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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Shadow Hawk & Raptor "What could have been?", part 4 
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Shadow Hawk & Raptor "What could have been?", part 4
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Posted:  27 Mar 2010 01:19
700 miles over Moscow…

Jessica Dark finds herself flying towards her parents utilizing the turbo-thrust rockets in her boots. The armored suit was amazing. The targeting computer in her helmet kept her apprised of every aircraft and bird within 40 meters of her location. She found the suit had built in tutorials that played out inside her helmet. She spent the past several flying hours going through them learning the ins and outs of the suits operation. Jess finally felt like she understood how it truly worked.

She dropped quickly towards the snow covered streets below and scanned the area for hostiles. There was plenty of crime on the streets and plenty of corrupt law enforcement officers shaking down innocent civilians. But none of that concerned her right now. She needed to find the Russian mob. Jess was sure if she found Big Frankie, she’d find her parents too.

“Hold it right there” her helmet translated the Russian dialogue of the police officer addressing her “where’d you get the fancy suit? That looks like military grade, you steal it girl?”

“No I didn’t steal it” she said in frustration and the suit translated it for the Russian officer’s benefit “I don’t have time for this.”

“Oh you better make time. Take the suit off now and hand it over before I shoot you.”

Jessica shook her head no and turned to walk away. The cop pulled a machine pistol and squeezed the trigger. Bullets ricocheted off the back of her helmet and she stopped dead in her tracks. Jessica whirled around quickly and launched three hawk stars from the hidden launcher embedded in her arm. The first one knocked the gun from his hand and the other two buried themselves in his chest. The man fell forward and planted his lifeless face in the snow.

“I told you I don’t have time for this” Jessica said walking away.

A mysterious figure noticed the confrontation and made his way towards her, his long coat billowing in the wind. Taking a puff of his cigar the man cautiously approached her. Then he took off his hat to reveal his balding head and several scars across his face.

“Back off” she told him aiming her hawk star launcher at him.

“Please, it would not be wise to kill me. I have powerful friends. Besides I have a proposition for you.”

Intrigued Jessica stared at the man and nodded for him to continue “my organization has need for someone with your…weaponry” he finished.

Thinking maybe this man worked for the mob or possibly another powerful crime syndicate Jessica decided to play along and see if she could get any information that would help her locate her parents “I only work if I get paid.”

The man smiled at this mercenary that stood before him “a woman after my own heart. Of course you will be very well paid if you succeed in the task that is set before you. Follow me.”

The man led her down a set of cobblestone stairs which took them to the underground tunnels. The two of them boarded the next train in silence and rode it through the next four stops before disembarking. Then the man led her to an opium den. Jessica was grateful for the filters on her mask that protected her from the narcotics in the air.

“Through here” the man waved her into the back room.

Jessica followed and came face to face with one of Russia’s most dangerous crime lords. A large bearded man set in a darkened booth surrounded by half naked women. The man looked up at the two who had interrupted his fun and snarled with rage. He whispered something to the closest girl and she left the room.

“Sir, I believe I have found the answer to our dilemma.”

The man leaned forward “are you sure? We’ve had this discussion before.”

“Yes but this time is different. She can do what we need done.”

“If I get paid” Jessica put in quickly “I don’t work for free. What is this job anyway?”

“Careful, you speak to me with disrespect young one. Do you not know who I am?”

Jessica looked around as the woman who had been sent on an errand returned carrying drinks. She handed Jessica a frozen concoction and served her guide a similar drink before returning to her seat the crime lord’s side. Wary of the drink Jessica turned the glass upside down and poured it out.

“I don’t care who you are” she said to him “I am here to find someone and if helping you gets me closer then so be it.”

“Ah yes I knew the armor of yours seemed familiar. The theme is unmistakable. You are here for the vigilantes.”

“You’ve seen them? Are you Big Frankie?”

At the name of his most hated enemy the man slammed his fist through the table splitting it in two and then stood up “how dare you compare me to him? He has muscled his way into my territory. This city is rightfully mine but I must constantly fight him for control of it. And the vigilantes came to me for help when they arrived. I pointed them in his direction but they have not returned.”

Some five thousand miles away back in the United States…

“That girl is going to get herself killed” Victor said aloud to himself as he monitored Jessica’s progress with the Birdseye “I need to finish up the calibrations for my fiber-tech so I can back her up.”

{Alarm Red…Enemy targets detected} the supercomputer chimed in as a local map of Saint Katherine’s Bay came up on the screen overriding his video feed of Jessica.

“What now?”

Four figures moved quickly through the streets near the Cyber-Tech research facility downtown. The Birdseye had trouble getting a visual due to the excessive speeds they traveled. With no idea what kind of threat the city now faced Victor only had one option. Keying in the activation code he brought Shadow Blade online.

“Targets downloaded” Shadow Blade acknowledged “pursuit mode engaged” and with that the android leapt out the window and ran down the side of the tower until he disappeared through the bushes below.

Victor shook his head as he wondered whether or not he made the correct choice. For he still wasn’t a hundred percent sure that it would function as expected, this city could afford no more deaths due to a miscalculation on his part. But what choice did he have? His own suit wasn’t quite ready and Jessica had left the country. There was no one else that could handle this.
Posted:  27 Mar 2010 01:22
Sorry not pics with this one. Bono has something really cool in the works based on the sketch I've seen but it didn't quite fit with this part of the story...yet

I kind of hinted at it in this one though and it will make its appearance in the next segment, at least once I actually write the next chapter.
Posted:  28 Mar 2010 01:19
Is Victor going to help Jessica? Can't wait for the next part!

Keep 'em coming!
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 00:04   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Is Victor going to help Jessica?

You know I can't tell you that. It would ruin the surprise
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 14:45
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 14:59
You know I can't tell you that. It would ruin the surprise

Yeah, that's true! When will the next one be up?
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 18:07
I just started writing it. Plus I'm going on a little vacation with the family next week just to get in some time with them before I deploy next month. So I guess right now I'm not sure.

If not before this week is out then it'll probably be the week after next.
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 20:34
Okey! So around 2 - 3 weeks?
Sounds good.

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