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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community "Iron Man" to hit DVD stores on September 30 
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"Iron Man" to hit DVD stores on September 30
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Posted:  08 Aug 2008 16:37   Last Edited By: Tim
See the Iron Man DVD Store

From Yahoo News - http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/news/va/20080808/121819674300.html
"Iron Man" to hit DVD stores on September 30
Friday August 8 4:59 AM ET

The superhero smash "Iron Man" will be released September 30 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, distributor Paramount Pictures said Friday.

With North American sales of $316 million, the Robert Downey Jr. movie is the second-biggest movie of the year, behind "The Dark Knight."

"Iron Man" is the second in what could be as many as 18 theatrical features to be announced for the home entertainment market in the lucrative fourth quarter, and its arrival in stores one day before the official start of the fourth quarter indicates it likely will be the first.

Paramount is releasing "Iron Man" as a two-disc "Ultimate Edition" on DVD and Blu-ray. Each includes a seven-part making-of documentary and a six-part feature on the origins of the Marvel superhero.

Other extras include a documentary on the film's visual effects; Robert Downey Jr.'s original screen test; deleted and extended scenes; a photo gallery of concept art; and behind-the-scenes images on the set.

The Blu-ray presentation also offers several additional extras, including a "Hall of Armor" that lets viewers zoom in on any of the three Iron Man suits, or Iron Monger, and then activate digital 3-D schematics to check out every weapon. They also can fly around each suit to explore it in great detail. Also included is a BD-Live Web application, "Iron Man IQ," that lets users create and share new multiple-choice quizzes based on clips from the film.

A single-disc "Iron Man" DVD also will be issued, with just the movie and the deleted and extended scenes.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

For all Iron Man products
Posted:  09 Aug 2008 02:50
Already got my copy on pre-order

Can't wait!
Posted:  09 Aug 2008 05:29
i'm going to wait until i get a blu-ray player because for a movie like it the better picture can hopefully go a long way.  sounds like some sweet bonus features.
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