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Avengers Micro Episodes Online now!
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Posted:  10 Oct 2010 21:31   Last Edited By: Tim
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Iron Man episode 1

The Hulk

Ant Man

Hydra Lives continues the Iron Man episode battle


Mandroids -Iron Man

Hulk vs world

Posted:  18 Oct 2010 20:19
In case you missed the recent Disney broadcasts, these are great links to the episodes.   
Posted:  20 Oct 2010 08:36
I do find these episodes to be good tasters for the series, and like some of the characterizations (like Bucky, who, unlike many sidekicks in such shows, is portrayed as somebody who can actually hold his own in a fight).  But problems do sometimes arise.  Like Pym stating that he is the first scientist to study vibranium, and that people are unsure if it is safe for humans to handle, even though the Wakandan people have been using it for years and Hydra has a special weapon desgned to use vibranium as a power source.  Also, Wolverine being called Howlett, even though he shouldn't remember his real name (unless this is closer to the movie version of Wolverine).

And I'm not a fan of black Nck Fury--for the very fact that he was supposed to have commanded a mostly-white platoon in World War II, which was 20 years before the civil rights movement.  I can't suspend my disbelief that much.  Also, Hydra in the place of Nazis is a bit of a weird factor to me.

One last gripe (which these episodes don't show) is that the theme song desn't seem right.  But I do think the show will look interesting, and I like how these micro-episodes arenot filler nonsense and actually set up a backstory that might not be set up in the show (like Black Widow framing Hawkeye, as well as Loki being banished from Asgard).
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