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Deadlaw has arrived!
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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community major setback!!! 
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major setback!!!
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 02:17
well it was bound to happen! my mac has died  ALL of my data is lost, everything!! this means everything i ever did for superhero universe is lost!!!(except for the falcon pages which where done on my macbook pro) all my photoshop stuff, daz 3d(shadowhawk,sugar skulls,etc.) comic life stuff i mean EVERYTHING!!! most important off all my kids baby pics!!! the last 8 years of stuff i had in there gone!!!! just like that! i am devastated!!!!! might be gone for a while while i try to rebuild on my new harddrive. i will still be inking and coloring stuff for bono but everything else will have to wait!
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 06:57
dude that blows. i'm gonna back up all my photos and stuff tonight now. that really sucks about your kids pictures.maybe if you take it into a computer shop they can salvage the data from the hardrive.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 14:11
Yeah, if the hard drive is still good it might be retrievable.
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 18:59   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Definitely worth a shot to get the hard drive looked at.

I know it won't be the same quality as what you had Tricks but I have most of the Shadow Hawk pics you did and the Shadow Hawk vs Deadlaw comic on a thumbdrive. I'll see if I can't email you all of that stuff so you at least have part of your artwork back.

You can do what I did and download all of your artwork from the site. Like I said won't be the same quality but at least you'll have it. I only download anything that has my characters in which is why i have all your Shadow Hawk stuff.

Sorry you can't do the same with family photos unless you've uploaded them to your facebok account or some other networking site
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 19:42
Sorry to hear about your troubles. I watched something the other day about backing up you files, IT experts say "Unless you have it (files) backed up in three different places then it doesn't exist." And one of those place it suggests is 30 feet away from your computer.
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 21:54
thanx for all the support guys i appreciate it! well,had a little bit of good news though,apple wont even TRY to retrieve my stuff they said its too risky to be put in that position,thing is my comp wont go past the startup screen so they say its basicly lost...But!! the guy gave me the number to a repair shop which i spoke to them earlier and their gonna install a terrabite harddrive and atleast TRY to recover "something" depends how bad the drive is....so im crossing  my fingers and toes! LOLOL!!! something is better than nothing i supposed!! so now i just play the waiting game! LOLOL!!! CUE Jeopardy song!!!!!!!
Posted:  22 Apr 2010 21:58
midnight you gave me an idea ive emailed most of my stuff for tim to post so theres copies of stuff in my emails!!!!!
Posted:  23 Apr 2010 14:25   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
midnight you gave me an idea

Glad I could be of use

I tried last night to email you some of the SH stuff but since my connection is so bad over here I couldn't even get the email to send
Posted:  23 Apr 2010 16:39
There's always the copies on the gallery too. http://superherouniverse.com/art/showgallery.php/cat/500/page/1/sort/1/ppuser/250
Posted:  16 May 2010 22:35
good news just got my comp back fully restored,and a terra bite of space!
Posted:  16 May 2010 23:20
Whooohooo!! It's Alive!!!
Posted:  17 May 2010 00:46

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