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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Forlorn Wander issue #4 "Prophecy continued..." 
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Forlorn Wander issue #4 "Prophecy continued..."
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Posted:  13 Nov 2007 19:46
I was hopeing to finish this story arc but it is going to take longer than I planned so I decided to post what I had. Hopefully I will conclude the arc next issue.

The cyborg followed the chieftain to the edge of the forest. Then Azaroth turned and retreated into the tree line where he could be hidden from view. The cyborg stood alone near the edge of a cliff overlooking what he could only describe as a thriving metropolis. The city was made entirely of steel and was surrounded by a high wall. Each entrance to the city was guarded by a monstrous construct. It reminded him of his own world and the Golem-Lord’s castle. The chieftain had already told him what must be done. It sounded so easy at the time and yet now it seemed almost impossible.

Azaroth’s daughter was kidnapped by the metal people who inhabited the city. She was taken under the cover of darkness when the tribe had been sleeping. The prophecy foretold of a great warrior who would come during the tribe’s time of need and he would challenge the ruler of the metal city and emerge victorious.

“Just how am I supposed to defeat an entire city?”

He pondered this question for just a moment before jumping off the edge of the cliff. He fell for what felt like forever but in reality was only 6000 feet before his feet slammed into the ground, the shocks in his legs absorbing most of the impact. The cyborg new he would have to find a way to slip by the constructs unnoticed for he knew he could not take them head on.

As he ran towards the city his eyes scanned the land in every direction. He noticed several groups of travelers along the roadways leading to and from the city. Then he spotted a single cloaked figure meandering about on the side of the main road, probably taking a break. The cyborg decided this was his target.

He activated the speed boosters in his legs and let them carry him along at close to 50 MPH. It only took him three minutes to cover the distance to the roadside. Without wasting time he swung his cybernetic arm in a powerful jab knocking his victim unconscious. He quickly donned man’s clothing and cloak wrapping it tightly about him keeping his own features in shadow. Rifling through the man’s stuff he found what appeared to be a small firearm and slipped it into the pocket of the borrowed pants.

He then made his way toward the city at a normal pace so as not to arouse the suspicion of the gate guardians. After he was safely inside the city walls he heaved a sigh of relief. He knew however he was not out of the woods yet. The cyborg still had to find the prison facility and manage to sneak past all the guards.

As luck would have it he saw several men in uniforms coming out of a rather large building up ahead on the left. He eased up to the entryway and peered through the glass window. There was a small waiting area and it was currently empty. Beyond that was a long hallway that turned to the right about 70 feet down, he could not tell where it led.

He checked the door, it slid easily open. Stepping inside he surveyed the room with his cybernetic eye scanning for any alarm triggers. Not finding any he made his way down the hallway. He found a locker room on the left side of the hallway checked inside. He found several uniforms identical to the men who he saw leaving the building. Shedding the travelers cloak, he put on one of the uniforms, it was a bit snug in the crotch area and the sleeves and legs were a tad too short but it would have to do. Hopefully no one studied him too closely.

To be concluded???
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 21:29
He activated the speed boosters in his legs and let them carry him along at close to 50 MPH
Cool he's like the Six Million Dollar Man. I loved that show.
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 21:32
Yeah well you know. I watched the old shows in reruns and with the new Bionic Woman well maybe I'm borrowing some of their ideas for my cyborg
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 21:47   Last Edited By: Tim
Cyborgs are part of culture. The Six Million Dollar Man was just one of those shows that really stuck to me. I think the thing is with any good concept you have to have a character that people can relate too and still get to the action. Like SMDM had Lee Majors personality to make Steve Austin a great character.

I wish I could make my own TV show and had an unlimited budget. Now then I could get some big attention for Time-Rider.
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 21:54   Last Edited By: The Midnight Avenger
That would be cool, and you know I work real cheap so when you get ready to do the hiring let me know
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 22:37
Ok, so there it is we are all ready to work for television now. All we need is for some big wig to see the talent and hire us.
Posted:  13 Nov 2007 22:40
Definitely, man if only I had a rich uncle who liked me
"Beware villains for it is Midnight!"

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