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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Indiana Jones 4 And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull! 
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Indiana Jones 4 And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull!
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Posted:  04 Feb 2008 23:26
Indy's back! I can't wait! I've been a big fan of Indiana Jones since I was very young! Also their making a new Indiana Jones video game! I remember seeing back a few years ago a preview of the new video game, it showed it at a Star Wars convention! I can't wait!
Posted:  05 Feb 2008 15:53
Did you see the Indiana Jones pics
Posted:  05 Feb 2008 22:40
Yeah, I found a lot more too.
Posted:  27 May 2008 22:20   Last Edited By: Tim

******Very very small spoiler**********

So what do you all think about Indy 4?

Saw it over the weekend and loved it. Great action, great ending, and loved the plot surprises. Well I kind of guessed the biggest one before I saw it, but I was glad it turned out the way it did. Indiana makes the biggest escape from complete and total destruction this side of a clash with the Terminator, and he does it with a common ordinary household appliance. Hope that didn't spoil it for you.

From Thursday to Monday, Indy made over 150 million. I'm really curious as to who will wind up on top after the summer is over, Indiana or Iron Man?

Indiana Jones posters

Probably going to wait and buy Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. Next up is the Incredible Hulk, Hancock, and the Dark Knight. Am I missing any?
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 02:13
i saw the movie a week ago
& it was great!!

2 thumbs up
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 14:53
I'm going to buy the DVD so I can watch it a million times like the other 3 movies.

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