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Raven: Volume One The Broken Hero collected edition
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Posted:  02 Nov 2009 19:29
Raven: Chapters 1-7

1: Out of the Light and Into The Dark
Darkness. Its warm and familiar, I can't see anything but I hear voices not sure what they are saying but they sound panicked.
"...pressures dropping..."
"...losing pulse..."
"...charge it again dammit..."
What are they doing I wonder.
Darkness. I remember trying to find light for a long time and now all I see is darkness. The black is so deep that I can't even see my hands in front of me.
Falling. Fast. the warmth is rushing away from me. I see light, it's cold.
I hear screaming, a womans voice, my name.

It's the same thing everytime I try to sleep the nightmares and the screams. Today I stop them both.
Its been eight months since the night I lost the only good thing I ever had. Emily.
The rehab is over I feel stronger than ever and now I have a purpose, revenge.
The gangs that took her from me will pay. For every drop of blood they spilled I will take from them buckets.
Eight long painful months I've sat and thought of how many other innocent lives these scumbags have destroyed and steeled myself to the fact that this mission will not end until my city is safe for all those who live in it.
I re-enforced the leather jacket in my closte and placed steel plates over the vital areas like a flak jacket. The old night vision goggles from the pawn shop down the street will give me sight in pitch black of night. I place the finishing touch on the helmet and its time to begin.
Let the criminals remember how to be afraid, let them be theones running in terror, they will know fear is RAVEN.
2: Being The Victim
" Yo wussup Fool!?"
The two men on the street are perfect examples of whats wrong with the city.
" I said wussup, man!"
" Please I don't want any trouble, I just want to go home."
The thugs name is Enrique, they call him Crazy Ricky. Crack dealer and all around piece of dirt.
The squirelly squeamish looking guy I don't know but he's a walking victim of circumstance.
"You wanna go home fool? Gimme everything you got in your pockets man."
Yeah thats what I thought. Wait for it Mat, don't jump the gun.
"I..all I have is some subway tokens!"
"Bull man give me the credit cards and cash and give em NOW!!!"
Enrique pulls a the smoke steel 45 from his belt now the victim realizes he is not going home unless something drastic happens.
"Look up Ricky. I ain't playin either homes."
I think I might be smiling.
" Holy S#!^!!!!!"
The 45 blazes open the night sky Ricky emptys the magazine at me. Flak plates do their job but the twit only connected twice. I drop from from the fire escape straight down between Ricky and the vic.
"What the hell you gonna do man? My boys run dese streets fool."
"Not anymore Ricky and never again."
I turn to the man, I think he wet himself.
"Run home lock your door call the cops. NOW!"
He does what I say.
Now for Ricky. His screams fill the air in these narrow corridors wher evil and crime ruled until now. The cops will show up they'll find Enrique Alvarez upside down suspended from the fire escape. If he makes it to the ER its up to them.
3: Hero?
"Good evening tonight our top story is the masked vigilante cleaning up Slum Rowe one gang banger at a time."

"They call him Raven, this brave citizen taking it upon himself to put the scum terrorizing the streets out of commision. In my book he's alright."

"He's alunatic in a mask, no better than the punks that don't stay locked up because, SURPRISE he's not a cop!"

"He saved my life, those guys were gonna kill me and my wife if Raven hadn't shown up when he did I know fer sure we were both dead. COPS? I haven't seen a cop out here after 9:00pm in seven years! Raven is here every night. He's a real hero."

It's been three months since the first mission. The cops didn't make it in time for Ricky and they've been six steps behind me ever since. News shows are calling me a hero,maniac, lunatic but at least they all agree I'm not a cop. Night haven PD is so crooked they make a snake on a ladder look level.
The apartment Emily and I shared is nearly empty all I have left is my "work" and the TV news. I still can't sleep without the pills, waking up all day long anyway the dreams are finally quieting down. But her memory won't let me quit.

I suit up and go on patrol it's amazing that this city is home to other so called heroes that wear masks and do the same thing I do but still I'm the one labeled vigilante and crazy. I don't like being called crazy. What makes me crazy but not The Knight? Is it that I'm not high profile off saving the world with a bunch of guys in multi colored spandex and big shoulder pads? Is it because I'm fighting for the little guy, the people that know what a struggle really is? I'm complaining too much, I almost missed the three morons stealing that Toyota on the corner of D street and Balboa Ave. Almost.

" Haven't you idiots seen the news lately?"
" Oh $#!^, it's that Raven dude!"
"Yeah genius and you guys are prime punching bags!"

I drop to the street The fat one swings a Louisville at my head, easy enough to deflect with the nightstick. Get a little closer to him and use his weight to drop him on his face. " Too many cheeseburgers Tubby, make you real slow."
"Strike one, next please."

"F^%*in shoot him Ernie!!!!!"
"Yeah shoot me Ernie. Listen to Bert."
I'm smiling again, I have to try and stop that. Maybe.
*bang bang bang bang bang*
Took three that time, one to my left arm too close to Ernie, I let the nightstick fly. Bert takes it to the back of the head and drops midstep. Ernie however lost his gun and is taking off down Balboa. I'll catch up in a second. First I gotta tie Fatty Arbuckle and the Muppet up, pick up my stick. Now for the dirty little punk that shot me. The bleedings starting to get a little intense gotta rap this up quick.

" I can't beleive I got him I got Raven dead bang! There's no way he could catch me now. I'll just lay low here and catch my breath, Mike and Tommy should meet me back at the pad soon."

"Yeah that was some good shootin Ernie! You got me alright but you didn't lose me, twit."

The blood is flowing down my left arm now the kid got lucky with at least one shot. Maybe I need some kevlar. Worry abou that later, right now I need to teach him a lesson.

"Alright Ernie time to pay up for a lifetime of mistakes"

"No man stay back, NOOOO PLEEEAAAASSSEE!!!!!"

A silver blade flies through the night and slices right into my Right arm, then another. "Okay now that's uncalled for."

" Run away and call the police."

"Alright then, mister leather jacket why were you chasing that boy?"

I don't know who this shmuck thinks he is but he just got me really angry.

"Well wonder boy howsabout he f^7*#n shot me for starters! And for second Who the hell are you???"

"My names Shadow Hawk." I don't buy this for a second, this guy looks like a killer to me. No need for kid gloves. I'll use the blades. "Get up buddy let's end this."

" Alright cape boy, lets do thiiiiissss....."
Fade to black.

To be continued.....
4: The Invasion Of NIghthaven
The events of this story take place during Captain Midnight Number 10.

I've been away from my city for too long. I've seen so much in the last few days that my small personal mission seems inconsequential in the face of the worlds problems. I feel selfish and petty.

My city screams in agony. The beasts that Midnight warned us of have landed and they landed hard in my home. I hitched a ride with The Squad, by the time we landed hell had already arrived in Nighthaven.
The beasts crashed into my city like three boulders plunging into a lake. They never slowed down. Superion engaged one beast with punches that could tear down Everest and shatter bedrock. The beast shifted its weight while skyscrapers reeled from the shockwaves. Then the most fantastic thing possible, Superion lifts the beast off the ground with a bellowing roar that could wake the dead. They slowly at first rose and began to climb soon their spped was incredible. As they disappeared from sight I heard Falcon screaming over his commlink "Superion where are you going? You can't sacrifice yourself! Stop thats an order!!!Dammit!"
A one sided farewell between two old friends, men that could depend on the other to save the world and
each other. I believe Falcon would have shed a tear if he wasn't busy saving a school bus full of kids.
I hear through my helmet scanner that emergency services are taxed beyond their capabilities.

My city screams for help. The Squad rallys for a stand against the remaining two monsters that are silently viciously tearing apart the city. Falcon shouts battle plans, Knight and Hunter fall into the formation they need to be in to act as a distraction. Plasma bursts fly from Hunter's pistolwitch draw the closest beasts gaze upon them Knigh deploys his wrist blade and leaps at the beast tearing a chunk of pseudo flesh from its leg. An unspeakably horrific roar of pain eminates from the beast. That's when the sky turns white. I look up and see Neutron alight with a white hot flame of energy, I see him screaming but the cacophony around me makes it impossible to hear. the light is so intense that I can feel the heat on my face through my helmet. If it wasn't for Shadow Hawks upgrades to my uniform I don't think I would still be standing. As the sky regains the sick orange and yellow flame soaked color that it was when we landed. The beast drops to its knees a giant hole burned through it's head, the smell is sickening. Neutron lands near Falcon his flame sputtering and then extinguishes. Falcon pats him on the back and says" You did a hell of a job son, get back let us take this one down." The smile on his face is reassuring and oddly misplaced. How does he remain his composure in spite of all of the destruction and death that surround us?

My city screams for heroes. Falcon's energy shields flare the order is given" Raven, Hunter give me an opening. Knight back me up!"
With that my combat instincts kick into overdrive, The final beast looms in front of us his golden trident flares and then the blast hits. Hunter goes down in a barrage of debris. I look back at Falcon and his determination fuels my drive to strike at the heart of this destroyer, this killer of everything I have. I see Emily's face in the smoke beside me as I climb the side of a fallen building. Knight swoops in beside me and together we leap accross the fire and destruction to tear apart the murdering behemoth. Knight lands first his blade charged with plasma energy, cutting into the shell of the beast. His victory is short lived as the beast slaps him to the ground. The thud breaks whats left of my heart. My rage is at it's peak when I remember something that Shadow said before we left his safehouse. "There's a little surprise built into the new nightsticks. I based on Captain Midnight's bracers. It should pack quite a wollop if needed."
I flip the hilts open as I fly through the air and the nightsticks ignite a dark blood red. I point them at the target just as a huge burst of crimson energy erupts from the ends of the sticks. The energy hits it's mark just as the beast begins to doge the blast as if it sees something it fears. The right arm of the monster is sheared off. But it's not dead.

My city screams for vengeance. Falcon stops in his tracks as I fall to the wasted earth beneath me. His gaze turns from me back to the sky as a bright red bolt from space plummets directly into the head of the final beast cleaving it in two. the crater created by the strike will remain for years. As the two halves of the beast fall to their respective sides, we see the unthinkable. Superion his costume torn his face bloody stumbling from the gore. "Thought you'd finish the end of the world without me huh?"

My city screams for peace. I pray for the first time in my life that the heroes of Earth are as lucky as we were here today.

To be continued....
5: Out Of The Ashes
"The mood is somber here at Memorial Park. The community has turned out to lay to rest The Knight a founding member of The Squad and a national hero. The Knight gave his life while defending Nighthaven from the mysterious attacks that the entire world had suffered through just three weeks ago. The pall bearers are some of the mightiest titans that have ever walked the earth and yet they seem to be struggling with the weight of this moment. The Squad members have remained silent about their close friends heroic passing except for Falcon who said in a statement to this network earlier today 'The Knight was a corageous soldier and dear friend he will be missed by all. Know this though he gave his life protecting the innocent people of this city and he passed the torch of protector of Nighthaven to our colleague Raven.' Now we will all mourn together for the loss of The Knight and pray for our city's quick recovery from these tragedies. This has been Amy Kline for NHVN Channel 9 News. Back to you Ted."

Well it's official, I'm in some deep $#!^ now. The Protector of Nighthaven. Great.Might as well suit up and be seen. Too bad about the body armor Shadow Hawk gave me at least the helmet survived. I take to whats left of the roof tops and make my way towards Memorial Park, I know Falcon and the rest of The Squad should still be there.

The lights are dim and I can see the shapes of two men standing by the monument that was errected for The Knight. " About Time you got here."

"Sorry Superion I didn't think it was appropriate for me to be here for the service."

"He didn't know him like we did big guy, take it easy."

"Falcon I wanted to talk to you about what you said on the TV News..."

"Passing the torch. This City needs someone like you to be here permanently, a gurdian if you will."

" I'm really not that type of person I don't think..."

" Of course you don't think you can be this hero that we are asking you to be. Your actions prove it though. You are the protector of Nighthaven now and we are moving our base of operations to Washington DC.If there is anything you need from us don't hesitate to call."

A handshake and a pat on the shoulder from superion and they're gone. The jet takes off and leaves me in the dust and ashes that are left to be cleaned up here in my city.

Elsewhere in the wreckage of the lower parts of Slum Row...

This is unbelievable how much devastation was caused in just a few hours. The elders made a mistake by taking me away from the mortal world. I'm back now and the stench of demons is strong here. My crusade against the darkness of the world is not over.
The Deathchild has returned to the world of the living beware my rightous wraith.

To be continued...
6: Let The Night Fall
The past few weeks have been sheer hell. Every ounce of my body aches and my cracked ribs are not even close to healed. Can't believe that I'm so far out there now, I don't want to be a hero, I'm not even sure I can be a vigilante. But someone must be here to fight for the innocent. The sky cracks to life, I hear rain drops softly falling around me, the rainy season in Nighthaven and suddenly the city smells and feels brand new like a snake shedding his skin. But the rain does bring the vermin up out of the gutters. The streets look like rivers from up here as I swoop from one roof to another I see the light dancing across the pavement and I think maybe just maybe this is my night to heal.


Three shots break the nights strange calm and I resist the urge to scream and whimper away to my little run down apartment and hide. Instead I move in closer leaping from the last roof I glimpse two "men" running down the street one dropping cash as he runs. I finally land and I barely feel my feet hit the pavement. I look to my left and see what they were running from. The old mans body is stretched out from the door of the Liquor store three wounds center mass hes lost too much blood. I check for a pulse but it's too late. I hear sirens Nighthaven PD, Fire and Ambulance will be here soon. My blood starts to boil, I hear the footsteps getting further away, they will not escape. I pull my nightstick and run down the street I feel like a lion about to pounce on prey. The adrenaline fuels me to a point I don't think I've ever been in my life. No smart alec remarks no heads up warnings. The slower one takes the brunt of my nightstick to the back of his head and drops into the flowing water below. The other one turns and screams as I jump through the air and land on his chest with both feet. I don't know what he said honestly at this point I don't think I could care less. He could be telling me he's the dahli lama returned from the grave or Santa or My long lost twin. I DON'T CARE. I see the blood gushing from his mouth as he coughs and tries to stand. I laugh. He's begging me for mercy I still don't care. I drop my stick on the ground below me. The echo the steel makes on the pavement sounds like thunder crashing. As This piece of garbage looks at me and smiles I see in his eyes what his next move will be, he thinks I gave up, he thinks I'm going to walk away and let the cops handle him. He thinks that if he pulls the Smith and Wesson 38 six shooter out of the back of his belt that he has a fifty fifty shot of dropping me at this range. He thinks that will be enough. He thinks I care. He makes the move pulls the gun from his waist band. I move. I don't dodge the bullet I run full speed straight for the barrell of the gun I take the slug in my left shoulder. I feel the burn of hot lead searing my flesh, I don't care. I see his eyes suddenly grow to the size of silver dollars as I rush him. He fires two more shots at point blank. It's like two sledge hammer hits to the chest but I don't stop. Now he screams and I don't care.
He hits the ground still screaming still pulling the trigger cycling empty chambers. I hit him again and again and again. i'm still hitting him as hard as I can when the pain and reality finally settle in. He is a murderer, not me. My knuckles are covered in his blood and I don't care he killed an innocent I should end him right here right now. I'm not a killer, he is.

The sky opens up and sets loose a down pour so hard and vicious that I think hell might flood from this one. And slowly I walk away retrieve my stick and fall into the night.

Like a snake shedding its skin the city awakes anew the next morning drying and waiting for the next meal.
7: And Then The Abyss...
It's been a long week for James Kilpatrick, his job usually keeps him very busy but this week was especially wierd. James is the lead coroner in Nighthaven. So usually being knee deep in some poor schmo's intesines trying to count slugs is nothing new to him. But this week he has had seven decapitations three full eviscerations and one puddle of goo that still has yet to be identified. A really wierd week.Case in point, James is right now working on what appears to be half well nearly half of an adult caucasian male late thirties mixed with canine bones and fur all scooped up in a large tarp.
James is doing his best to seperate the different subjects but still it seems that some parts are connected.

"How the hell does this happen???"
James muses to himself, he inserts the rib spreaders and begins to catalogue the chest cavity. When something catches his eye.
"What was that?? " James checks to see if the cameras are recording." This is Lead Coroner James KIlpatrick, subject Jon Doe 9.7.09. While opening the chest cavity yand preparing to remove internal organs I observed what appeared to be a heart beat. It has been one full minute since the abboration was noticed and no second instance has been recorded. Subject was pronounced dead on arrival nearlt 15 hours ago..."
"There it was again Subjects heart,"BUMP BUMP" Subject is regaining heart beat?? And blood flow!?!?"
" This is impossible!"
James runs from the table to the phone, at the same time a blood curdling scream erupts from the subject on the table. James turns to see the once dead cold corpse standing up. The thing before him is definitely not a caucasian male in his late thirties but is in fact a creature that defies description half man half beast and dripping blood from its wounds that are somehow mending themselves.

James drops the phone and runs for the door the beast lunges on him and tears into his flesh. Sharp claws and teeth tear chunks of muscle and bone from James' body while he screams and his life slips away bit by bit.

A srange blue light fills the room and in a burst of energy the wall behind the beast explodes. In the ash and smoke before James takes his last breath he sees the outline of a man carrying what appears to be a large glowing sword.

" Well the little doggie woke up?" His eyes glow bright crimson " Guess I was a little too easy on you, this time I'm going to take your head!!!!"

" Come then bearer of the Death Mask lets see what the Ancients have taught you!!!" The beast tosses the now lifeless coroner to the ground and leaps accross the autopsy room claws outstreched and fangs thursting for blood.

" Call me DeathChild Furball!!"

The battle goes out to the street DeathChild strikes the first blow taking the beast to his knees. "The Dragon Kuri glows blue in my hands and that same screaming song of death is all I can hear now. From this point on I'm on auto pilot."

He leaps forward sword straight out the blade cuts deep and comes through the back of the beast. The blue glow turns nearly white as the power surges till the beast expodes in a shower of gore. Amid the falling pieces of flesh. DeathChild stands firm as he sheathes the Dragon Kuri on his back he turns and laughs into the shadows.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  02 Nov 2009 19:34   Last Edited By: Bono Fett
I just wanted to throw these all together as a kind of refresh for myself and anyone else who wanted to read it. Volume two will be coming soon with some guest stars, some big changes for our dark hero and some surprises along the way. Thanks to everyone that left the great comments on the original posts. And for anyone who hasn't read the chapters, There is a slight gap between three and four where Raven was guest starring in Captain Midnight.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  02 Nov 2009 19:45
Posted:  02 Nov 2009 20:49
There is a slight gap between three and four where Raven was guest starring in Captain Midnight.

For anyone who hasn't read those and wants to here are the ones featuring Raven as a guest star along with Shadow Hawk...

Captain Midnight # 6

Captain Midnight # 7

Captain Midnight # 8

Captain Midnight # 9

awesome stories by the way Bono can't wait for more Raven!!!
Posted:  10 Dec 2009 08:22
Long story, but still worth my time.
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