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Daredevil:The Movie
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Posted:  10 Jun 2005 17:54
Why Ben afleck????.......who wrote that piece of cinema garbage???....All Daredevil was portrayed as, was being adrugged out fiend. who cast the part of King Pin??

If I could have had control of this movie, thing would have been way different. The staring role wouldn't have gone to the former benifer. I would have cast someone like Vin Diesel, along those lines, not Afleck.

to be true to the comics, the King Pin would have been an over weight tub of lard.

hopefully, this will get re-made soon!
Posted:  10 Jun 2005 18:55
I understand what your saying it wasn't a hundred percent close to the comics, but I actually enjoyed it. I guess I've been around long enough to see some of the really bad comic adaptions like the 1970's  Spiderman tv show. Now that was bad.
Posted:  10 Jun 2005 21:00
I remember watching Nicholas Hammond in that show, what a hatchet job that was!

I would love to have a copy of the Superheroes roast that was on television.
Posted:  11 Jun 2005 00:03
O I got that one on the net. Quality is so so , but watchable.  I watched it once so far. It doesn't motivate me to want to watch again though. But it's ok for nostalgia. It's very very silly. Adam West is on it which is it's best selling point. He's fixing to come to my area for a comic book convention. Don't know if I can afford an autograph though, but maybe I can see him. We don't get many movie stars where I live very often.

I would buy the spiderman show on dvd just for nostalgia if it came out. I guess I'm a comic book nut.
Posted:  20 Jun 2005 08:46
back on the daredevil thing. the King Pin was ok, he is husky an prety much out strengh spider-man, but in the comics an cartoon he was white not black, guess something do need an update. as for DD himself they unmasked him way too much.
Posted:  24 Jun 2005 20:34
Check out the other topic and you'll see that I completely agree with you about Affleck.  Heck the made for TV movie with Daredevil as a side character in the Trial of the Incredible Hulk was better than this recent adaptation and John Rhys-Davies as the Kingpin.  Speaking of why did they go away from  what made the Hulk a classic on television in the 70's and go with that computerized crap?
Posted:  23 Jul 2008 18:05
Hey I realy liked this movie it was realy cool and the reason Michale clark duncan played the king pin is no other person could there isnt a white guy who could play him mst fater white guys look kind of un healthy or red neck but I realy liked it.
WhY sO SeRiOs???
Posted:  30 Nov 2012 20:44
Good news : Mark Millar has been asked to help making new super heroes movies and Daredevil is one of the project.
Sooo we'll probably get one closer to the comic
Posted:  01 Dec 2012 19:51
Let us know Biase if there is any more news about any new Daredevil movie.

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