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Champions Online
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  25 Sep 2009 22:44
Does anyone here play Champions Online?

It's an MMO (a LOT of people playing online) 3rd person game in which you create your own superhero (and nemesis when you get to the right level) and roam around a full 3D environment including the city, a desert, and the Canadian wilderness.

It's super fun and addicting, unfortunately there‚Äôs a monthly fee of $15 in order to play (like most MMOs).  Here's the website for more info.


Because there's only a certain amount of clothing options given to you, I couldn't make Lectrohm like I wanted.  Then I realized different artists draw characters keep the basics the same but draw them differently to fit their own style right?  So, I redid the costume and must say, it looks better.  Here ya go:


Also, since the game costs money every month, I doubt many of you will play if you're not already. SO! Send me a picture of your character front/side/back (basically give me enough info to go on) and I'll create it and post a screen shot of it up here for everyone.
Posted:  25 Sep 2009 22:48
cool thats really nice of you to do that! well there should be enough of SS on this site,so maybe you could do TAO for me
Posted:  26 Sep 2009 06:52
Boy, Tao was tough.  lol, it woudn't let me put sandals on with pants! only tights. I did the best I could and mde him the Champions! version.

Posted:  26 Sep 2009 08:48
that is pretty cool! Think you could do one of Shadow Hawk or Captain Midnight?
Posted:  26 Sep 2009 14:15   Last Edited By: trickstyx
Ha that looks crazy awesome! thanks a bunch Lecrohm
Posted:  26 Sep 2009 20:58
Finished Shadow Hawk, then I relized--why don't I put real wings on him?  Here's both.



As for Captain Midnight, I could only find 1 drawing of him on here and it didn't reveal too much, could you post the link to 1 or 2 more?
Posted:  26 Sep 2009 22:40
Shadow Hawk looks pretty cool

The ones with wings could've been my character War Angel if he'd been a darker character.


The link below is probably the most complete listing of Captain Midnight images done by Bono Fett.

Captain Midnight Pics
Posted:  28 Sep 2009 01:42
Captain Midnight

Posted:  28 Sep 2009 13:19
That's pretty cool! Thanks Ohm!

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