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Hulk Movie Review
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Posted:  10 Jun 2008 17:36   Last Edited By: Tim
Saw a sneak peak as they say of the new Incredible Hulk movie last night. Wrote a review with a few small spoilers . Didn't put any major spoilers I hope. Wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone.

I'm a big fan of the Hulk and I was pleased with the movie. I want a sequel already. It really catered to fans of the TV show which I thought was great. They even threw in a bonus I almost missed. Paul Soles the guy who did the voice of Bruce Banner in the 1966 cartoon had a part. I looked him up because I thought he might have been a guest star on the Bill Bixby Hulk show. Turned out he was the first TV Banner.

Once you guys see the movie post your thoughts. Or let me know what you thought about my review page. http://superherouniverse.com/articles/hulkmovie.htm
Posted:  15 Jun 2008 05:19
I too found it enjoyable.  Ed NOrotn is ideal for the role given his past movies where he played a character with dual personalities (Fight Club, Primal Fear).  I liked the part about not being liked when he's hungry.  Good action, paced well, 8 out of 10 for me.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  15 Jun 2008 18:58
That hungry line cracked me up. That and the one right after Betty gets mad at the taxi cab and Banner tells her he knows some anger management techniques.
Posted:  18 Jun 2008 22:03
yeah, overall good stuff.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  19 Jun 2008 00:46
definately, this Hulk was much better then the first one. While the effects and picture were better in the first one, this one had essence and story behind it which is what the Hulk really is all about.

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