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Black Ops: Welcome to the Jungle
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Posted:  11 Oct 2010 05:46   Last Edited By: Bono Fett
Black OPs:
Art/Concept Carl Bonomo
Written by Robert Butler
Shadow Hawk Created by Robert Butler


17 September 2010, 2215 hours…somewhere in the jungles of South America

Relief workers for the American Red Cross are chained up and placed into wooden cages by members of FLAG, the Foreign Liberation Activist Group. The guerillas then lift the cages with rope and swing them out over the river so that they do not dare try and escape unless they want to deal with the deadly anacondas and piranhas that reside in the raging water below.

15 clicks east a four man team, dressed in black to blend into the darkness, repels from a Chinook helicopter landing safely on the ground. For a moment no one moves, they wait for the night-vision lenses in their masks to activate, only then do they dare enter the dense, dark, and deadly jungle. They charge into the trees swiftly making their way to the enemy camp. There are guards patrolling the perimeter, watching the prisoners, and a single watchtower at the center manned by two more guards. A WWII era Jeep rolls up with a man who carries the weight of leadership upon his shoulders.

“Primary objective is those hostages” Falcon briefs “secondary objective is that man” here he points to the man getting out of the Jeep “self appointed leader of FLAG, Mohan D’Jinko”


“I want D’Jinko” Shadow Hawk says menacingly “you guys can take care of the hostages.”

Falcon places a firm hand on his shoulder before saying “this is not about personal vendettas. You are working for the government now so you will do as I tell you. Hostages first, then if there’s time we get D’Jinko.”

“There will be time” Raven puts in trying to ease the tension between the two other men “don’t worry Hawk we’ll get him.”

Meanwhile the fourth member of the team has stood by in silence simply listening to the conversation. Indeed this man called Ghost has said nothing since the four of them were brought together last week and ordered to work together. He is a Shadow Operator for the CIA and he is here simply to complete the mission, nothing more. He has no desire to mingle with these civilians. As long as the job gets done he doesn’t even care if any of them makes it out alive. Noticing D’Jinko picking up a spear he nods his head in the direction of the camp and the others stop talking and look.

Mohan D’Jinko is prodding one of the cages with the spear jabbing the relief worker in the ribs. Then he says something in Portuguese. The Red Cross worker doesn’t understand and simply shakes her head. He stabs her again, this time deeper and walks away leaving her bleeding into the water. The smell of blood brings all sorts of nasty things to the surface of the water waiting to dine on a fresh kill.

“Alright team let’s move” Falcon orders and they spring into action.

Ghost seems to be right at home as his staff swings about in a flurry of motion taking out a small 3 man patrol before they even knew he was there. Within seconds he is on the other side of the camp taking out another patrol. Raven and his nightsticks do a similar dance with four soldiers that had been playing poker using a weapon’s crate as a table. The cracking of ribs brought a grim smile to Raven’s face as pain flashed across the soldier’s own.

Men with AK-47s opened fire. Falcon activated his plasma shields and moved his arms into the line of fire catching the bullets and disintegrating them with the energy. Then he launched plasma beams in return striking each gunman in turn dropping them instantly. Falcon looked around for his teammates and swore under his breath. Shadow Hawk had confronted Mohan D’Jinko.

“Time to die” Shadow Hawk told the bearded man in the red beret.

D’Jinko said something in Portuguese and drew his pistol. Before he could squeeze the trigger Shadow Hawk’s wrist blades extended and sliced off his hand. A look of surprise crossed the FLAG leader’s face and Shadow Hawk smiled beneath his mask.

“You will pay for what you have done Mohan” Shadow Hawk told him “what you did to my mother and what you have done here today” without a second thought the deadly wrist blades sliced through the man’s torso and cut out his heart.

“Shadow Hawk” Falcon yelled “you disobeyed my orders! I told you rescue the hostages first. This was not about you.”

Shadow Hawk stared blankly into Falcon’s face then he turned and walked away. Falcon simply shook his head in disbelief. A spotlight hit him in the face and gunfire crackled to life as the guards in the watchtower opened fire. Falcon takes out the light with a plasma beam.

Two weeks ago, 3 September 2010, 2300 hours…the Squad Compound, Nevada

Falcon is on solitary watch monitoring the computer terminal for any signs of activity. The security camera at the main entrance suddenly shows a man walking through the front door as if he owned the place. Falcon zoomed in on the man’s face and recognized him instantly.

“General Thorne, what could you possibly want this time?” he asked himself as he deactivated the automated security which would allow the General to reach him in the comm. room.

The door opened and Falcon snapped to attention giving off a crisp salute. General Thorne returned it with a smile of satisfaction. Then he walked in and shook the Squad Leader’s hand.

“The Red Cross has lost contact with several relief workers in South America.The Foreign Liberation Activist Group is said to be active in the area where they were last seen. The United States cannot intervene without upsetting the delicate ceasefire we have with the South American nations.”

“No time for small talk eh General? So you need the Squad to go on a rescue mission?”

“Not the Squad, too visible to the public eye. No what I need is a four man extraction team. And I want you to lead it.”

4 September 2010, 0817 hours…Nighthaven

A man wearing a backwards baseball cap attempts to open a Cadillac car door with a slim jim. As he forces the device between the window and the door frame a shadow falls across the car. It is the shadow of a man with a bird on his face. The carjacker turns around and sees Raven standing over him, nightsticks in hand.

“Since when do you come out in the daytime?” the thug asks shaking as he loses bladder control.

Raven stifles a laugh at this carjacker wannabe “since losers like you have decided to break the law during the day.”

The thug tries to runaway but Raven is on him swinging his nightstick at the back of the man’s head. The stick connects with a loud crack! The thug falls down but struggles to crawl away. Raven slams the heel of his boot down on the man’s back pinning him in place.

“I won’t allow you to crawl back to your hole” Raven told him.

A black chopper swoops in and lands in the middle of the street. A man in uniform steps out and walks over to Raven without a moment’s hesitation. Raven simply stares at the man wary of some sort of trap.

“Let him go. You have bigger fish to fry” General Thorne tells him “climb aboard my helicopter so we can talk in private.”

Raven hesitates for a moment before releasing his prey “if I catch you again you won’t get off so easily!” he shouts as the thug limps away.

Then turning to the General he speaks again “I don’t trust you military types.”

“I know who you really are. And I know what happened to you. But your country needs you. And you will comply.”

“Who are you?” Raven asks.

“General Thorne, Covert Espionage Division.”

Aboard the Chinook General Thorne lays out the mission before him “so you see I need people with your skills, who can get in and out without being seen.”

“What about the Foreign Liberation Activist Group?” Raven asks.

General Thorne looks him straight in the eye and says “they are not to be left alive.”

4 September 2010, 1345 hours…the Hawk’s Nest, St. Katherine’s Bay

“Where’s Blackbird?” Raptor asks as she walks into the armory to remove her suit.

Shadow Hawk shakes his head “I believe he’s out on patrol.”

Raptor smiles as she removes her mask and winks at him “good then we have some alone time.”

“Sorry for the intrusion but you are not alone” a man steps into the room wearing the rank of General on his shoulders.

“How did you get in here?” Shadow Hawk demands extending his wrist blades and taking a step forward.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” the General says handing him a business card.

Shadow Hawk reads it aloud “General Thorne, C.E.D.?”

“Covert Espionage Division” the man elaborates “and the United States needs you.”

“I don’t work for anybody” Shadow Hawk says “I’m sorry you’ve wasted your time.”

“Mohan D’Jinko” General Thorne lets the name hang in the air for a moment.

The name registers in Shadow Hawk’s memory “what about him?”

“He’s the leader of FLAG, a group of guerillas that have taken Relief Workers hostage in South America.”

17 September 2010, 2257 hours…FLAG Base Camp

The hostages were released from their cages by Raven and Ghost. The woman who had been stabbed by D’Jinko was already dead and so they left her body there on the riverbank. The other six were huddled together in a tight group. Raven and Ghost on either side keeping watch for more soldiers. Falcon leading them out of the camp and into the jungle towards the extraction point.

“Where’s Shadow Hawk?” Raven whispered.

“I don’t know nor do I care” Falcon replied “let’s just get these hostages to safety.”

Another floodlight illuminates the area and the guards in the watchtower open fire once more. Guerillas come out of the trees and open fire with their automatic rifles. Falcon’s plasma shields activate and intercept the gunfire. Ghost seems to vanish leaving Raven to defend the hostages.

Ghost makes his way up the watchtower and silently moves behind the guards. They are too busy firing their weapons to notice his arrival. Using his staff he sweeps them off their feet causing them to fire straight up into the roof of the watchtower punching holes in the straw ceiling. Then he snaps their necks to ensure they are dead before disabling the last light so that no one else can reactivate it.

Shadow Hawk comes up behind several soldiers slicing his blades into their backs and ending their lives clearing the way for the hostages. Raven ushered them forward and then he and Falcon turned their attention back onto the remaining soldiers. Falcon’s plasma beams struck out one after another dropping the guerillas like flies. Raven preferred the closer approach and beat three others to death with his fists.

Taking another sweep of the camp Ghost nods as he returns letting Falcon know all the FLAG soldiers are dead “alright let’s get to the evac point” Falcon orders.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 05:54
Thanks Midnight you did an awesome job on the story man. What does everybody else think, should we keep this going or leave it as a one shot?
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 09:18
Anytime Bono, anytime

I always enjoy working with you.

Personally I think the team deserves at least 1 more mission. This to me was more of a warm-up letting the members get to know one another. I think they could possibly work together more efficiently on the next mission.
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 14:36
Awesome story and great art!
Posted:  12 Oct 2010 23:17
I'm sure they'll be called on again.
Posted:  04 Nov 2011 06:05   Last Edited By: Tim
That was really cool! It's was very fascinating!
Posted:  04 Nov 2011 14:42
Thanks Breed me and Bono worked real hard on this collaberation. I really like how it turned out.

And welcome to the site!

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