXEN for cryin' out loud!

But joking aside, Vixen really did look good on that page. Especially when compared to everything else in the panel. Take Red Arrow's face for instance--what was the artist THINKING there?
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  05 Oct 2007 14:59
I'm headed to the comic book shop tomorrow for a little bit anyway for as long as my wife will let me. I hope the latest Hulk war book is out there. It's getting hard to get complete mini series. Half the time they sell out before I get there.

I'm Sinestro
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 18:22
Another week, another set of reviews.

I'm going to try this set of reviews a bit differently. Bear with me.

Black Adam #3 Fight or Flight!

I've got to say, I was rather impressed with this issue.

Story: 9/10

Overall, it was a good read, but some things just didn't make much sense.

Black Adam continues the deal with Felix Faust, where the previous issue left off. As usual, Black Adam is a bit over-dramatic, but I suppose that IS a part of his character. And Felix Faust, as usual, is his cowardly, weasely self. Both of them want something out of the deal, and neither of

them trust the other--and with good reason. They are both known to go back on their word on the pettiest of loopholes. Essentially, Felix etches a lightning bolt into Black Adam's hand that will help him find Isis' amulet, which he needs for Faust to be able to resurrect her.

Enter some backstory: Apparently, Mary Marvel found the amulet in the barren Kandaq, soon after Isis died. She brought it to Captain Marvel Jr, and they decided to break the amulet and scatter the pieces across the globe. This, I have a bit of a problem with. Isis was a pure soul, and

her amulet had the power to give life, even in the most unlikely of situations. The panel even depicts flowers growing around the amulet, on an otherwise lifeless plain. Why would superheroes decide that this gem would possibly need to be broken and hidden? It could only be used for good.

Why wouldn't they, I don't know... say, USE IT? But I digress.Fact is, it's in pieces and scattered. Black Adam has to find them to restore Isis to life.

Take note! This may be important: Talia al Ghul is firing a gun. She is told that a Lazarus Pit in Pakistan has been used. (See issue #2)

Black Adam is led to a building in St. Roch, Louisiana, where he finds a piece of the amulet before being confronted by Hawkman. Adam explains that he just wants to bring Isis back, and then settle down and have a quiet life, never bothering anyone again. This part is really well-written,

because it makes you feel for Black Adam, but at the same time, understand why Hawkman cannot let him go, for the sake of justice. Black Adam fends Hawkman off before attempting to escape without anyone getting hurt, but Hawkman pursues Adam, leading into a rather nice fight scene.

Black Adam devistates Hawkman, ripping out one of his wings and shattering half of his mask. Hawkman lands on a car, and delivers one of the best lines to the shaken driver. (I won't ruin it for you. Go out and buy it!)

Reverted into his depowered form (to prevent himself from using up Isis' borrowed power) Teth Adam bathes in a river, reflecting. And as he goes to search for the next piece, he is gunned down.

Art: 8/10

I normally think of the art in this book as going a little above the standard "good art" 8/10 I usually set, but a few things were a bit off.

Page 1: Interesting. Dramatic. It seems to me, though, that the artist could have really cut down on time (as well as proportional difficulty), however, by just drawing one picture and fragmenting it. Whatever. More work for you.
Page 2: Ew. Just looks weird. Note to artist: Stay away from close-ups.
Page 3 Ah, crazy Felix Faust. Those creepy, bloodshot eyes really give a great feel for the madness of Faust.
Page 9 I really like how Adam's hand lights up. I can't really describe it.
Page 17 Man, Black Adam did a number on Hawkman's mask. And that drop is from a great angle. Exiting but solemn. The last panel is all but subconscious. It's easy to miss, but really nice if you just look at it, though.
Page 22 This is just a nice, solid picture. It would make for a pretty cool poster, if not for the utter morbidity of it.

Cover: 9/10

The cover sports Hawkman fighting Black Adam. It is well drawn AND it actually shows an even that takes place in the comic. (Which, sadly, is rare.) It would have gotten a 10, but it's too straight-on. Needs more dynamics.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 18:24
Booster Gold #3 Booster Gold Outdrinks Jonah Hex!

Ah, Booster Gold... Only three issues in, and yet each issue is so epic.

Story: 9/10

Good, exiting story. I'm not big on Jonah Hex, (sorry, Hexers) but regardless, this was a solid tale.

So... Booster discovers that Daniel Carter lost the Supernova suit. Also, this issue sports an excellent illustration of Booster Gold's gene pool (via Daniel carter). Booster never really had much of a chance.

With the Green Lantern death certificate fixed, (see issue #2) Booster finds that it has changed into a Superman death certificate. But the solution isn't so straightforward. The chronal residue is centered in the 1800s. What could possibly happen then that would kill Superman later in his life?

Well, whatever happened, Lionel Luthor found the baby Kal-El, and raised him as Lionel Luthor Jr. Lionel and his brother Lex got along great until he found out about Kal-El's secret and killed him.

To prevent all of these events from ever occuring, Booster Gold is thrust into the 1800s to ask Jonah Hex for a favor. And Hex doesn't take kindly to people asking him favors.

Take note! This may be important: Quick cut to the Infinite Crisis scene in which Booster Gold introduces Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle, for anyone unfamiliar) to Batman.

Skeets has his own horse! His horse seems to be gone after two panels, though. Odd.

DCcomics.com says: This is it! The DEATH of BOOSTER GOLD!! And nothing will ever be the same aga...wait. We already tried to kill him? Really? Well, in this issue Booster Gold heads back to the Old West and runs into Jonah Hex. You know, that crazy looking gunfighter! But

what does Jonah Hex have that Booster desperately needs? Plus: the Death of Jonah Hex!! What? We can't kill him either? Well, someone's going to fall off a horse at least!* (*Warning: This issue may not contain a scene of anyone falling off a horse.)

And DC delivered on the event they never promised to happen! Booster falls off his horse!

I'm not going to ruin how Booster saved the timelines, but let me tell you, it was a good one. Go buy it!

Also: Barry "The Flash" Allen and Wally "Kid Flash" West crash into the Time Sphere on their Cosmic Treadmill!

Art: 8/10

Good, solid stuff. Nothing too out-there. Nothing too dull.

Page 5: Ooh! Anti-Monitor!
Page 6: Superman looks good here. Young, but not young enough to be Superboy.
Page 16: Good poster potential. I'm not into the "cowboy" thing, but I'm sure someone would love to have a poster of Supernova attacking a cowboy. No? Well, it's still a good page.

Cover: 8/10

It follows a portion of the story. Unfortunately, it doesn't really have a huge impact in the way that the story turns out. They just kind of wanted to give Jonah Hex fans some bang for their buck. (Whatever that means.) And they did. And in that respect, they accomplished what they

wanted--they got another character into the story, and probably got a few Jonah Hex fans buying this issue.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 18:25
Countdown 29 Blinding Brother Eye!

Story: 8/10

There were parts I liked, and parts I didn't like, but overall, it balanced out to a standard 8/10.

Donna Troy and Jason Todd: The Challengers are captured on Earth-8, which seems to bear little resemblance to pre-Crisis Earth-8, where all of the post-Crisis heroes supposedly originated. They are brought before Lord Havok before a Monitor breaks up the party.

Jimmy Olsen: Jimmy wades through the sewers after being sucked through the drain. (see Countdown 30) He is found by the Newsboy Legion. Has anyone else never heard of these guys before? In any event, as usual, as much stuff is happening to Jimmy Olsen, it doesn't seem to matter.

Holly Robinson: She fights sea serpents and escapes by cutting one's throat. The blood attracts the others, like sharks, and allows for her escape. Also, Harley is crazy.

Trickster and Piper: Oh crap! Read this!

Mary Marvel: Ooh! Mary's got a touch of evil in her. And I don't mean 'misunderstood childlish tantrums.' At the request of some farmers who are stuck in a drought, she brings rain to their land. But she isn't satisfied with that. She brings a flood. They complain that their cows are

drowning, and that they can't make money that way. She turns her cows into fish, and threatens to turn them into fish as well if they're going to complain about her 'help' anymore.

Karate Kid: Brother Eye is lonely. And he wants to keep Karate Kid and his friends with him...FOREVER.

Donna Troy and Jason Todd: Jokester! No!

The Origin of the Penguin: Interesting insight. As a guy who doesn't read all that much Batman, this is something that I miss all too often. He kind of makes sense now. Kind of.

Art: 8/10

Good, standard, solid art. A few notes:

Page 11: I know it's raining, but in the first panel, Mary's face looks like it's melting.
Page 18: Jokester's face is still funny in the 5th panel.
Page 21-22: The art changes here. It kind of looks like the cheesy comic book ads that pop up in the middle of comics, presumably telling kids to buy baseball cards or Airheads. But it's actually the Origin of the Penguin. It has great line quality and dynamic angles, but something about it

just reminds me of those awful adverts. At least it was better-written than those ads. Yeech.

Cover: 7/10 Good art, but they really don't focus on Karate Kid's story enough to put him on the cover.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 19:05
Green Lantern #24 The Sinestro Corps War - Part 8 In Blackest Day!

Story: 8/10

Okay, so for the third (or maybe even fourth?) time, we are told that Sinestro is attacking Earth, and it's more important than Oa. Anybody who doesn't know this already has not been reading, and doesn't deserve to know! It has been printed so many times before, in less than one month's

time! OKAY? Are we going to go over that point in the next issue too?

Okay, now that we're past that, the stakes are raised. Parallax is attacking the Jim Jordan, Hal's brother. His ring is at less than 0.5% power. He swipes Parallax away from his family, and tells Kyle to claw his way out. Kyle tries but he only pulls Hal in. For some reason, this makes Parallax's

costume turn yellow.

Here's something I didn't quite understand... As John Stewart is fighting Parallax (now with 99.9% more Jordan!) he says that he doesn't "have to do anything...but stay black." What? I mean, I know how John Stewart talked back in the early 70s when he was introduced...but REALLY?

Geoff Johns, you have disappointed me for the first time. Don't let it happen again.

Guy Gardner shows Parallax the painting that Kyle used to talk about. (Note: This is the point at which the end of the Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax happens.) Kyle is walking through the field of the painting, and the green star that he saw in that very same special was Hal. Together,

they burst out of Parallax. But Parallax isn't ready to go down. Ganthet and Sayd trap Parallax in the power batteries belonging to Jordan, Gardner, Stewart and Rayner. My question is, if the reason that Kyle's ring, along with everyone else in the new Corps' rings, could work against yellow,

due to Parallax being out of the main power battery, what does this mean for the Lanterns of Earth? Why would the Lanterns in the center of the Multiverse be kept weaker? Or is that not the reason at all? Other sources seem to indicate that it has to do with feeling fear, and then overcoming

it. Bah! I don't know! DC really needs to just tell us straight-up.

So Sinestro has raised a statue of himself, but I'm not really feeling that whole "conquered the Earth" thing. I'd like to see some more control going on in the streets. I'd like to see more tie-ins than just Blue Beetle #20. I want this to be a major DC event. They've made events out of less. Yet

this seems to be happening in an alternate universe bubble. I'm not feeling any danger towards Earth. Bah, I say!

The Parallax part would have gotten this a 10/10, but the lack of fear it instilled in me gave it a 6/10. It balances out to an 8/10.

Art: 8/10

Good., clean art.

Page 2-3: Superboy-Prime is flying with his hand up-side-down? Doesn't seem natural. Note to self:Check back-issue of Infinite Crisis for SBP's hand poses.
Page 6: I really like the little tears at the edges of Hal's mask. Even though it's a green energy construct, it gives it an interesting feel.
Page 9: Now that's just cool.
Page 10: I really don't see the point, but I do like it, regardless.
Page 18: That yellow slime is just... There are no words, good or bad.
Page 22: THIS would make for an amazing poster, no disputes.

Cover: 8/10

You know... I feel so mislead by this cover. I know that the evens did happen in the comic, but those heroes were all fighting. There was never a sense of overwhelming loss by Earth's heroes. This is an entire Corps of people wielding power rings, whose only purpose is to instill order through

fear, no matter what it takes, the likes of the Green Lantern Corps could barely stand up to. The cover portrayed that. The story didn't. up to. The cover portrayed that. The story didn't.
I'm green Lantern!

Read the Sinestro Corps War!
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 19:31
Thanks for the update
Posted:  17 Dec 2007 22:38
Hi, I made this comic for an art project and part of the assignment is to get feedback so please read it and leave me comments. This the site > http://hannahmadt.blogspot.com/ http://bp3.blogger.com/_BXbHrjhAIfY/R2YrIU9mq8I/AAAAAAAAAC0/Yl0-SaTsVsw/s1600-h/finished+page+1.jpg

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