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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Spider-Man vs Predator wwevstna greats #2 
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Spider-Man vs Predator wwevstna greats #2
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Posted:  14 Jul 2008 00:17   Last Edited By: wwevstna
It’s a hot summer in Manhatten when a series of grizzly murders are uncovered. Struggling freelancer Peter Parker is sent out to snap some pics of the decapitated, skinned corpses being found on the lower east side.

At one such photo haunt, Pete’s Spider senses start ringing and he looks around cautiously. Spider-enhanced eyes quickly make out the shimmering, near-invisible form of Scar, watching over the crime scene from a nearby rooftop. Pete springs to action, walking away, then darting down an alley. In mere moments, Pete has shed his clothes, leaped onto a nearby wall and sped to the rooftop.

Meanwhile Scar watches the humans with mild curiosity. Then he hears the ever-so-faint scramble of the wallcrawler coming onto the roof.

Spiderman sees the shimmering, near-invisible form of the Predator even as his spider-sense starts screaming loudly. Spiderman drops into a low crouch as the Predator whirls around.

Within the silouhette of invisiblility, Spiderman makes out the sudden glow of three red lights. Leaping aside, he snaps out a quick webshot, covering the lights.

Scar fires his cannon as Spiderman leaps aside. The webbing finds it's mark, covering the helmet and laser tracking device. But Scar's heat vision sees easily through the webbing, which disappears into the invisible.

The huge ball of plasma smashes into the rooftop beside where Spiderman had been. Pressing his attack, the wall crawler leaps forward, executing a tuck and roll, then springing out ward, feet-first in a double-heeled kick that sends the Predator flying. Crashing onto the rooftop, Scar skids to a halt, his cloaking field crackling around him, making him momentarily visible.

Spidey sprays out twin blasts of webbing- covering the Predator and gluing it to the rooftop.

Scar struggles against the rooftop, deactivating his cloaking field. With a mighty shrug, Scar jerks to his feet, his web covering tearing off pieces of rooftop. Assuming a fighting stance, Scar extends his twin wrist blades.

Spiderman is stunned for only a moment at the full sight of his opponent. "What the hell are you?" he asks from behind his mask.

Scar roars a challenge and lunges forward, slashing with his wrist blades. Spiderman easily dodges the cumbersome blow, stepping to the side and behind Scar and again sending the Predator flying with a mighty blow.

Catching his balance, Scar keeps his footing and in one fluid motion plucks a throwing blade off his belt and hurls it at the webslinger.

Spiderman dodges the multi-armed throwing weapon and prepares to spray his opponent in webbing again. Twin webstreams cover the left side of the predator, imobilizing his left arm, and shoulder cannon.

Then the throwing disk arcs back around and slices into Spiderman. Despite his incredible reflexes, Spiderman is not able to completely dodge the weapon and it slices a huge gash in Spiderman's arm- nearly removing the limb.

Scar pivots on his left heel, turning to face Spiderman and catches the returning disk in his right hand.

Spiderman gasps in pain, left hand covering his wound as his mutated blood sprays out across the rooftop.
Scar collapses the throwing disk and snaps his right hand down. His wristblades then rocket from the right gauntlet, directly toward Spiderman.

In a slow-time camera shot, we see Spiderman twist out of the way of the blades and push away from the rooftop,soaring up and away from Scar. Spiderman twists in mid-air and rotates around, landing on the side of a nearby building. He immediately skitters down the the side of the building- the throwing disk rebounding off the brick mere inches from his hand. Turning, Spiderman sees the disk returning to Scar.
Spiderman fires another shot of webbing- snaring the throwing blade in mid flight. Despite it's alien cutting blades, the weapon is caught in the webbing and plummets to the ground below.
Scar bellows in rage and pulls a collapsed spear off his back. Spiderman quickly covers his wounded arm in webbing and leaps back toward Scar.

Spiderman lands on the rooftop- covered in his own blood- as Scar extends his weapon. But despite the alien hunter's prowess and reflexes, Spiderman is faster. With a quick leap, Spiderman is on top of Scar, slugging away with his left hand. Rapid blows hammer into Scar's helmet, knocking the alien off his feet. Arm immobilized by webbing, Scar falls backward, dropping his spear and grabbing at Spiderman with his free hand.

Spiderman ignores the alien hand clawing at his face and neck and hammers away at Scar. Knuckles bloodied from the alien's armor, Spiderman presses his attack until he has knocked Scar's mask away. Stunned by the sight of the alien, Spiderman is caught unawares by the Predator's feet. Scar manages to grab Spiderman and pull him back.

Spiderman regains his footing as Scar tries to regain his own. Spiderman charges forward, ramming into the rising Predator. Like a football player, Spiderman muscles Scar to the edge of the rooftop, and over.

Bellowing in rage, Scar flails in midair as he falls. Spiderman extends a webline and swings to safety. The Predator crashes to the pavement below.

Landing nearby, Spiderman staggers to the fallen alien, walking through it's greenish blood. His spider-sense rings loudly, but Spiderman can't see how his opponent can still be dangerous.

Slowly, Scar raises his right hand, reaching across to his web-covered left arm. Somehow, he manages to flip open the control panel of his gauntlet and activate the self-destruct sequence.

Spiderman realizes something is wrong, or perhaps is driven to leap away from the painful flash of warning from his spidersense. The wall crawler is leaping into the air on a webline when the Predator's micro-nuclear blast goes off.

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