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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Why has Mark Hamill never voiced Luke Skywalker? 
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Why has Mark Hamill never voiced Luke Skywalker?
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Posted:  08 Jan 2010 23:25   Last Edited By: Tim
Why has Mark Hamill never voiced Luke Skywalker?


Despite reinventing himself as an impressively versatile voice actor, Star Wars star Mark Hamill has never reprised his most famous role in a video game -- because he's never been asked.

Instead, on the ten-plus occasions that Luke Skywalker has appeared in video games, it's typically been veteran voice actor Bob Bergen (responsible, among many others, for Porky Pig's distinctive stammer) who's given him his voice.

Hamill's credited with a bevy of vocal performances in non-Star Wars games, most notably as The Joker in last year's best-seller Batman Arkham Asylum, but revealed why he's never played Luke in a recent interview with PC Zone magazine.

"When I played Luke from 1977 to 1983, games were in their infancy," Hamill told PC Zone. "I talked about turning a page and starting a new chapter. Those movies had a beginning, middle and end, and everyone sort of moved on... I don't really know how to answer that, because I've never been asked to do it. That's fine, though."

"If you're playing Luke the way he was in the films - from his late teens to mid-'20s - I've outgrown the role. In the story, Luke is so boy-next-door farm boy, it's like Dorothy in Oz. All the other characters that surround him are fantastic."

Veteran gamers might also remember Hamill as the voice (and face) of Wing Commander star Christopher Blair, and if you pick up next week's apocalyptic-themed Darksiders, you'll hear him playing a demon locked in one of the hero's gloves. How's that for giving in to the dark side?

source: http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/why-has-mark-hamill-never-voiced-luke-skywalker-/1384245

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Anybody ever remember seeing Mark Hamill on Stephen Spielburg's Amazing Stories once? He played a kid who collected everything that grew into an impoverished old man that became rich selling all his old collectibles.

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Posted:  09 Jan 2010 05:24
I never really noticed that until now.
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Posted:  09 Jan 2010 12:39
I never saw Amazing stories, before my time I think, but Mark Hamill did have a part in the Guyver live action movie if anyone else remembers.

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