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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Last Cop Chapter 5 by Wayne Clayton 
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The Last Cop Chapter 5 by Wayne Clayton
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Posted:  29 Jan 2009 19:46   Last Edited By: Tim
Chapter 5

In his head he heard the shouts and screams again. The gun fire echoing through the streets. Louder then before. He fell against the wall gasping. Confused, he aimed his flashlight from one corner to another as if searching for the source of the riot. But as suddenly as it came it ceased. His head was pounding, as was his heart.
The bodies lay silent, but they suddenly spoke to him. He saw the clothes they were wearing, the tell-tale badges which hung around their necks. Some still wore the same wide eyed look of confusion and fear on their faces. The same looks he had seen on that day in the Projects.
The more he stared into those twisted hollow faces the more he was sure that these were the exact same faces he saw on the streets. The same men, women and children he had helped round up. The ones he had herded into the buses. 
The memories of that day rose swiftly to the surface, from where, he could not tell. It was as if a dam in his brain had suddenly been breached, and now he could not stop them.
Rumours were spreading though the city. The Mexicans had broken through the Boarder and that their armies were already outside the walls of Las Vegas. The Governor had  ordered a State of Emergency. The dictate had been clear, any and all communist sympathisers were to be rounded up, for fear that they would rise up in revolt. But they were not the only group that was to be targeted.
Ever since the riots in Berkley all those years ago the country had been up in arms. The nation had closed ranks. Fearful of the rise of  the communist ideal spreading though the world and in their own towns and cities. In Vietnam the war had been swift and brutal. America had been victorious, crushing the armies of the Vietcong. Burning down the jungle and laying waste to the nation. But the price had been high.
They had shown no mercy. Making it clear that they were there to defend their own boarders and ideals rather then help the people of Vietnam find freedom.
The international reaction had been fierce. The events in Vietnam had lead to panic in the streets in Mexico and South America where revolutionary armies backed by the Russians recognised that they might be next. And suddenly nation after nation fell victim to swift coup d'états before America could intervene.
America had now found itself surrounded my hostile nations .The boarder between America and Mexico now was a clear and present danger. It was there Dibbles father had been sent, drafted into the army to clear the boarder towns, and help create a no mans land between the two nations. It was there where a great wall of concrete was erected from one ocean to the other. Thousands of people looked to flee into America fearing the new Mexican communist government, but his father and the rest of the men stationed along the Boarder had been given their orders. No-one was to get through. And it was there that his father had been killed, protecting the nation, by just doing his job.
Dibble held his hands to his head, fighting back both the memories and the pain running wild in his brain. He gritted his teeth, and every muscle tightened. He coiled up his body, then exploded into action.
Frantically he pulled out a fist full of the bright orange tags, spilling them onto the floor. He grabbed the hooks from his pocket and began to clamber onto the pile of bodies. Thrusting the hooks into them at random. Shouting at the top of his voice that he was just doing his job. His lungs burning as he yelled. He was blind to the new swarms of flies which scattered around him and filled his mouth. Then  scrabbling back and forth over the corpses Dibble soon found his hands empty. He’s eyes raced wildly about him looking for more tags, then he spotted the latch which held the grill in place. Crawling over he grabbed the latch and pulled. The rusting lever fought him but soon gave way. But the grill still held. Dibble screamed and drove the heel of his boot against the gate. Over and over until finally it went, sailing out into the darkness and down. For a moment nothing happen then the mass began to move. Realising he was still atop the heap Dibble strode across the shifting bodies and threw himself to the safety of the ledge.
A sea of flesh now slipped by him, disappearing over the edge. He heard the sound of the bodies crashing into the concrete below followed by the rush of water which had turned black with blood. The roaring torrent downed out Dibbles cries as he fought the urge to jump into the tide.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been there clinging to the rail. He saw that the water now flowed as it should. The bodies were gone. Only a small group of flies hovered over the stream of water.
His mind had stopped racing. Dibble told himself to let the guys further down deal with it. He had done what he had to do, let them pick up the pieces. But deep down he knew it wasn’t that simple. He had helped load the buses, they were told they were to be transported to safe areas upstate away from danger. But there was no danger. It had been a rumour. The Boarder hadn’t been breached.
And yet no-one asked where these people had gone? Why had they not been returned to the Projects. Even he had not asked the question. He who had policed the Projects every single day. Until that day. The day they had been sent in. The day his partner T.C  had shouted out a warning to him. But he had been too late, the bullet had hit him. Just like his Granddaddy in Berkley the Panthers gunmen must have know what was going to happen. Just like then the bullet had struck the badge which covered his heart. But that’s where his luck ran out. It had ricochet up into his head, catching him though the temple. He should have been dead, but they saved him.
Was it his fault? Had this been done for him?
He staggered to his feet, the throbbing in his temple returned. He shook his head, he shouldn’t be here, he had to get out, get out now.

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Posted:  30 Jan 2009 08:45   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
intriguing story so far. it seems as if Dibble inadvertantly caused mass casualties.

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