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Wonder Woman vs Predator
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Posted:  11 Jul 2008 20:41
Europe, 1942.

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman have flown into Nazi-controlled territory to investigate reports of massive SS activity. Radio intercepts indicate the Reich believes something of supernatural origins is loose and terrorizing Nazi forces.

Before long, Trevor and Wonder Woman- in disguise- have joined up with local resistance fighters. They too report horrible happenings in the dense forests. Of Nazi patrols vanishing. Of horrible screams and skinned corpses being found.

Despite the fact it is Nazi soldiers being killed, Wonder Woman enters the forest at night herself.
Meanwhile, a new SS Commander arrives in the area and sends elite forces into the woods as well. The elite forces encounter Wonder Woman and attack her.

The Predator is drawn by the sound of battle.

Wonder Woman is throwing nazi soldiers left and right, when she catches the glimpse of movement in the treeline. Before she can decide what the new movement is, the clearing in which she fights is illuminated in a bright blue glow.

A flash erupts behind Wonder Woman and she turns away from the Nazi she has just pummeled into unconsciousness to see the smoking remains of another soldier- blown apart by some unearthly means.

Meanwhile, the Predator has scanned Wonder Woman and recognized her superior physique and lack of weaponry. Targeting the last of the nazis, he dispatches them with two more plasma bolts and his spear.

Wonder Woman is now fully aware that the new arrival is dangerous. But to whom? Before she can think long, the unseen visitor appears in a crackling haze of energy.

The Predator bellows a challenge to Wonder Woman and snaps out his wrist blades.
"Whoa there, big fella, I’m not here to hurt you," Wonder Woman declares.

"Pay-pers," the Predator responds, mimicking the German accents he has come to learn.
Diana stands her ground, wondering what to do. This strange creature is responsible for the slaughter of countless nazi soldiers, but is it a threat to her.

Just then, Steve Trevor charges into the clearing and fires a shot at the Predator from his .45. "Look out Wonder Woman!"

The Predator flinches at the ricochet off it’s armor. Then it fires a plasma blast at Trevor.
"St-!" Wonder Woman manages to blurt out. Then Steve Trevor gets a very large hole through his torso, courtesy a ball of super hot plasma.

"NO!!!!!" Wonder Woman screams in anguish and charges the Predator.

When the beast claws at her approach, Wonder Woman blocks the claws with her left bracelet and delivers mighty blow into the Predator’s chest.

The alien hunter is driven back a step by the blow, but quickly recovers. Charging forward, the Predator lashes out again with it’s wrist blades. And again, the blow is blocked and Wonder Woman unleashes her own bare-knuckled blow. This time, the Predator is stunned by the no-holds-barred blow.

Wonder Woman charges in and tackles the Predator, knocking the larger hunter off his feet. They roll on the ground and Diana grabs the Predator and hoists it over her head. As the Predator starts to turn to lash out, Wonder Woman hurls him into the air.

Flying across the clearing, the Predator quickly draws and flings his throwing blades. The spinning disk flies directly at WonderWoman- but is deflected by her bracelets.

The Predator lands on it’s feet, and roars another challenge.

Wonder Woman charges forward, tears of rage on her cheeks.

The Predator fires a single plasma blast at his charging opponent. Wonder Woman rolls to the side, narrowly missing the blast. A second bolt finds it’s way to her and she instinctively throws up her arms to block it.

Plasma meets indestructible gauntlets and is reflected off. But at terrible cost. Diana screams in pain as her arms and hands are horribly burnt by the heat of the reflected blast.

The Predator stalks forward, wrist blades extended once more as Wonder Woman is on her knees, her arms still smoking.

Her senses clearing, Wonder Woman springs to her feet and runs away.

The Predator rumbles in what can only be satisfaction. Cloaking it sprints after Diana, grabbing up it’s spear from the corpse of a Nazi soldier.

In the woods, Wonder Woman leaps and bounds toward the nearby Nazi encampment. With each step, her injuries heal. By the time Diana has reached the outskirts of the Nazi encampment, feeling has returned to her arms. With a bound, she leaps past a startled Nazi machine gun emplacement. In seconds she has charged into munitions tent.

The Predator, slower than Wonder Woman takes longer to arrive in the clearing. It sees the wild bustle of activity in the encampment as warning claxons sound. Then it sees Wonder Woman race back out of the encampment, carrying something.

The Predator steps out into the clearing, decloaking and hurling it’s spear.

Wonder Woman sees the Predator as it decloaks and hurls her own weapon- a confiscated 75mm tank round.

The Predator’s spear flies true, but Wonder Woman’s gauntlets knock it aside.

The Predator suddenly realizes the error in assuming his prey was incapacitated. Then the 75mm round strikes it square in the chest. High explosive shell meets alien personal armor and defeats it.
Posted:  11 Jul 2008 21:57
Posted:  12 Jul 2008 00:37
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