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The Midnight Avenger
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 18:48
Okay so I am working on the story right now though I'll be honest with work the wife and kids it will take some time so I just wanted to at least give a description and see what people think.

Jonathon "Jon" Dark aka Midnight
Black Costume with Night-Vision Visor
Bandolier across chest that holds his shock darts (Sort of like a taser only thrown at the enemy)
Retractable Wrist-Blades for close quarters combat
Collapsible Crossbow with infrared scope in a holster on his leg
Quiver of Tech-Bolts on his back (Think of them as the trick arrows of other archer characters)

I know this isn't entirely original but I like the dark vigilante types let me know what you guys think
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 18:59
Sounds ok. Wish you had a picture.
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 21:50
Yeah I can't draw but I'm working on a pic. Does anybody play city of heroes? I can create the character on there but don't know if I can take a screenshot. If so maybe I can upload that. I'll work on it tonight.
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 22:57
Cool upload it to the gallery http://superherouniverse.com/art

You have to have a user name for our gallery too. It's seperate. I can't figure out how to combine the two databases.
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 23:33
Yeah I can't figure out the screenshot. I can take one of my character from my point of view but I get the backside. I don't know how to rotate the camera angle so I see the front of my character. I'll keep trying
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Oct 2007 00:07
Okay Tim I have a real bad pic of Midnight I did with paint and my mouse just to give you an idea of how he might look.
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Oct 2007 16:11   Last Edited By: The Midnight Avenger
Okay time to start over here for one I hated the way a visor would look on a dark character so no more visor. Instead those are the only powers he actually will have night-vision where his eyes will glow green when he uses it, and thermal vision in order to track down perps where his eyes will glow red. Anyway other than that he stays the same as above except he goes by Johnny Dark.

     Dating back to the time known as the Medieval Period or Dark Ages there has always been a member of the Dark family watching over their respective cities. William Darksmyth was a knight in the service of the Baron of Loch and was conscripted to take down a cult of sorcerers known as Death's Hand. He donned black armor and assumed the title of the Black Knight at the Baron's suggestion.
     During his battle with the sorcerers he was struck with glowing green and red energies unleashed by their vile ceremony. His vision became a blurry green haze until his eyes adjusted to the dark area in which he found himself. He could see in the darkness though everything was some shade of green!
     One of the Death's Hand lit a torch and swung it at him. The heat from the torch was a bright red like it was burned into his eyes. He screamed out in anguish wondering what they had done to him. In a rage he slaughtered every member of the cult with his giant sword until his black armor was covered in red blood.
     As years went by William Darksmyth's image was turned from noble knight to dark murderer by the enemies of Loch who wished to bring down the Baron. History soon feared the name of the Black Knight and he was driven into hiding unless he face death at the hands of the King of England.

I will continue the origin with a couple of the other ancestor's before I get to present day and the Midnight Avenger. Hope you guys like it.
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Oct 2007 17:20   Last Edited By: The Midnight Avenger
Centuries after the Darksmyth family shortened it's name to Smyth in an effort to survive persecution young Will Smyth (no relation to the actor Will Smith) found out that the Death's Hand was still operational. When a cult member disguised as a pilgrim got passage on the Mayflower Will followed him to the New World.
   Donning dark puritan garb Will named himself the Night Pilgrim. And learning archery from the native Patuxet tribe took up the bow and arrow in an effort to battle the Death's Hand member.

More to follow
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Oct 2007 20:19   Last Edited By: trfrady
Let's put him on here so everybody can see him.
Posted:  14 Oct 2007 17:23
I've revamped the story somewhat and added alot to the Black-Knight so I will be starting a new thread for those who care. I will start the actual stories under the title Midnight Origins for anyone who wants to read it.
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"

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