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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Last Cop Chapter 2 by Wayne Clayton 
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The Last Cop Chapter 2 by Wayne Clayton
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Posted:  26 Jan 2009 20:59   Last Edited By: Tim
Chapter two

For two hours he marched up the grey concrete tunnel. The only sounds were those made by his standard issue boots against the polished stone surface of the floor. Occasionally altered by the odd pool of dark stagnant  water which had seeped through the cracks of the aging mortar.
He had grown use to the static hum of the lights above his head. And ignored their angry crackles as the droplets of ground water splattered and boiled against the hot glass. He didn’t give a thought to how long they had been fighting their war against nature. Nor did he think about the poor sap whose job it was to replace the bulbs when they finally succumbed to their inevitable defeat at the hands of the elements. He was a cop, let the caretaker worry about it.
Finally he reached the first station. Marked out clearly in large white numbers either side of the re-enforced metal door. Above which was written the name of the district which lay far above Dibbles head. And all was bathed in the blue light coming from a single spotlight. It read Hollywood and Vine.

Dibble took out his key once more and placed it in the lock. It resisted a little before allowing him to finally pull the door open. The sound of the metal door pulling away from it’s seals rebounded down the tunnel. But were suddenly replaced by the rush of white noise bursting from within. Dibble flinched at the roar of the water. A billion gallons thundered by below him as he stepped onto the metal gangway. Looking down he could see the black water though the mesh of the floor.
He delved into his coat and retrieved his flash light. The gun like handle and trigger felt good in his hand. He squeezed the trigger and  bright white light streamed out of the large chrome metal barrel. He pointed the beam down stream and saw the light circle the walls and reflect off the liquid mass of the torrent  below.  Nothing but tunnel and water. He then turned it’s head up stream. Again nothing but tunnel and water. Finally he pointed the beam at his feet. The beam now cast a cross work pattern upon the surging water below. This time something was there. Something was churning in the water. Caught on an eddy where the struts of the walkway entered the man made river.
Dibble let the flash light dangle on its tightly coiled lead which feed it electricity from a battery within. And let it spin until it untwisted itself to hang naturally. Then he grasped the first rung of the ladder which lead down into the water. Each rung was cold and icy even through his standard issue leather gloves. And a minute or so later he pulled himself across onto the deck of the lower level. The water now  ran only a foot or so below him.
Dibble gathered up his flashlight once more into his hand and shone it into the water. There in the beam was a dark mass whirling around in the current close to the deck. Dibble studied it closely. Playing the light from one end to the other. It wasn’t long before the object rolled and revealed the dark hollow holes which had once looked out on the world.
How long the body had been caught there he couldn’t tell. Although it had been long enough for the flesh to soften and peal away in layers from the bone. It’s lank hair stuck to the skin as it was buffeted by the water. Dibble wondered briefly at the lack of odour coming of the body. But then realised that the water was no doubt ice cold and that it’s own sick stench would mask any smell of death.
Dibble reached once more into his pocket and pulled out a bright orange tag. He took a small chained hook from the other and threaded it through a hole at one end of the tag. Then bent down and reached out to the corpse. Gripping the sodden cloth that had once been clothing and pulling the heavy mass closer to the deck. With his other hand he sank the hook into the material and flesh underneath. Securing the orange tag firmly to the body. Then he stood up and gripped the ladder once more. Using it as a means to lever himself  between it and the body. And leaning out he used his boot and launched  the corpse back into the water. Letting the main current reclaim the remains and watched as it disappeared down the tunnel out of sight.
This wasn’t the first body he had seen down here in the Drains. And it wouldn’t be the last. All he had to do was tag them and send them on to the guys further down. The tag he had attached would send out a signal and the system would channel it into the nets and whatever remained would be packed off to the morgue and the investigation if any was needed would begin. There was no point pulling out the body here any evidence would have long since gone. The body may have been dumped miles away up river and the guy who had nailed him was happy to wave him goodbye sure he’d never see him again.

Of the bodies he had found before most would remain John Does. Most likely been those of Mexican immigrants who had tried to sneak into the city via the river inlets outside the walls. They didn’t know that there was no way out until it was too late.
Letting his flashlight dangle once more he climbed back up the ladder. Cast it’s beam for a final time up and down before stepping out back into the service tunnel. And with a shove sealed and locked the door once more. Closing out the sound of the rushing water with a turn of the key.

Job done he marched up the hall towards the next stop.

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Posted:  26 Jan 2009 21:43
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