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SOTA: Chapter 5
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Posted:  21 Sep 2009 16:07
Hawk turned left at the T junction and made his way deeper into the Sanctuary. Suddenly the floor sloped sharply downward causing him to lose his footing and slide down for 40 meters until he crashed into flat ground once more. The floor was too steep for Hawk to even think of climbing back out so he had to carry on in the hopes of finding another route once he had gotten what he came for.

Luckily he managed to hang onto the Spectre submachine gun during his fall and now activated its night-vision scope. He found himself in a room piled waist high with what looked to be electronic junk. Things from old computer terminals to Turbo Boost 3600 star-traversing engines which were built by the now defunct Kronos Corporation. Then he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.

A hunk of metal that vaguely resembled the shape of a humanoid took a step towards him with its right leg, its left leg dragging behind it as if it were crippled. The thing had sharp blades where its hands should’ve been and one functioning blinking red eye in the center of its forehead. Hawk opened fire with the Spectre, lighting up the room with the submachine guns muzzle flashes. The rat-a-tat-tat noise reverberated off the rooms metallic walls causing an echoing effect.

The metal creature simply shrugged off the few bullets that managed to ricochet off its body and kept coming closer and closer to Hawk at a snail’s pace. Hawk slung the gun over his shoulder and drew his dirk. Then he lunged at the construct slamming the knife’s six inch blade into its torso. The metal creature showed no emotion towards the attack but it proceeded to bat Hawk aside with one of its arms.

The Renegade leader grunted from the impact and cursed as his body rolled across the floor losing his dirk in the process. The construct placed its good foot on Hawk’s chest and pushed down expelling all the air out of Hawk’s lungs. Then it struck with one of its claws aiming for Hawk’s face. But he surprised the creature by grabbing its ankle and twisting with all his might making it lose its balance.

Hawk then moved swiftly hitting the construct in its blinking red eye with the butt of his Spectre. The eye blinked once more and then dimmed until it went out completely. The metal creature convulsed once while making a slight popping noise and then lay still. Hawk kicked it with the toe of his boot and still it did not stir.

“Well that was easy” he mumbled to himself somewhat relieved that the ordeal was over with.

Hawk then collected his dirk and sheathed it in his boot before taking another look around for an exit. Behind one of the junk piles he found a doorway leading off into another dark corridor. He was beginning to hate this place. It was as if he were lost in some labyrinthine maze. Just as he poked his head through the corridor opening the radio on his belt buzzed to life.

“This is Hawk” he answered with a whisper.

“Sir, Yarkoon here, just wanted to give you a heads up. It looks like you’ll soon have company. A man with a robotic canine just attacked me and took the girl.”

“You let him take the princess” Hawk asked furious “how could you do that?”

“The canine was ferocious, it tore the skin off my arm” Yarkoon pleaded for understanding “there was nothing I could do, it was two on one.”

“How did they find the ship? Didn’t you cloak it like I told you too?”

“The robot somehow detected the ship anyway. I’m not sure how.”

“Thanks for nothing Yarkoon. Besides Stalker will take the bastard out with his snyper rifle before he can get close to the Sanctuary.”

“Umm” Yarkoon started uneasily “that’s another thing. I tried reaching Alex before I contacted you but he’s not answering his radio.”

“WHAT!!!!” Hawk shouted into the radio causing the walls of the corridor to vibrate with the resonance.

Hawk Hawthorne turned off his radio and pondered the meaning of this new information. He’d already lost three crew members back on Mithuna before this mission really got underway. If he lost Alex Stalker as well that brings him down to Yarkoon and himself. The odds were not looking good for him now. He had to hurry and get the SOTA before this mysterious stranger showed up.

He took a quick look down the darkened hallway with his night-vision scope and determined there were no pressure plates in his way. Then he charged down the path which seemed to go on for thirty yards before coming to a dead end. Hawk placed his palms on the wall in front of him searching for a hidden lever or activation switch of some kind. Then he looked up at the ceiling but it ended just six feet above his head.

“Where the hell do I go now?”

Rusty gears could be heard screeching as they pushed against each other somewhere behind the wall. Then the floor beneath his feet slid opened. As he fell through Hawk managed to grab the edge of the floor with his hands and stop his decent. Looking down he gasped at the sight of rotating saw blades not fifteen feet below him.

“This place is a death trap!”

Hawk pulled himself up and sat down with his back against the left wall of the corridor as he caught his breath. He wasn’t really out of shape, he kept a regular workout routine consisting of things he could do on his ship such as pushups and sit-ups but he still wasn’t used to dodging danger on a constant basis. His body was starting to tire. But he refused to give up. The galaxy would drop to its knees in subjugation before him! That dream alone is what kept him going.

He backtracked to the junk room and searched for another exit. He found one on the opposite wall cleverly hidden behind another pile of scrap. This corridor became a stairwell that spiraled upwards for about six hundred feet which should place him well above the entrance where he originally came into the Sanctuary. Hawk climbed the stairs slowly and steadily keeping his energy up for what might lie ahead.

At the top he came to a large chamber. There was a massive table in its center that once might’ve held some large piece of equipment but was now empty. A crane hovered over it, broken chains dangling down to the floor. Drops of neon green liquid made a trail that led from the table across the floor to a set of large double doors. Hawk followed it and pushed against the doors but they wouldn’t budge.

He searched the room and found another doorway that led to another set of stairs. These led down, perhaps back to the ground level of the Sanctuary. But Hawk paid no heed to these stairs because he knew without a doubt that the SOTA must’ve made the trail of liquid and it led through the double doors. In order to track down the weapon he would have to get those doors opened.
Posted:  21 Sep 2009 22:19
Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by,For you may be the next to die.
Posted:  21 Sep 2009 23:11
Why do I get the feeling hawk's not gonna make it! Gotta tell you midnight this is a cool story!
Posted:  22 Sep 2009 11:02   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Don't worry trickstyx Hawk's still got more fight left in him.

and thanks I'm glad you guys like it

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