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Where's Robin?
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Posted:  08 Jun 2005 18:01
Here's the deal, every super hero known to mankind has appeared or scheduled to appear on Justice League Unlimited. Why hasn't Robin appeared at least once? I know he's a member of the Teen Titans of which I'm not completely sure is in the same time or continuity, but you would think Robin or Knight Wing would appear at least once.
Posted:  10 Jun 2005 17:12
Tim, I feel your pain there, I would think they would add robin, or some of the other memers of the early titans.

Just leave Aqua-lad out.......he is lame with a captol L
Posted:  10 Jun 2005 19:05
Yeah I agree I don't really care if they ever show Aqualad. Of course I think he was on the Titans cartoon a few times. My kid loves that show.
Posted:  20 Jun 2005 09:13
well. on the current Teen Titans, Aqualad isnt so lame. he moved up from terd to maget.
as for robin, it does seem like the same realality. so i don't c y they dont do a team up. JLU an TT. be pretty cool though. i bet Raven can Kick all there Butts. you dont want to piss her off.

oh, an does Nightwing ever marrie Starfire?
Posted:  24 Jun 2005 19:48
I would really like to see both Nightwing and the new "Robin" appear on the show.  I'd like to see if the network has the audacity to feature a story about the second "Robin".
Posted:  10 Oct 2005 23:22
excatly why is robin on super friends and not justice league or heck even batgirl
Posted:  11 Oct 2005 00:44
Maybe because the Teen Titans features Robin. It also seems that Robin on the Teen Titans is Dick Grayson based on the stories and members of the team. Perhaps their so confused themselves with continuity they don't want to confuse things worse by bringing Robin around.
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 21:38
Acyualy the story of Teen Titans is that Robin and Batman HATE each other AND Batman is Slade on the Teen Titans-Slade is the mane badude
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 21:39
Posted:  08 Dec 2005 19:22
robin hasnt been seen for one reason his charecter is to young
Posted:  08 Dec 2005 19:35
Aaah but which Robin is on the Teen Titans? Dick Grayson or the new guy what's his name?
Posted:  08 Dec 2005 23:48
ME no no
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 03:16
Tim Drake, the episode with that cartoony robin thing from another dimension that resemples batmans short cartoony thing said his name was ekard mit. which is  backwards for tim drake. sorry it took so long to respond to this.
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 17:07
Sharp detective, but that leaves the question why do the storylines and characters seem to go back to the 1980's New Teen Titans days when Dick Grayson was Robin?

But you have to be right about the backwards thing. It's too coincidental. They keep it awfully up in the air don't they on that show.
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 17:51
oh, i just read the last post, but maybe they don't want to verify which robin it would be to screw up any continuation issues for fanatical fans.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 20:27
Probably so, Teen Titans is made with kids in mind not so much the older continuity minded fans.

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